Real Racing 3 review

This game is based on the new Mint 3 engine, which features persistent car damage, fully functional rear-view mirrors and dynamic reflections for added reality.

With Real Racing 3, EA’s mobile studio Firemonkeys has created by far the best racing simulation available on a mobile phone or tablet. And they let you play it for free. we are casual racing fan, used to big drifts and nitro boosts. Despite the risk-free freemium pricing model, Real Racing 3’s much more realistic racing simulation style initially disappointed me. It’s a big adjustment to realize that you have to slow down until you’re crawling to get past S-curves. Even once the basics are in, RR3’s AI drivers will eat you alive until you learn to brake on a curve to accelerate out of it.

The transition between the scrap cars of the early games and the sports cars of the newer games clearly shows the great attention to detail in the feel of the car line. The vehicles differ not only in top speed, but also in their ability to grip the road, accelerate at the start, and slow down quickly when necessary. The experience is not as technical and detailed as Gran Turismo, but it is still the most accurate and satisfying racing simulation we have played on a phone or tablet.

Fortunately, there are several assistance and control options to facilitate the players’ experience. With Brake Assist, Steering Assist, and Traction Control enabled, players simply need to tilt the device vaguely in the right direction to succeed. As players gain confidence, better times can be achieved with manual control. In the end, I used a virtual steering wheel and brake with all aids disabled.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7 or above
Processor: Intel or AMD
RAM: At least 2GB
HDD: 5GB Free Disk Space
GPU: OpenGL 2.0+ support


It is not necessary to bore you with all the details of how racing games work. I will say that Real Racing 3 offers numerous types of events, including cup races, speed challenges, drag races, sprints and eliminations. There are also plenty of tracks, from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the Hockenheim Ring in Germany. Each race completed earns experience points and money.

As in most racing titles, you have no control over the car’s accelerator (in most control schemes). When the green light goes off, you pedal full throttle. Touching the screen applies the brake, but that is the only time you need to touch the screen. Steering is controlled by the accelerometer, so you just tilt the steering wheel. You can activate more complicated control schemes with an on-screen steering wheel and manual throttle, but don’t bother.


The controls are very smooth, and the game behaves slightly differently depending on the car’s statistics. I appreciated this attention to detail. You can probably tell that the controls don’t include crazy special powers or a nitro boost. Real Racing 3 is, well, real. You can succeed just by driving well, instead of relying on gimmicks to make up the distance. The pure driving experience is very well realized in this title.

All events in Real Racing 3 use “timed multiplayer” to fill the starting line. All other cars are AI-controlled versions of other real people who raced in that event. In essence, EA takes your best races and superimposes them on someone else’s game. If you log into Facebook, Real Racing 3 allows you to challenge friends in timed races. This is an interesting idea.

The problem with relying on in-app purchases is that the developer has a vested interest in making the game harder. Some developers go too far in an attempt to squeeze more money out of the game. Real Racing 3 is not particularly easy as far as racing games go, but it does offer some assists to help you. Steering assist, braking assist and traction control are all enabled by default. If you do not want this help, you can turn them all off.


Real Racing 3 is not a small game, it’s a 1.7 GB download and it’s not hosted on the Play Store. For this download you get 45 highly detailed cars from manufacturers such as Porsche, BMW, Audi, Nissan and Ford. Car enthusiasts will be satisfied.

The graphics are generally good in most places. Reflections and lighting effects look excellent on the cars. The environments are varied and realistic, but there is a lot of aliasing on some edges (mostly visible on barriers and buildings). These roughness’s aren’t very noticeable when speeding, but they do make Real Racing 3 look a bit rough in places.


Real Racing 3 is not a bad game, but it’s not good either. The gameplay is great and the graphics are solid. Only the heavy use of in-app purchases hindered our enjoyment of the game. The timer mechanic is the main problem here. If you’re patient, you can continue the game by doing something else when there’s a long wait.

You’ll get a system notification when your car is ready for use. Still, we feel like we won’t be able to play Real Racing 3 on my schedule unless we pay the entry fee. This is unfortunate because we believe there is a great game lurking just below the surface, underneath all those expensive gold coins. However, Real Racing 3 is fun enough that I will continue to install it.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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Real Racing 3 is not a bad game, but not a good one either. The gameplay is great and the graphics are solid. Only the heavy use of in-app purchases hampered our enjoyment. The timer mechanics are the main problem.Real Racing 3 review