MSI Raider GE77 review (2023) with best gaming experience

The exterior design and the smoke light bar look good.

Most laptop companies are always trying to make machines that are thinner and lighter but still have a lot of power. MSI, on the other hand, has made a notebook that is a shameless brute, with huge dimensions and speed to match. The MSI Raider GE77 shouldn’t be a surprise, since it has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and one of the best mobile processors in the world. You’ll have to pay a lot of money to get the Raider, though you can buy this laptop directly from MSI’s website.

MSI Raider GE77: Description

In the US, it costs $3799, in the UK, £3999, and in Europe, €4699. Look for GE77HX 12UHS-065UK if you want this particular model. The MSI Raider GE77 HX 12UHS is made for people who like to play games and make things. So, our configuration has the latest and most powerful hardware: a Core i9-12900HX CPU, a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU, 64 GB of RAM, and a 4K screen (17.3-inch).

Our model costs about 5,200 USD. We just wrote about the 15.6-inch version of the MSI Raider GE66 12UHS. The Alienware x17 R2 P48E, the Medion Erazer Beast X30, and the Razer Blade 17 are all expensive laptops that are just as powerful (Early 2022).

The Raider’s parts are held together by a metal chassis with smooth, matte-black surfaces. There is an LED strip on the front of the base unit that can be turned on and off by the user. This lets the case, which doesn’t have any other colorful accents, have colorful light effects. So, there is nothing stopping people from using the device at work.

MSI Raider GE77: Pros and Cons


  • Fantastic gaming and application performance
  • Impressive 17.3-inch display
  • Comfortable, fast keyboard
  • A robust chassis with plenty of connectivity


  • Very Expensive
  • Poor Battery life
  • Heavy, thick design
  • Very expensive

MSI Raider GE77: Specifications

RAMup to 64GB
OSWindows 11 Pro, Windows 11 Home
Battery99.9Wh, 4-cell , 99.9Wh, 4-cell
Dimensions397 x 284 x 25.9 mm (15.63″ x 11.18″ x 1.02″)
Weight2.90 kg (6.4 lbs)
HDD/SSDup to 4000GB SSD

Design and Features

MSI Raider GE77 review

The MSI Raider GE77 is a great buy for gamers who miss the days when gaming hardware was big and bold. The front of the case is dominated by a wide strip of RGB LEDs that use 30 zones to change colours smoothly. The lid has big letters that say “MSI” and a glowing MSI logo.

If you turn the Raider around, you’ll see that it has sharp angles and big air vents. The bottom has an MSI Raider logo and a stylized MSI rubber pad. The GE77 is braver than both of its competitors. But while some people will like it, not everyone will like how it looks. The Alienware x17 R2 is striking, but its white-and-black design is more grown-up. The MSI is also more understated than the Razer Blade, which is all black and made of aluminium.

The GE77 is pretty easy to get inside of because the base is held together with a lot of screws, but they are big, standard Philips screws, so you don’t need any special tools. Once you’re inside, there’s a lot of space to work: both SO-DIMM slots are open, and there’s an extra NVMe socket next to the SSD. For connectivity upgrades, it’s easy to get to the wireless chip, and the cooling hardware and battery are also easy to get to.

The base panel of the Alienware is just as easy to take off as that of the Razer. A T5 screwdriver will be needed. And while it’s easy to get to the memory and SSD slots, it’s not as easy to get to the cooling hardware.

The MSI Raider isn’t as good as the competition in one big way when it comes to design, and that’s size. The power brick adds another 2.6 pounds to the MSI’s weight. The Raider is still 25mm thick at its thinnest point, and 40mm thick at its thickest.

MSI Raider GE77: Screen

MSI Raider GE77 review

The MSI Raider GE77’s 17.3-inch screen has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 and a refresh rate of 240Hz, which is good for most situations. The resolution is clear enough for sharp visuals in single-player games, and the speed is fast enough for smooth playback in most eSports situations. In the same way, a response time of 3ms is fine, but it won’t satisfy top-tier eSports fans.

The contrast ratio of 1197:1 is good, giving good depth and vibrancy, and the screen’s excellent Delta E of 1.32 means colours are accurate. MSI’s display also covered the whole sRGB gamut, so it can make all the colours that most games need. Games look excellent here. The display has no major problems, but its peak brightness level of 359 nits isn’t bright enough for many outdoor situations and isn’t good enough for HDR gameplay.

The MSI’s biggest screen test comes from the variety of other options, since the Alienware has a lot of different panel choices. When the Alienware was made with the same specs as the MSI but with a 1080p/360Hz screen, the price was set at $3499/£3749/€3999. It costs $3999/£4099/€3999 with the 480Hz screen. So, most of the time, you won’t have to pay more to get a better eSports panel.

Input and Connectivity

MSI Raider GE77 review

The MSI machine works well in a lot of practical ways. The build quality is great. The aluminium panels and seams don’t bend, and we’d feel safe putting this laptop in a bag without worrying about it getting broken.

MSI is also able to offer a lot of connections because of the large chassis. On the left side, there are separate USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A and Type-C ports. The Type-C port can handle DisplayPort but not power delivery.

