Sony Inzone M3 review (2023) 27-inch 1080p gaming monitor

Sony's InZone M3 is a fun and good 27-inch gaming monitor.

Sony’s first big move into the gaming monitor market was the release of the Inzone M9, a 4K monitor with a beautiful design, super low input lag, and a lot of great features, such as HDMI 2.1 and USB Type-C ports. It’s a more than solid product, and it’s too bad that the Inzone M3 reviewed here doesn’t have the same qualities. The M3 is the M9’s esports-focused alternative. It costs $529 and has a native resolution of 1080p and a peak refresh rate of 240Hz, which is very fast.

Sony Inzone M3: Description

Some of the benefits that came with its older sibling are still there, but it doesn’t have as wide a color range or as low of input lag. Value-wise, esports displays like the Dell 27 Gaming Monitor (G2723H), which has a low price, are better than this one. It looks fine, but the basic parts aren’t as good for the money as the M9’s are. One of the best things about the M9 is the way it looks, which has thankfully been carried over to the M3. On the surface, the two monitors look almost the same.

They both have a tripod-like stand with a sliding rail in the middle that gives you a lot of room to change the height. The mount doesn’t have a pivot for portrait mode, but it does have a VESA mount and a small tilt range of about 20 degrees. The M3 also has the same black-and-white color scheme as the PlayStation 5, which is a nice touch.

The monitor is 18.8 inches tall, 24.2 inches wide, and 9.7 inches deep. It weighs about 15 pounds with the stand, which is almost the same as the M9. It is lighter than many of its competitors, like the Dell 27 Gaming Monitor (G2723H), but it is about 4 pounds heavier than the Gigabyte M27Q X, which has a similar price.

Sony Inzone M3: Pros and Cons


  • Features that are only on the PS5
  • High max refresh rate of 240Hz
  • Support for G-Sync


  • Pricey for a 1080p full HD screen
  • Color accuracy and gamut coverage are just fine.
  • Audio on board sounds hollow.

Description Table

Native Resolution1,920 by 1,080
Panel Size27 inches
Aspect Ratio16:9
Screen TechnologyIPS
Video InputsHDMI, DisplayPort
Dimensions18.8 by 24.2 by 9.7 inches
Weight15 lbs
Official linkVisit Website

Design and Features

Sony Inzone M3 review

The Sony Inzone M3 looks like the M9, but there are some small differences, like where some ports are located. The monitor has the same matte black and white finish as the outside of the PS5. The display has no borders on three sides, but the bottom strip isn’t as thick as the ones on its competitors.

It is a standard-sized desktop monitor, but the tripod-style stand makes it larger. It’s only a little over ten inches deep when you consider that some products require more than a foot. The stand occasionally gets in the way, but it’s small and lightweight enough to bring to LAN parties or other gaming events.

The monitor was made by a top-tier electronics company, so it is very well made. Every part looks and feels like it was made with care, so there are no gaps or other flaws that can be seen. The stand is strong and stable, so even when you’re in the middle of a battle, the screen won’t sag or shake.

The OSD joystick on the Sony Inzone M3 makes it easy to get to its features and settings. It’s in a good spot near the right side of the screen in the back, so you can reach it even if you can’t see it. You can also download the Inzone Hub software, which lets you set up profiles for games so you don’t have to use the joystick.

The stand that comes with the Sony Inzone M3 can be tilted and changed in height so that you can get a good viewing angle. But since this isn’t a cheap monitor, we thought it would come with a stand that could be adjusted more. You can use VESA mounts, but if you don’t already have one, it will cost you more.

One of the best things about this monitor is that it has all the ports that modern devices need to work. You get DisplayPort 1.4 and two HDMI 2.1 slots, which are perfect for the newest gaming consoles. It also has a 65-watt USB-C port with DP Alt mode for MacBooks and other high-end laptops. There are also four USB ports and a 3.5mm jack for connecting things like headphones or even your mouse and keyboard. It also has a pair of 2-watt speakers, but they aren’t as good as most people would expect from a monitor at this price point.

Sony Inzone M3: Display

Sony Inzone M3 review

The Sony 27″ Inzone M3 is a gaming monitor that’s made to give gamers a great viewing experience. The 27-inch IPS screen with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 is one of the most important parts of this monitor. With this high resolution, gamers can see graphics that are clear and sharp, making it easier to see important details in their games.

