Samsung Galaxy A24 review (2023) a great phone for the price

The Samsung Galaxy A24 is a cheap phone that is a great deal for what you pay for it. It has a powerful processor, a battery that lasts a long time, and a flexible camera system.

Samsung’s new mid-range phone, the Samsung Galaxy A24 4G, came out not too long ago. The phone has great features and specs that make it a strong competitor in the market for mid-range smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy A24 is probably the least expensive phone that makes sense to buy from Samsung. Unlike the A10 and A00 series, the Galaxy A20 series has made some good phones over the years, and the new A24 4G looks like it will be no exception. If you want a cheap phone with a smooth screen, good cameras, a battery that lasts a long time, and an attractive design, the Galaxy A24 has all of these things.

Samsung Galaxy A24: Description

It’s not a fast phone, let alone one that’s good for playing games, but it seems like it could handle everything else well. Let’s begin with the way it looks. It has a traditional flat shape with two glossy panels and a matte frame. The 6.5-inch screen has a 1080p Super AMOLED panel with a 90Hz refresh rate, which is a nice treat for this price range. When it comes to tasty treats, the camera department also looks great. On the back is a 50MP OIS main camera, along with a 5MP ultrawide and a 2MP macro camera.

There is also a 13MP front-facing camera. The Helio G99 chipset is nothing to brag about, but it has two fast CPU cores, so it should be able to run most Android apps well. We do like the 5,000mAh battery, though, and we think it will work well with that chipset. Lastly, the Galaxy A24 runs on the latest version of Android (13), One UI 5.1. And it’s not one of those “Core” implementations; it’s the whole thing. The Galaxy A24 4G is not waterproof, which is a feature only found on the Galaxy A3x and higher models.

It doesn’t support 5G and doesn’t have stereo speakers, but that was to be expected for that price. At least we have nice options like a microSD expansion slot and a 3.5mm jack. The Galaxy A24 is a big improvement over the Galaxy A23 4G because it has a Super AMOLED screen and has twice as much storage as the Galaxy A23 4G. And we like both of them.

Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy A24 is a smartphone in the middle price range that came out in April 2023. In the United States, it starts at $176, in the United Kingdom at £148, and in India at 17,999. The A24 comes with either 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space or 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space. The cheaper option is the 4GB/128GB model, while the 6GB/128GB model is a bit faster and can handle more tasks at once.

The price is right for the A24. It has a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz, a MediaTek Helio G99 processor, three 50MP cameras, and a 5000mAh battery that can be charged quickly with 25W. The Samsung Galaxy A24 is a good choice if you want an affordable mid-range smartphone with a good screen, a good processor, and a battery that lasts a long time.

Samsung Galaxy A24 Specifications Table

The Samsung Galaxy A24 is a smartphone that doesn’t break the bank, but it still has a lot of great features. It has a big, bright screen that makes watching multimedia and doing everyday tasks a more immersive experience. With a good camera setup, it takes photos that are clear and full of detail. Thanks to its powerful processor and plenty of RAM, the device works well and makes it easy to switch between tasks.

Display6.5-inch Super AMOLED, 1080 x 2400 pixels, 90Hz refresh rate
Resolution1080 x 2340 pixels
ProcessorMediatek MT8781 Helio G99
Storage64GB, 128GB
Expandable storageUp to 1TB via microSD card
Rear cameras50MP main (f/1.8), 5MP ultrawide (f/2.2), 2MP macro (f/2.4)
Front camera13MP (f/2.2)
Operating systemAndroid 13
Dimensions164.5 x 76.5 x 8.7mm
ColoursBlack, Lime Green, Blue gradient, Dark red
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Samsung Galaxy A24: Design

The Samsung Galaxy A24 is a smartphone in the middle price range that came out in April 2023. It looks sleek and stylish and comes in black, dark red, lime green, and blue gradient, all of which have a glossy finish. Even though the phone is made of plastic, it feels strong and well-made. It can also stand up to water, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking if it gets wet. The 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen takes up most of the front of the phone. The screen’s resolution is 1080 x 2340 pixels, and its refresh rate is 90Hz, which makes scrolling smooth and easy.

The screen is also bright and colorful, which makes it great for playing games or watching videos. The three cameras are on the back of the phone. The main camera has a 50MP sensor with OIS, which helps take photos that are clear and sharp even when there isn’t much light. The sensor for the ultrawide camera is 5MP, and the sensor for the macro camera is 2MP. The phone also has a 13MP camera on the front that can be used to take selfies. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A24 is a stylish and well-made smartphone with a good balance of features and performance. It’s a good choice for people who want a mid-range phone that looks and feels high-end.

Samsung Galaxy A24: Display

Samsung Galaxy A24 review

The Samsung Galaxy A24 has a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz and a resolution of 1080 x 2400. The screen is bright and full of color, and the contrast and viewing angles are good. It is also smooth and quick, which makes it fun to use for browsing, playing games, and watching videos. One of the best things about the Galaxy A24 is its screen. It is a big improvement over the LCD screen on the Galaxy A23, and it makes a big difference in how the phone works overall.

The screen is also covered with Gorilla Glass 5, which helps keep it from getting scratched. The 90Hz refresh rate is one of the best things about the Galaxy A24’s screen. This means that the screen is updated 90 times per second. This makes animations and scrolling more fluid and smooth. This is especially clear when playing games or scrolling through social media feeds. Overall, the screen is one of the best things about the Samsung Galaxy A24. It’s bright, colorful, and smooth, which makes it a joy to use for everyday tasks.

