Majority Sierra Plus review (2023) affordable dolby atmos soundbar

Great sound from a well-made and elegant soundbar.

First of all, you’ll know it’s there. The Majority Sierra Plus can’t be hidden. Our old Majority K2 soundbar looked like a flyweight next to this heavyweight soundbar. But does size matter We were happy with our current soundbar, but would adding Dolby Atmos 2.1.2 and a bigger wireless subwoofer make it even better? First, the quality of the build.

Majority Sierra Plus: Description

If there were a zombie apocalypse, this would be one of the first things I’d grab to protect my family, right after the subwoofer. But Majority thinks you’ll want to mount it on the wall because it comes with the heavy brackets you will need. This time, thank goodness, it has cut down on the number of cables you get. The Majority K2 came with every cable under the sun, but only one went into the box of cables.

We have an older TV with only three HDMI inputs, but it does support ARC, Dolby Atmos, 4K, and HDR, so it’s great that the Sierra Plus has two more HDMI inputs (Though sadly not Dolby Vision). One of the bad things about having a Google Pixel 6 is that if you want to cast something, you can only do so with a Chromecast. So, with a Fire Stick 4K, an Xbox Series S, and a Chromecast Ultra, plus the Sierra Plus using the HDMI ARC channel, I was short one HDMI. Sadly, my TV’s ARC HDMI input doesn’t support HDR for some reason I don’t understand.

Pros and Cons


  • Big, robust sound
  • A suggestion of spatial audio
  • 2x HDMI passthrough ports


  • Sub is ill-defined
  • Front display is always on
  • Could be more detailed

Majority Sierra Plus: Specifications

ConnectivityHDMI ARC, optical, coaxial, 3.5mm aux, USB
Audio FormatsDolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos 2-channel, MP3, FLAC, WAV, WMA
Weight2.7kg / Subwoofer 7.9 kg
Total power108W Class D amplification
Dimension8.1 x 96 x 10.8cm / Subwoofer 37 x 19 x 30.6cm

Majority Sierra Plus: Design

Majority Sierra Plus review

First of all, the price may be low, but the soundbar you get for it is not. With a height of just over 8cm, it’s likely to hit the bottom of your TV screen if they’re both on the same shelf. However, Majority is kind enough to include some basic wall-mounting hardware, which might help. And because of how wide it is, you should think that a 48-inch screen is the smallest that it can go with and still look good.

Even though the price is high, there are no obvious places where corners were cut in the construction or finish of either part. There is a lot of soundbar here, but the mix of plastic and perforated metal on the grille looks good, feels good, and is put together in a way that doesn’t seem to make any sacrifices.

The subwoofer, on the other hand, is the usual vinyl-wrapped MDF, but it’s also put together well. Keep in mind, though, that even though the subwoofer connects wirelessly to the soundbar, it still needs power from the wall, and the cable that plugs into the wall is only a little over a meter long. This will at least a little bit decide where it goes in your room.

Majority Sierra Plus: Features

When looking at the Sierra Plus’s features and specs, it’s important to keep your expectations in check. Don’t forget how much (or, more accurately, how little) Majority is asking for this system, and you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

The soundbar is where all the physical inputs and wireless connections are. The subwoofer only has a power cord (and it’s not a long one) and a button to pair it with the soundbar in case it doesn’t happen automatically. If you know more about this soundbar, you can visit on official website.

At the back of the soundbar’s cabinet are an HDMI ARC port, two HDMI 2.0 4K HDR pass-throughs, a digital optical input, a USB slot, and a 3.5mm analogue input. Things that are wireless are limited to Bluetooth 4.2 that can work with SBC and AAC codecs.

At this price, the HDMI pass-throughs are a pretty unusual and very welcome feature. They will definitely cut down on the number of connections to your TV. The lossy version of Dolby Atmos used by Disney Plus and Netflix works well with HDMI ARC, but owners of the best 4K Blu-ray players won’t be able to use the lossless version of Dolby Atmos that their players use. That needs an HDMI input with eARC. Also, it doesn’t work with DTS.

No matter how you get your audio on board, it will be played by the seven drivers in the soundbar and the eighth driver in the subwoofer. Four 57mm (pretty) full-range drivers face out from the front of the soundbar, two to the left and two to the right. Each pair is strengthened by what Majority calls a “airport” but what looks to me very much like a bass reflex port.

