Skullcandy Dime review

Skullcandy Dime offers a true wireless headphone experience at an affordable price. It sounds good at any price, with a generous amount of bass. Where the Dime 2 weakens is in the details, such as the microphone connection, noise cancellation, and short battery life.

The inexpensive audio company’s newest wireless earbuds are the Skullcandy Dime. These in-ear headphones have a full range of media controls, clear connectivity, and punchy sound in a small, water-resistant package. The Skullcandy Dime True Wireless is the initial iteration of the Skullcandy Dime 2 True Wireless, and they are inexpensive earbuds. They are water resistant to an IPX4 standard and have a very compact and light design.

They also offer a very little bass-heavy sound profile, which gives your mixes a little bit more thump and boom. However, they are still suitable for a range of audio content. Their casing can only carry about a further 2.5 charges, and their continuous battery life is barely 3.8 hours. For phone calls, the Skullcandy Dime is acceptable. They include an embedded microphone that records your voice reasonably well, but it doesn’t sound very authentic or full-bodied.

However, it has poor noise handling, so if you are speaking in a noisy setting, you could not be heard clearly. The headphones have the advantage of passively isolating you from some background noise. Sports and fitness enthusiasts will love the Skullcandy Dime. Although we don’t currently test it, they feature a secure fit and are rated IPX4 for water resistance. Although you might need to hold the earbuds down to receive a command without placing pressure on your ear, they are also reasonably comfy.


Skullcandy’s legacy has been largely founded on its cutting-edge designs. With the company’s entry into the truly wireless market, its aesthetic has evolved from loud and funky to clean and simple while maintaining its bold hues. A compact size, striking colors, and a stem silhouette that doesn’t protrude uncomfortably like on the AirPods all contribute to the Dime’s charm. Most of the time, the build quality is excellent.

The earbuds have an IPX4 rating for sweat and water resistance and are made entirely of sturdy plastic. Remember that the AirPods Pro also has this kind of security. Even if you accidentally drop these buds into the concrete after falling three stories, they will not break. The super-compact charging case, which resembles a car key fob and gives it some uniqueness, is the actual star of the show. The way the buds are housed is more distinctive since it has two cutouts that, when docked, show the front of the buds.


The silicone tips on these buds’ silicone produced a tight seal within my ears and felt delicate around the canal, making for a satisfying fit. we have tested their stability by wearing them on a quick sprint around the block, and they stayed in place the entire time. To accommodate various ear sizes, Skullcandy now includes the Dime with three sets of tips (small, medium, and large). The sound port was irritating the concha and making comfort less than desirable.

Although it is not painful, we are not suggest wearing the Dime for extended listening sessions; instead, limit them to one or two hours, depending on your discomfort tolerance. Comfort is also impacted by the button layout Skullcandy used; more on this in a moment.

These headphones fit comfortably in my right ear. But they’re not in my left ear. Our unusually shaped ears frequently cause me problems with headphones and body piercings. In this instance, one ear benefits greatly while the other ear does not benefit as much. Initially, we couldn’t wear these in our left ear which is considered to be more “normal” for more than 45 minutes before it became unpleasant.


The missus could hear most of my words when we answered calls inside the house, but she also noted that occasionally, my voice would falter. It was awful outside since any background noise entered our chats. It was really difficult to communicate because the wind had a larger presence than our voice. Fortunately, the Dime’s wireless performance is dependable. These earbuds have excellent connectivity thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 technology and a built-in Auto Connect feature that enables quick pairing with recognized devices.

When Bluetooth was turned on, our Google Pixel 3 XL always recognized the Dime and linked me. The most recent Bluetooth 5.0 is used by these modestly priced earbuds. Due to the low latency connection made possible by this, virtually all video lag is eliminated. The smallest of pauses between entering a letter on my iPhone and hearing the click in my ear were all we truly noticed when using it.

Audio Performance

The Skullcandy Dime earphones unquestionably provide excellent sound quality. There is a lot of bass present, and overall the entire frequency spectrum sounds really clear. The quality seems to be on par with higher premium earbuds, like my own Samsung Galaxy Buds, and there were never any issues with skipping.

As previously indicated, the earbuds’ noise-isolating characteristics are also adequate thanks to the seal they form with your ear canal. They work great for concentration at low volume, and for a little pair of headphones, they can get surprisingly loud during the loudest jam session. In terms of sound quality, there is little doubt that you receive more for your money.

Unexpectedly, Skullcandy did not skimp on the audio; they provide a deep sound with excellent highs and lows. Keep the level around 75% maximum to get the greatest performance out of these buds. If you turn the volume up all the way, you’ll notice that the sound will distort. I was pleased with the sound quality when viewing movies, listening to podcasts, or even seeing music videos.

Call Performance

When we talked on the phone inside the house, the wife could understand most of what we were saying, but also mentioned that our voices would sporadically drop out. Outside it was miserable as every bit of ambient noise found its way into our conversations. The wind resistance was really bad, as the wind was stronger than my voice, making communication impossible. Fortunately, the Dime offers reliable wireless performance.

These buds feature great connectivity powered by Bluetooth 5.0 and programmed with their own Auto Connect feature to instantly pair the buds with detected devices. Our Google Pixel 3 XL always recognized the Dime and connected me when Bluetooth was enabled. Range was also solid, allowing us about 30 feet of wireless listening before stuttering set in. We did have an issue pairing the Dime with our latest MacBook Pro, as the device recognized the product but immediately disconnected after establishing a connection.

Battery and Charging

The Skullcandy Dime earphones may be immediately connected to any Android or iOS device and are Bluetooth 5.0 compatible. These wireless earphones are controlled by a button that is shaped like a skull, although using them is difficult due to the button’s hardness. To turn the earbuds on or off, you must hold them still for two seconds. After that, they will automatically link with the device that was previously attached.

Skullcandy advertises a battery life of up to 12 hours with the cover, but we are unable to wear these earbuds for very long because they only last about 5 to 6 hours. The buds will keep letting you know that the battery is becoming low when it does. In the end, depending on your usage patterns, this amounts to a set of earphones that will require mains charging on a daily or nearly daily basis.


We hope you understand this article on Skullcandy Dime review. Given the excellent work the audio engineers accomplished, these earbuds need more praise than that. The Dime delivers some of the greatest bass we have heard from a pair of budget wireless earbuds, and music sounds vibrant as a result. It offers a secure fit, something users cannot get from the standard AirPods. Even the charging case has some appeal and is easily portable, despite not being as strong as its rivals. The Dime has had its share of successes, but it has also had its share of disappointments.

The battery life is among the worst in the class. There is no app or extra functionality to speak about. If you frequently pause music or rely heavily on technology to complete daily duties, comfort may also be an issue for you. Pressing the buds into your ears can become painful after some time.

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The Dime deliver some of the best bass we've heard from a pair of inexpensive wireless earbuds, and the music sounds correspondingly lively. It offers a secure fit, which is not the case with the standard AirPods.Skullcandy Dime review