Mega review 2024: Prices, features, security and more

The use of MEGA is a secure service.

Mega is one of the most well-known places to store files in the cloud. It has end-to-end encryption (E2E) that not even Google can break, a large free account, file syncing with any device you own, and much more. MEGA NZ is a cloud service that is very safe and is one of the best options for people who want more storage than what Google offers. With the free account, you can store more than 20GB in the cloud. Even though MEGA’s free plan sounds like a good deal, the paid plans are expensive and don’t offer enough cloud storage for the price.

Mega: Description

The service offers its users an excellent 15GB free plan. If you want more, you’ll have to upgrade. The plans are a bit different as they come with a bandwidth cap. Other than that, they have a very modern and responsive client. we also tested the download and upload speeds during this mega cloud storage review and found them slow at peak times. The sync&share feature is decent with some negative aspects.

They also offer browser extensions, direct FTP access, secure chat, and a very well done mobile app for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone. Creatives not only struggle with creative blocks, but also with a lack of storage space on their devices for their numerous files and projects. If this sounds all too familiar, maybe it’s time to think about storing your files and folders in the cloud.

Mega: Pros and Cons


  • Generous storage space
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Collaboration features
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cross-platform support


  • Limited free storage options
  • Download and upload limitations
  • Dependency on web browser for file management
  • Lack of native integrations
  • Limited customer support

Key Features Table

Key FeaturesDescription
Generous storageMega offers generous free storage of 50GB, with the option to upgrade to larger storage plans for additional space.
End-to-end encryptionAll files stored on Mega are encrypted using end-to-end encryption, ensuring the privacy and security of your data.
CollaborationMega allows easy collaboration with others by providing features like real-time file synchronization and shared folders.
File versioningUsers can access previous versions of files, allowing them to restore or retrieve older versions if needed.
Secure file sharingMega provides secure file sharing options, enabling users to share files with others while maintaining control over access and privacy.
Mobile appsMega offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android, allowing users to access and manage their files on the go.
User-friendly UIThe user interface of Mega is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and manage files and folders.
Cross-platformMega is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux, ensuring compatibility across devices.
Browser extensionsMega provides browser extensions that integrate with popular browsers, making it convenient to upload and manage files directly.
Secure cloud storageWith Mega’s strong encryption and privacy-focused approach, it offers secure cloud storage for users’ files and data.
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Mega: Interface

Mega’s web interface offers a smooth and seamless experience. Everything is clear and easy to access whether you need to upload files or get information about your account, everything is reassuringly simple. The web app lets you view (or listen to) media files, documents, etc. in your web browser. Features like file and folder sharing are always just a few clicks away, making Mega one of the most user-friendly cloud storage solutions we know of. In addition to accessing Mega through the browser, there’s also the option to use the MegaSync app for Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Just like the online interface, the desktop client is very clear to keep track of the folders you specify and sync files in a manner analogous to Dropbox. You can granularly control whether you want to sync your entire Mega Cloud Locker with your computer or only selected files and folders. The number of extensions Mega offers is also impressive, including an extension for the Thunderbird email client and a command line interface. The fact that this cloud storage service was developed by tech-savvy people is evident from the integrated, encrypted chat platform MegaChat, which can be used to securely talk to other users if needed.

Mega: Support

Besides a dedicated help page and a number of email contact addresses for various support requests, business users of MEGA benefit from priority support features. This means that they get a solution faster than other users, but as far as we could determine, this only happens via e-mail. We could not find any evidence of telephone or live chat support functions.

Company information

Kim Dotcom started MEGA in New Zealand in 2013. In 2015, Mr. Dotcom cut all ties with MEGA, but the company has kept growing and doing well. At the time this report was written, more than 166 million people around the world had signed up for the service.

Productivity and Collaboration

MEGA also has a number of apps, including the usual desktop and mobile apps, as well as apps for live chat and sharing large files. Since MEGA’s encryption protocol also protects live chat, it can be a good way to work together. But keep in mind that metadata, like the email address of your contact, is not encrypted. You can chat on both the MEGA website and the MEGA app for your phone. You can share files right from your computer or from your MEGA cloud drive in the chat. You can’t see what a file looks like when you share it in chat, so you have to remember the name.

Even though this is a small bug, MEGA could make it better. MEGA also keeps old versions of the files you upload, so they can’t be changed by accident in the cloud. Version control is turned on by default, and files with older versions have a small clock icon next to them. MEGA’s strong focus on privacy and security makes it hard for people to work together. This means that it can’t work with other apps like Google Docs. Google Drive is one of the best ways to share files in the cloud and work on them together.

Mega: Security

A big reason why Mega attracts customers is its security concept. The platform is fully end-to-end encrypted, which means that not even Mega or anyone issuing Mega warrants can make any sense of your data. Also, remember that you can’t get your data back if you forget your password (you have to confirm that you understand this before you create an account).

This isn’t entirely true: there is a recovery key in your account, but you’ll need to write it down in a different location to provide a proper safety net. Secure access to your account can also be done by optionally enabling two-factor authentication, an extra we always like from a security standpoint. It really shows at every stage that Mega takes privacy and security very seriously.

Mega: Ease of use

Registration is pretty simple, although it doesn’t support external helpers (Facebook & Google login). MEGA has a modern looking interface. It does what it is designed to do, which is to be user-friendly. It is very responsive and interactive. You can choose between two options: the standard list or the larger icons. Both are viable – the list if you have a lot of files, or the larger images for better clarity.

When uploading files to the cloud, there is no file size limit except for the storage limit. It is also recommended to use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser. They have developed extensions for these two browsers. The extensions shorten loading times, improve download performance, and increase security. You can find out more about them under “Additional features”.

Mega: Pricing

In addition to a free account with 20 GB of storage, MEGA offers four Pro accounts – Pro Lite, Pro I, Pro II and Pro III – for individual users. These plans range from $6.09 to $36.62 with monthly billing. However, with the Pro plans, you’ll save money each month if you opt for annual billing. Plus, when you purchase a Pro plan, you get two months of free usage for a year.

The different Pro plans vary in how much storage you get and how fast you can send and receive files. MEGA also has a Business plan, which comes with 15 TB of storage, unlimited data transfer, private team messaging, priority support, and more. But this plan doesn’t come with all the same discounts and perks as the Pro plans.

Final Words

As an affordable cloud storage provider, Mega offers solid security features, a user-friendly interface, and an integrated chat feature. The lack of advanced collaboration tools and limited customer support options are the weak points. The best cloud storage has become essential for both businesses and individuals, and in recent years the cost of data storage has dropped. However, because the market is now so dynamic, many more platforms have come on the scene, making it difficult to decide which one best suits your needs.


Is it safe to buy from MEGA?

The service MEGA is safe to use. However, there are some things you should know about user data. Its privacy policy says that the service may give information about users to advertisers, but the users themselves will remain anonymous.

Is MEGA a legit company?

MEGA is a well-known, secure cloud storage service that about 150 million people use right now. Its cloud storage is mostly made to work as a web-based service, so it’s easy to store data online on any device using the browser.

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MEGA is great for storing and syncing files across devices. It has a great web interface as well as a sync tool for the desktop and a mobile app that works very well on the iPhone. (I haven't used the Android version of the app).Mega review 2024: Prices, features, security and more