Samsung Galaxy A24: Cameras

Samsung Galaxy A24 review

With AI technology and a better way to set up the lenses, Samsung’s cameras have become much better. The Samsung Galaxy A24 Camera review is better than options like the Realme 10 5G that cost about the same. Aside from this, the 50MP primary lens takes care of the colors, contrast, and saturation without much trouble. Aside from this, the built-in camera has different modes and uses an improved image processing unit to get good results. You can test the phone even when it’s dark out, and you won’t hear or see much noise or glare. With a 2MP macro lens, you can get better close-up shots with more detail.

The device also has a 5MP ultra-wide lens that lets you see amazing details. But you will notice that the colors are a little off in the results from the ultra-wide camera. Even the 13MP Selfie lens isn’t that great, and taking pictures with it is just like taking pictures with any other camera. Still, there are different ways to record video, and you can even record up to FHD resolution. Still, the results are shaky because there is no way to stabilize the video.

Samsung Galaxy A24: Software

Android 13 and One UI 5.1 are used on the Samsung Galaxy A24. Samsung’s version of Android is called One UI, and it has a lot of features that aren’t in stock Android. Some of these features are a more user-friendly design, better performance, and more ways to customize. One of the most notable things about One UI is that it focuses on being easy to use. The interface is made to be easy to use, even for people who have never used an Android phone before. The menus are set up in a way that makes sense, and the icons are big and easy to tap. Another important thing about One UI is how well it works.

The skin is well-designed for Samsung’s mid-range processors, so the Galaxy A24 should have no trouble with everyday tasks. Lastly, One UI gives you a lot of ways to make it your own. Users can change how the interface looks and feels, as well as how apps work. This means that you can change the phone to suit your own tastes. The software on the Samsung Galaxy A24 is very good as a whole. One UI is a skin that makes the phone easy to use and customize. It looks good and has a lot of features.

Samsung Galaxy A24: Memory and Internal

Let’s start with the Samsung Galaxy A24’s chipset. You get the 6nm MediaTek MT8781 Helio G99 chipset, which is made to work well and help you do the things you do every day. The processing power should be able to easily go up to 22.2GHz cloaking speed, which is great for an entry-level phone. But the phone can only connect to 4G networks, which may be a bad thing for users. If you don’t live in a city, however, 5G connectivity might not be a big deal. But if you want a clean user interface, the OneUI 5.1, which is based on Android 13, will give you the best of what the Android ecosystem has to offer.

You can change different parts of the home screen to suit your needs and make a more personalized interface. When it comes to storage options, you get 128GB of space. With that much space, users can save all of their multimedia files in one place and store many apps and files without any problems. At the same time, you can choose from RAM configurations with 4GB to 8GB. But the dedicated secondary storage that will give more space and increase storage limits would be the most surprising thing.

Performance and Benchmarks

Samsung Galaxy A24 review

The Samsung Galaxy A24 4G is powered by the MediaTek Helio G99 chipset, which is a 6nm Mediatek chip with a 2+6 core CPU (2×2.2GHz Cortex-A76 and 2×2.0GHz Cortex-A55) and a Mali-G57 MC2 GPU. The base storage version has 4GB LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB UFS 2.2 storage, while the other two versions have either 6GB or 8GB RAM and the same 128GB storage. The CPU stress test gave the Galaxy A24 4G a score of 85%, and the 3D Mark stress test gave it a score of 99%. This means that even during long periods of peak performance, there was no throttling.

The phone stays cool, but if you use it a lot, it might get a little warm. The Galaxy A24 4G works well and is one of the most reliable phones in its class. The Android OS with One UI runs smoothly at 90fps, but it may seem slow if it takes a long time to load, which is probably because the base model only has 4GB RAM. For a better experience, you should think about getting the version with 6GB RAM. As a new mid-range smartphone, the Galaxy A24 has a smooth performance thanks to its MediaTek G99 processor. The smooth performance of the Galaxy A24, which has a MediaTek Helio G99 processor, is praised in user reviews.

Battery Life and Charging

The Samsung Galaxy A24 is powered by a 5,000mAh battery, which is one of the biggest batteries in its price range. When we tested the A24’s battery life, it got a great score of 141 hours. This means that, with normal use, the phone can last more than two days on a single charge. The A24 also supports 25W fast charging, which can bring the battery from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes. The phone doesn’t come with a fast charger, though, so you’ll have to buy one separately. The Samsung Galaxy A24 has a good battery life and can be charged quickly. The phone can easily last a full day on a single charge, and it can be charged quickly when you need to.

Samsung Galaxy A24: Pros and Cons

With its large screen, good battery life, and reliable performance for everyday tasks, the Samsung Galaxy A24 is an affordable option. But its camera and materials could be better, and it doesn’t have some of the high-end features found in more expensive smartphones.


  • 6.5-inch AMOLED display with 90Hz refresh rate
  • 12MP main camera with good daylight performance
  • 5000mAh battery with long battery life
  • Up to 1TB of expandable storage
  • Headphone jack


  • No 5G support
  • No stereo speakers
  • Plastic build quality
  • Thick bezels around the display

Final Words

The Samsung Galaxy A24 4G is a great mid-range smartphone with a good mix of features and specs. With its powerful performance, high-quality camera, long-lasting battery life, and improved security features, a phone is a great choice for people who want a reliable and affordable device. The Samsung Galaxy A24 4G is a strong option for a mid-range smartphone, and you should think about getting one.

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The Samsung Galaxy A24 is a smartphone that is easy on the wallet and has a good mix of features and speed. It has a 12.5MP main camera and a 5MP ultrawide camera. It has a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen. The MediaTek Helio G99 processor runs the A24, and it has 4GB of RAM. It also has a 5000mAh battery that should last a full day on a single charge.Samsung Galaxy A24 review (2023) a great phone for the price