The INZONE M3 has a high resolution, and it also has HDR10 and HLG HDR formats, which give it a wide range of colors and more contrast. This means that gamers can enjoy colors that are more vivid and true to life, as well as blacks that are darker and whites that are brighter. The result is a more engaging way to play games that pulls players into their favorites.

The INZONE M3 also has an IPS panel, which makes sure the colors are accurate and the viewing angles are wide. This is helpful for multiplayer games because players can sit next to each other and still see what’s going on. The monitor also has a fast refresh rate of 144Hz, which cuts down on motion blur and makes sure that gameplay is smooth.

Sony Inzone M3: Connectivity

Sony Inzone M3 review

The Sony 27′′ INZONE M3 is a monitor with different ways to connect. It has two HDMI ports, so you can connect more than one thing at once, like a computer and a gaming console. It also has a DisplayPort, which is a digital video and audio interface that can give higher refresh rates and more accurate colors.

The monitor also comes with a USB 3.0 hub, which lets you connect USB devices directly to the monitor without having to reach behind the computer. This is helpful if you use a mouse or keyboard often because it lets you connect them to the monitor quickly and easily.

The Sony 27″ INZONE M3 also has a headphone jack, so you can connect your headphones directly to the monitor and listen to music or movies in private. This is helpful if you want to play games or listen to music without bothering other people in the room.

Sony Inzone M3: Performance

In its Standard and Game 2 profiles, but not in its default Game 1 profile, it also has excellent sRGB color accuracy. Because it is DisplayHDR 400 certified, it “officially” supports high dynamic range, but that just means that it has a little bit more brightness headroom and can perform the calculations required to display HDR content or map SDR to HDR.

Despite the fact that the black isn’t dark enough, it doesn’t appear to change all that much. A contrast of approximately 2500:1 was possible, which is good overall but not ideal for HDR. On the plus side, there was no light leakage around the edges, which is common with edgelit backlights. Because there are only about 82 pixels per inch on 27-inch 1080p screens that aren’t used for gaming, we don’t like how we can see the pixel grid.

But it’s fine for games because there aren’t many lines that are only one pixel wide. If you want something for long work days and gaming but don’t need 240Hz or HDMI 2.1 (you can still use it with a console), do your eyes and wallet a favor and get a 2,560×1,440 (1440p) 165Hz model. It’s a pretty good monitor, but the InZone M3’s screen and stand don’t make it stand out from the other 240Hz 1080p options. Overall, it’s a good choice, especially if you can find it for a lower price.

Price & availability

Sony Inzone M3 review

Buying the Sony Inzone M3 is more of a commitment to the PlayStation brand. It looks good and fits with Sony’s current minimalist design style. During the review, the monitor looked good next to a PS5 and a PSVR2 Games. The M3 is more for console gamers than PC gamers.

Even so, PC gamers who also have a PS5 have better options than paying $499.99 for this game. Users can look at the Acer Nitro, the AOC C27G2Z, and the ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QM for that amount of money. Even though these options don’t have USB ports or features that are similar to the PS5, they are still great 27-inch HD displays that can reach 250Hz and cost between $200 and $300.

Final Words

If you play competitive games more on your PlayStation 5 than on your PC, you might like what Sony’s Inzone M3 has to offer. But more serious PC gamers might think the price is too high compared to other 1080p gaming monitors that are geared toward esports.


What is Sony 8K resolution?

With a resolution of over 33 million pixels, 8K has 16 times more detail than Full HD. This gives corporate display, education, and digital signage applications more clarity.

What is the difference between pulse and inzone?

The Sony PULSE 3D Wireless aren’t as good as the Sony INZONE H9 Wireless when it comes to wireless gaming headphones. The INZONE H9 headphones are more comfortable, have noise-canceling technology that helps them block out a lot more background noise, and their microphone works better overall.

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The Sony Inzone M3 covers 99% of sRGB and 81% of DCI-P3, which provides decent colors for games and movies. We have seen better results from other monitors, which is acceptable for monitors in this class.Sony Inzone M3 review (2023) 27-inch 1080p gaming monitor