Microsoft Surface Go 3 review

The Surface Go 3 is the newest and least expensive tablet from Microsoft. It is made to do basic computing tasks. Even though there are a lot of convertible Windows laptops, 2-in-1s that can be taken apart are still rare and usually cost more.

Microsoft’s more compact Surface tablet is called the Surface Go 3. Compared to its larger Pro sister, it has a 10.5-inch screen and one fewer connector, but otherwise looks extremely similar. It provides the same superb build quality and overall luxury design as full-sized Surface tablets, in other words. It is an attractive item that is frequently enjoyable to use as long as you don’t use it excessively or expect it to last a long time.

When purchasing a computer in the past, you had to expect it to be slow if you had a limited budget. The days of the Surface Go 3 being outperformed by Chromebooks, iPads, and even Windows laptops costing less than $500 are long gone. This includes the higher-end model we are evaluating, which has a Core i3 processor for $759.98 with the nicer Alcantara Type Cover. With a Y-series chipset, a meagre 64GB of slower eMMC storage, and 4GB of RAM, the Go 3 starts at $399.99. That edition wouldn’t be suitable for anything other than casual online browsing, in my opinion.

I’ve always maintained that the Surface Go is a good little device if you are aware of and ready to work around its limitations. However, you’d think Microsoft would have come up with a solution to either remove more of these restrictions or offer better tradeoffs for them by the third generation. Both of those things, sadly, have not occurred this year.

This review’s lengthy and short is just four and a half hours. That was the maximum amount of time I could keep the Surface Go 3 in use. Slack was one of the power-hungry programmes I was using, and the only other programme I had open was the Edge browser, which had about a dozen tabs. I’m done now. That battery life decreased to three when I brought the Go 3 outside and had to turn up the brightness. I’m not sure where Microsoft obtains its estimate of 11 hours, but it’s not accurate.

Microsoft Surface Go 3 review: Design

Microsoft Surface Go 3 Review

The Microsoft Surface Go 3 functions as a tablet far more effectively than most convertible Windows laptops with 360-degree hinges since it is a hybrid detachable 2-in-1. It is fairly thin and light, measuring 8.3mm in thickness and 544g in weight. Carrying it in one hand is simple. The metal body feels solid and expertly put together, and the matte grey coating repels fingerprints. When used in portrait mode, the power and volume controls are on the right, while the bottom of the device has a proprietary Surface Connect port, a USB Type-C port, and a headphone jack. The Surface Go 3 may also be charged using the Type-C connection, which is designed to fast charge the tablet and connect to accessories.

The Microsoft Surface Go 3 includes contact points on the left side for an optional keyboard’s power supply. The Surface Go 3 has a built-in kickstand, which gives you more options for use than other tablets do. A microSD card slot is hidden under the stand and is quite simple to overlook because there is nothing to highlight it.

The 10.5-inch touchscreen of the Microsoft Surface Go 3 has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and a full-HD (1920×1280) 3:2 aspect ratio. The brightness levels are good, and the colours are strong and vivid. When holding the tablet, your thumbs can rest comfortably on the display bezel because it is sufficiently thick. There is an infrared camera and a 5-megapixel webcam for Windows Hello facial recognition. A rear-facing 8-megapixel camera is also included with the Surface Go 3. Additionally, there are cutouts for the front-facing stereo speakers on either side of the display’s bezel.

Microsoft Surface Go 3 review: Display

Microsoft Surface Go 3 Review

On the Surface Go 3, we were able to observe the output quality of the display when we viewed the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer. The Surface Go 3 does a good job of reproducing colour, including the reds and blues of the Spider-Man outfit, the greens of the goblin grenade, and the fire in Doctor Strange’s chilly apartment. On the panel, the numerous glowing characters used in the master of occultism’s spells also appeared sharp. I was able to enjoy Neo’s John Wick-like appearance thanks to the Matrix: Resurrections video.

1920 x 1280 pixels are displayed on the 10.5-inch PixelSense display of the Surface Go 3. It almost exactly resembles the Surface Go 2 panel (as its scores below suggest). Its bezels are relatively thin and resemble those of the iPad Air 4. The Surface Go 3 panel produced 105% of the sRGB spectrum, matching the performance of the Go 2 (107%), and just edging out the Surface Pro 8’s 104% output. The Chromebook Duet (106%) is slightly higher than the iPad Air 4 (103%), which was slightly lower.

The Surface Go 3 maxes out at an average of 402 nits, according to our light gun (nearly the same 408-nit rate as the Go 2). The maximum brightness of the Chromebook Duet’s 372-nit display is lower than that of the Surface Pro 8 (453 nits) and iPad Air (440 nits), which become even brighter.

Microsoft Surface Go 3 review: Keyboard and touchpad

Microsoft Surface Go 3 Review

The Surface Go Type Cover keyboard from Microsoft is rightfully considered as a design classic. It weighs almost nothing, is easy to look at and type on, and even includes a backlight. It has a trackpad as well, in contrast to the majority of tiny fold-away tablet keyboards, enabling a full-on compact laptop experience. At 98 x 55mm, this is a little on the small side, but it functions extremely well.

