Logitech G335 review

The Logitech G335 are basic wired gaming headphones. They are lightweight, comfortable, and feel decently crafted. Their boom microphone provides decent pickup quality and isolates speech well from background noise. Audio reproduction is also fairly consistent.

Where other gaming headsets zag, the Logitech G335 zigs. It stands out in a way that few gaming peripherals do as part of the company’s new colour collection and without any RGB lighting. Aside from its appearance, the G335 is a simple, uncomplicated headset. The RGB lighting and wireless capabilities of Logitech’s more expensive G733 are no longer available. It does not include virtual surround sound or any other sound-enhancing features.

However, given its low price of $69.99, the G335 is intended to focus on what is most important in a headset (and look good while doing it). The essentials of a good headset are all present: it’s comfortable for long gaming sessions and it sounds good. However, some aspects of the sound quality do reflect the low price point.

The Logitech G773 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming headset is one of the lightest and most comfortable gaming headsets on the market right now. However, it does come at a cost that not everyone is willing to pay, especially if you are just starting out in your gaming career. Logitech, seeing this, has now released a wired version called the Logitech G335, which is significantly less expensive than the G773.

Logitech G335 review: Design

The G335 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a flashy, colourful gaming headset. I got mine in Mint (there are also White and Black options), which gave the headset a more fun personality than many of its competitors. The headset has a very plasticky build, and the split headband design on top makes it feel a little flimsy. While I don’t expect it to be the most durable at this price, it does feel a lot more brittle than the Razer Opus X.

However, unlike the Opus X, this headset fits me perfectly. Although the headpiece can be slightly extended and the suspension straps adjusted, I don’t see this fitting comfortably on someone with a particularly large head. The G335 headset weighs only 240g, making it lighter than the G733 and other bulkier models such as the Xbox Wireless headset. After a full day of use, it put almost no pressure on my neck and didn’t bother my glasses or earrings. However, because of the small size of the earcups and headset in general, I don’t think this is ideal for anyone looking for a larger ear cup, as these barely cover my ears.

The headset comes with almost no controls, with only a volume roller on the back of the left earcup. The mic on the left side is also not very adjustable; you can bend it slightly, but I just kept it tucked up and out of the way when I wasn’t using it. The headset’s wire also protrudes from the left earcup, and while not as convenient as a wireless headset, I quickly forgot about it.

Logitech G335 review: Sound Quality

The audio quality simply cannot compete with similar headsets. During gaming sessions, the 40 mm neodymium drivers lack clarity, richness, and volume. This can be seen in games ranging from Cyberpunk 2077 to Battlefield V. Simply put, the audio lacks the punch and clarity of competing headsets. This means that the mix of gunfire, dialogue, explosions, and ambient noise isn’t as well put together as the Turtle Beach Recon 500 or Corsair HS50, both of which are less than $10 more expensive than the Logitech G335.

The G335 lacks surround sound support, unlike the HyperX Cloud Core 7.1 and the wired SteelSeries Arctis 3. If you expect to have situational awareness when it counts, you may be disappointed. Unless it’s almost directly near the user’s lips, the unidirectional mic lacks clarity as well. This made session communication a pleasant experience. Don’t expect any support for Logitic’s software suite, either, given the plug-and-play nature.

Using a Tidal playlist(opens in new tab) to demonstrate its musical versatility, the G335 works as a good pair of headphones if audio nuance isn’t a priority. Listening to Jamroquai’s ten “Revolution 1993” songs is generally a disappointing experience due to the lack of an intro drum roll and subsequent bass guitar sections. Meanwhile, the headset struggled to keep up with more bass-heavy music, such as that of Southern rapper Big K.R.I.T.

Logitech G335 review: Performance

The Logitech G335 includes a Discord Certified microphone. The microphone is housed within an elastic flippable arm that, when turned up, turns off the mic. Personally, I was dissatisfied with the microphone’s performance, as many of my teammates in various games complained about not being able to hear my voice properly. Even when recording audio, I had to keep the microphone too close to my mouth or speak in extremely loud tones to get clear audio.

Logitech G335 review: Price

Gamers looking to save money on the G733 should consider the $69.99 (£59.34, AU $139) wired G335 as an alternative. The G335 is 38 grammes lighter than its wire-free sibling but lacks RGB lighting on the ear cups, DTS surround sound, a removable mic, and only comes in three colorways. The angular chassis with reversible headband straps and breathable memory foam ear cups remains.

Like the G733, it’s simply fashionable and comfortable regardless of how long you play. However, the weight loss gives the plasticy the appearance of being easily broken. Meanwhile, audio and mic quality pales in comparison to similarly priced gaming headsets such as the HyperX Cloud Core 7.1 and the Corsair HS50. If performance is more important to you than style, you should consider other headset options. Regardless, the G335 is ideal if appearance is more important than performance or actual features.

Final words

The Logitech G335 costs $82.10 and is slightly overpriced for what it provides. It’s lightweight and extremely comfortable in the long run, but it lacks the bass and thump we expect from a gaming headset. Furthermore, the non-removable microphone and ear cushion work against the G335. So, if you’re looking for a lightweight gaming headset with a good audio experience, the G335 will not disappoint. However, if weight is not a top priority for you, look for something else.

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The Logitech G335 costs $82.10 and is a bit overpriced for what it offers. It's lightweight and very comfortable in the long run, but it lacks the bass and punch we expect from a gaming headset. Also, the non-removable microphone and ear pads work against the G335.Logitech G335 review