Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro review (2023) a great OLED Laptop

an impressive OLED display, incredible speakers

This year, Samsung is going all out with laptops. Instead of just putting new hardware in the same shells as the last two generations of Galaxy Book, Samsung gave the new Galaxy Book 3 Pro line an all-new aluminium chassis and top-of-the-line displays that were partly inspired by the company’s smartphone lineup you can buy this product directly from Samsung’s website.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro: Description

The 14-inch and 16-inch laptops will be able to compete with the powerful MacBook Air thanks to the latest mobile chips from Intel. The 16-inch 2-in-1, on the other hand, is aiming for convertibles like the Lenovo Yoga 9i.

Whether you choose a laptop or a convertible, all three machines are thin enough to make you happy. The 14-inch model is the smallest of the bunch. At its thickest point, it is just over 11mm and weighs 1.17kg without the power brick. Which isn’t much bigger than the one that comes with your phone and has enough power to charge any other Samsung device with a USB-C port at full speed. The 2-in-1 weighs 1.71kg, which isn’t so heavy that you can’t use it as a tablet.

Pros and Cons


  • New 120Hz AMOLED display is beautiful
  • Works seamlessly with other Samsung devices
  • It’s a great overall laptop
  • Much improved build quality over last year


  • Battery life isn’t too impressive
  • On the pricey side
  • Stiff touchpad
  • Slow SSD

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro: Specifications

Storage512GB SSD
CPUCore i7-1360P
Operating SystemWindows 11 Pro
Camera1080p FHD / Studio-quality Dual Mic

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro: Design

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro review

The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro has been completely redesigned, which has both good and bad effects. It is now made of aluminium instead of magnesium like the Galaxy Book 2 Pro. It definitely feels more expensive. Gone are the days when you could easily bend the screen and chassis just by picking it up.

But aluminum is a much heavier material, and it’s one of the heaviest things you’ll find in a laptop. The Galaxy Book 3 Pro is a lot heavier because of this. The 14-inch version weighs 2.58 pounds, while the 13-inch Galaxy Book 2 Pro only weighed 1.92 pounds. That is a big change. Even at 2.58 pounds, this laptop is still pretty light, and it’s even a little bit lighter than a MacBook Air. It’s just not as light as the one it replaced. The story is a little different for the 16-inch model. At 3.4 pounds, it’s not too heavy for a laptop.

In fact, there are two types of 16-inch laptops: those with dedicated graphics for people who need them and those with the same needs as a 14-inch laptop for people who just want a bigger screen. This laptop is the second type, so it doesn’t have the extra size and weight that comes with having more power.

The Surface Laptop 5 with a 15-inch screen weighs 3.44 pounds, while the new LG Gram Style 16 weighs only about 2.71 pounds. On the other hand, Dell’s XPS 15 starts at a huge 4.22 pounds, but that includes a 45W CPU and RTX graphics.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro: Display

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro review

The display is a standout feature, with its sharp resolution, buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rate, and deep blacks that you’d expect from a high-end OLED panel.

Since the screen has a glass front, we thought it might be touch-screen, but it’s not. If you want a touchscreen, you have to choose the 360 model, which makes sense, but we’re used to swiping the screen to scroll on our Surface Laptop 4, and we started to miss that feature on this model.

The screen is bright enough to use inside, but on a sunny day, you may have trouble seeing it outside. This effect is made even stronger by the glass coating, which looks beautiful but means you’ll have to deal with reflections and may want more lumens. Aside from that, you’re in for a visual treat when the light is controlled. There are a lot of details and the colours are bright. HDR videos look especially great, and the display can get even brighter to make the effect even better.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro: Features

Samsung has told me in the past that it wants its laptops to be the best devices for Samsung smartphone users. Everyone wants what Apple has, which is an ecosystem that lets the OEM make a better experience by owning the whole stack and also makes it harder for people to leave.

Since it makes the most popular smartphone in the world, the Korean company is in a good position to do it. So, this laptop has a lot of Samsung apps, like Samsung Notes, Samsung Pass, Samsung Studio Plus, Samsung TV Plus, Screen Recorder, Samsung Flow, Second Screen, Samsung Gallery, Samsung Settings, and more. There are a lot of apps there, but you’ll get a lot out of it.

My Galaxy Buds 2 Pro were right there in the Samsung Settings app. When I clicked “Connect,” they were already paired, so I didn’t need to do anything else. There is also a Galaxy Buds app that was pulled from the Microsoft Store because it wasn’t stable enough to update the firmware.

Keyboard and Touchpad

We’ve seen that the keyboard is shallow on many of the Samsung Galaxy Book laptops. It might take some time to get used to, but I found it to be accurate and comfortable. But if I had to guess, the depth is probably about 1 mm instead of the 1.6 mm you’d find in a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon.

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro has a backlit keyboard, and the larger 16-inch model has a number pad to the right. I think that people like the number pad because so many companies put it on bigger laptops. I don’t want it though. Again, it would be great if Samsung had more choices.

The only problem is that the number pad makes it so off-center. It looks like the line between the left click and the right click is right in the middle. To left-click, you have to land south of the B key, which seems too far to the left of the centre of the laptop. Because the touchpad isn’t in the middle and is so big, you’ll feel like you have to reach too far to left-click (if you’re right-handed). If you’re left-handed, you’ll feel like you have to reach to right-click. I got used to it, but it seems like something that can be fixed.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro: Heat

Something so thin must get hot, right? Surprisingly, no. The bottom was 90 degrees Fahrenheit after streaming a 15-minute video, which is below our 95-degree comfort threshold. The keyboard and touchpad are both 90 degrees from the centre. The Samsung, on the other hand, got as hot as 97 degrees on the bottom near the hinge.

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro: Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro review

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro’s short battery life really hurts Samsung’s chances of making a star laptop. On the Battery Test, the machine lasted 6 hours and 51 minutes, which is below the 10:02 average for premium laptops.

The Inspiron 16 (13:28), ZenBook 14 (10:52), and MacBook Air (14:06) all scored in the double digits. If it was just the Inspiron 16, Samsung could blame the 3K display, but the ZenBook 14 has the same resolution as the Inspiron 16. Samsung, you have no excuse.

Final words

There are a lot of things to like about the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro. It has a nice, simple design, great fit and finish, a beautiful screen, and great speakers. We were also very impressed with how the heat was handled. Keeping things cool in a body that is so thin isn’t easy, but Samsung did a great job here.

The battery life on this model isn’t great, which might be because of the huge high-resolution OLED screen, but it’s still usable if you don’t mind carrying a (thankfully small) charger with you.

It’s a pricey machine, right up there with the MacBooks, but its performance and quality of construction go a long way towards making up for this. If you don’t mind spending a little more to get a premium look and feel, we think you’ll be happy with the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro.

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The surprisingly thin chassis packs a gorgeous 16-inch display, a new 13th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, and a set of speakers that pack a punch. It is slowed down by a sluggish touchpad and a slow SSD, but it takes a hit in the metaphorical kneecap with a shockingly short battery life.Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro review (2023) a great OLED Laptop