Majority Sierra Plus: Control

Most Sierra Plus models come with a remote that has three different parts. The power button, the mute button, the Bluetooth pairing button, and the input select button are at the top. Moving down, there is a ring that lets you change the volume and fast forward or backward (for playing USB and Bluetooth content). In the middle of the ring is the button for “Play/Pause” and “Setting Reset.”

Under the ring, there are controls for the EQ sound settings for Music, News (best for boosting the voice), Movie, 3D audio, treble, and bass. The Majority Sierra Plus has few controls on top of the soundbar as well (Power, Volume, Source Select).

Usability and setup

Behind the front grille of the soundbar is a display that lets you know what’s going on with the volume. It’s there whether you like it or not. It will also let you know what input you have chosen and what kind of audio information it’s dealing with, but only briefly. Then it will go back to telling you about the volume level.

There are some rubbery buttons on the top of the soundbar that do the basics like change the volume level, choose the input, and so on. There is also a remote control handset that does everything else.

Unlike a lot of products in this price range and of this type, the Majority’s remote is sturdy and feels good in your hand. It’s also a good size. It lets you look at the four EQ presets, adjust the bass and treble response, mute the system, and so on.

Majority Sierra Plus: Sound quality

The soundbar doesn’t have as much detail as we might expect from a higher-end speaker, but it does a good job of recreating soundscapes. Inside the plane, the whirring of the gunner’s chair isn’t as clear as it is in the best ones, and the transitions from the inside to the outside aren’t as clear. However, there’s no real sense that anything is missing, and, surprisingly, the dialogue in this loud scene is clear and well projected, if a little compressed, even though there isn’t a dedicated centre channel.

Switching to Bohemian Rhapsody’s Live Aid performance shows that the Sierra Plus is surprisingly good at music. The sub adds a nice touch of weight and depth to the sound, even though it has a rather loose tone. Again, there’s a lack of refinement, as the noise of the crowd blends into a jumbled sound. But overall, it’s a cinematic sound that’s much more interesting than the built-in speakers of most TVs.

It even works well with the complicated music in Gravity, where the vocals move all over the soundstage. Some virtual Dolby Atmos soundbars overdo the processing in the first scenes of this zero-G thriller, making it hard to understand what is being said. However, the Sierra Plus keeps the sound clear and strong, only getting off track when the camera moves inside Sandra Bullock’s helmet.

Price and availability

Majority Sierra Plus review

The Majority Sierra Plus Dolby Atmos soundbar/wireless subwoofer system is on sale now and will cost you around $269/£229. That’s about AU$410 in Australia, but it seems to be hard to come by there at best.

This is a very competitive price for a soundbar with Dolby Atmos and a wireless subwoofer, which hardly needs to be said. It is possible to spend more than this and not get any spatial audio at all. So is the Majority Sierra Plus that very rare thing: a real deal?

Final Words

It’s safe to say that almost all TVs’ built-in speakers don’t sound great, and we really do think that adding a good sound system can make almost everything you watch a lot better. The Sierra Plus is a cheap Dolby Atmos soundbar that knows its limits but still makes home theatre sound that is entertaining and enjoyable.

It’s not the most detailed performer, and the sub is vague and monotone, but the soundstage is big and the dialogue is clear and interesting. We wouldn’t expect effects in the sky to make you duck for cover, but they won’t. If you want your TV and movies to sound clearer and have more drama but can’t afford a Sonos Beam, the Majority Sierra Plus is a good option.


Is the majority K2 any good?

Overall, I would recommend the Majority K2 sound bar and Bluetooth subwoofer to anyone who wants to improve the sound quality of their home entertainment system without spending a lot of money. When you put them together, movies and TV shows really come to life with sound that sounds so real.

Are Philips soundbars any good?

The Philips FB1 Fidelio might be one of the smartest Dolby Atmos soundbars we’ve seen. It has a great set of features and a lot of ways to customise it for people who like to change things, and it costs a very reasonable amount. For a single soundbar, it puts out very clear dialogue and has great bass and surround effects.

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The Sierra Plus is an affordable Dolby Atmos soundbar that knows its limitations, but still delivers entertaining, enjoyable home theater sound. The Sierra Plus isn't the most detailed soundbar, and its subwoofer is vague and monotone, but the soundstage is wide and dialogue is clear and engaging.Majority Sierra Plus review (2023) affordable dolby atmos soundbar