The 5MP webcam is quite effective. Even in dim lighting, pictures are clear and colourful, and you can shoot videos in 1080p. The Go 3 is the perfect tool for videoconferencing thanks to one of the greatest cameras we have used on a laptop and a powerful microphone array. In addition to facial recognition, the webcam enables Windows Hello, which makes up for the lack of a fingerprint reader.

Microsoft Surface Go 3 review: Performance

We advise upgrading to a more powerful system for anything that is more demanding. The benchmarks demonstrate that it is inappropriate for activities like video editing or gaming unless you have a lot of patience. Notably, many of the 2-in-1s in the aforementioned chart cost a lot more money. The performance of the Surface Go 3’s i3 variant is still competitive at this pricing point. I can’t speak to the performance of Pentium Gold 6500Y setups, either, because I haven’t tested them.

Even though this is the most expensive setup, you can only use a 128GB SSD. That leaves about 90GB of empty space, which can be swiftly filled after pre-installed system files are taken into account. Expandable storage via the microSD card slot is undoubtedly something you’ll want to use. There is no LTE connectivity option, in contrast to the Surface Pro 8. It’s unfortunate because having 4G capabilities on a portable device would be logical.

Microsoft Surface Go 3 review: Battery life

Microsoft Surface Go 3 Review

The battery life of the Surface Go 2 wasn’t the finest in the world, but it was adequate. However, the Surface Go 3 is a colossal letdown and has taken a huge step backward in this area. The gadget lasts only 6 hours and 25 minutes in the PCMark10 battery test, which simulates a variety of real-world activities like text editing and video calls.

Instead of a tablet with a low-power fanless CPU and a 1080p display, we typically see that in gaming laptops with extremely powerful graphics. For a tablet like this, the battery life is so pitifully low that it goes beyond the benchmark. Our battery went from 100% to 70% in about 35 to 45 minutes while we wrote this review in Microsoft Word at our neighbourhood coffee shop.

Even though we had the screen at maximum brightness because we were working outside, a Y-series chip should unquestionably offer a greater battery life. We simply cannot understand why the battery life is so poor here, and it’s not a Windows 11 issue as the other Surface devices last considerably longer. One of the primary selling points of this series of Intel processors is its power efficiency. For instance, the Surface Laptop Studio, which has a powerful Tiger Lake H35 processor, lasts about twice as long as the Surface Go There is simply no justification for such a limited battery life. Period.

Microsoft Surface Go 3 review: Price and availability

Microsoft Surface Go 3 Review

Today, the Surface Go 3 is offered for as little as $399 (£369, AU$629). You will receive an Intel Pentium 6500Y processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 64GB eMMC storage for that entry-level pricing. Even though it is incredibly inexpensive for a Surface device, our recommendation is to, well, not buy that one. you can purchase this product from amazon.

Go for the mid-range specification at the very least, which will give you the same processor, 8GB of RAM, and a genuine SSD with 128GB of storage. With Windows 11, you should have at least 8GB of RAM, and an SSD will load apps considerably more quickly than the eMMC drive included in the entry-level tier.

For $629 (£569, or AU$870), you can have the dual-core Intel Core i3 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and the same 128GB SSD. And, well, if you need a gadget that is more potent than that, you should just choose the Surface Pro 8, which is so superior in every manner that it seems as though the two products were created by separate businesses.

We have been using the Surface Go 3 for a while now, and we’ve been wondering why anyone would buy it when the Asus Chromebook Flip costs about the same and offers a superior overall experience. Chromebooks occasionally receive a bad rap, but products like the Surface Go 3 are likely the finest marketing for Google’s laptops.

Final Words

The Surface Go 3 is a tiny tablet that gives the complete Windows 11 PC experience. It looks fantastic, feels amazing, and has a lot of potential. However, it is constrained by sluggish chips with variable, jerky performance and a short battery life. Since the release of Go and Go 2, the competition has advanced substantially, but Microsoft has not.

Even if you put media and data on a microSD card, the cheapest Go 3 only offers 64GB of slower eMMC storage, which is simply insufficient for a satisfying experience on Windows. The real starting price is therefore £499 for a device with a sufficient 128GB of SSD storage. If you add the necessary keyboard, the cost increases to £600.

While they might not be as stylish or portable as the Go 3, you can purchase a far more competent Windows laptop from firms like Lenovo, Acer, HP, and others for £600. In contrast, that amount of money can purchase a sizable quantity of an iPad, Chromebook, or Android tablet.

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The Surface Go 3 is a small tablet that works just like a full Windows 11 PC. It's beautiful to look at, feels great, and has a lot of potential. But it has slow chips with jerky performance and a short battery life that make it hard to use.Microsoft Surface Go 3 review