The right side has an SD card reader and two more USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports. On the back, there is a Thunderbolt 4 connector that works with DisplayPort and can charge devices at 5V/3A. It has a 2.5Gbps Ethernet output and an HDMI 2.1 port that lets you play back content in 4K/120Hz and 8K/60Hz. It’s a great number of ports.

Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 are already built into the dual-band 802.11ax wireless on the inside. The webcam is a 1080p model that gives images that are clear and bright. The only big feature this laptop doesn’t have is biometric login, which is missing because the webcam doesn’t work with Windows Hello and there’s no fingerprint reader.

MSI Raider GE77: Keyboard & Touchpad

Experts in games SteelSeries helped make the MSI’s keyboard, and it shows: the keys are crisp, solid, and satisfying. It has per-key RGB backlighting that can be changed, a number pad, and a lot of ways to change things.

The keyboard is impressive because you can make your own macros and all of the buttons can be moved. You can only get a better laptop keyboard if you pay extra for the Alienware’s CherryMX mechanical unit.

The trackpad doesn’t do as much. It sits to the left, which makes it too easy to hit the wall when you hammer the WASD keys, and its buttons are soft. Anyone who takes gaming seriously should use a USB mouse instead.

MSI Raider GE77: Performance

MSI Raider GE77 review

At least the MSI’s huge weight isn’t for nothing when you look at what’s inside. The RTX 3080 Ti has 16GB of dedicated memory and a 175W power level that pushes the limits of what Nvidia can do with electricity. The Intel Core i9-12900HX, on the other hand, is a monster with 16 cores and a top speed of 5GHz.

MSI pairs these high-end parts with 32GB of DDR5 memory and a 1TB Samsung PCI-E SSD, which is not a big surprise. It’s fast, but that’s the only thing we don’t like about it. For this price, we would have liked a larger capacity.

Want to see right away what this laptop can do? The 3DMark Time Spy score is 13,593, which is more than 2,000 points higher than the Medion Erazer Beast X30, which used the same core. Expect it to be better than laptops from Alienware and Razer that have RTX 3080 Ti GPUs.

That benchmark score means that you are a scary gamer. The MSI averaged 76fps in Red Dead Redemption 2 and 71fps in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at the native resolution of 25601440 and the highest quality setting. Both of these results beat the Medion, which means that this laptop will be able to play any top-tier game smoothly for a long time.

Most top games have enough power to output to a 4K display, and Rainbow Six Siege’s average of 348fps means it’ll blow away any esports game, whether it’s on the laptop’s 240Hz screen or an external 360Hz screen.

This laptop can do more than just play games. In Geekbench, the i9-12900HX got single-core scores of 1,833 and multi-core scores of 15,872. Those numbers beat the Medion, and neither the Alienware nor the Razer can keep up. That’s an amazing speed, and it means that this laptop can handle any content creation task and any situation where it needs to do more than one thing at once. It gets the job done.

In other tests, the MSI did not always do well. The battery life wasn’t terrible. When playing games, it lasted almost two hours, and when working, it lasted five hours. Even if you only do light work, this machine won’t last the whole day. It’s rare for a gaming rig to even make it to lunch. It will last longer than anything else on the market.

MSI Raider GE77: Battery Life

MSI Raider GE77 review

The MSI Raider GE77’s battery life is one of the most surprising things about it, because it’s not bad. In a gaming test, the MSI lasted for 1 hour and 44 minutes, which is almost an hour longer than the other laptops.

In a work test, the Raider was able to handle 4 hours and 35 minutes of normal use, 3 hours of content creation, and nearly 8 hours of video playback with the screen brightness turned down.

Those are great scores for a gaming laptop. Even though I still don’t recommend gaming on the battery, because the GPU’s performance is so much worse, the work and media results show that the GE77 can be used in a variety of ways in everyday life.

Final Words

The MSI Raider GE77 is a brawler that isn’t afraid to show it. It has more computing power than any other competitor. When it comes to gaming, it has one of the fastest RTX 3080 Ti chips we’ve seen in a laptop. It can handle anything for years. The i9-12900HX processor is better than other chips and can run almost any high-end app for creating content or getting work done.

Aside from that, the GE77 has a great build, a lot of ports, and a good, sturdy keyboard. Even as a gaming laptop, it has a pretty good battery life. Even though it costs $3,699, which isn’t cheap, it’s less than the Alienware x17 R2 and Razer Blade 17 laptops that have the same specs.


Are MSI laptops good quality?

MSI is known as not only one of the best laptop brands, but also one of the best gaming brands in the world. People in the eSports community trust MSI, and a lot of gaming teams are sponsored by the company.

What is the lifespan of MSI laptop?

MSI laptops are usually made to last a long time. But, like any laptop, the life of an MSI laptop will depend on how it is used and taken care of, among other things. If you use and take care of your MSI laptop well, it should last at least five years.

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The GE77 is currently one of the fastest laptops on the market. The combination of 24 logical CPU cores and an RTX 3080 Ti GPU with maximum TGP makes the system fit for any demanding use case, be it video editing, gaming or rendering.MSI Raider GE77 review (2023) with best gaming experience