SpiderOak One Backup review 2024: secure way to backup data

A Privacy-Centric Solution with Unlimited Versioning and Device Flexibility.

It is essential for you to back up your data in order to protect it, but you might be hesitant to use an online backup service because you are concerned that the hosting business might have access to your sensitive information. SpiderOak One Backup is an option worth considering for users that place a high value on maintaining their privacy. It differentiates itself from the competition by enforcing a strict no-knowledge policy and providing users with the added benefit of infinite versioning capabilities.

SpiderOak One Backup: Description

Although the service comes with a greater fee for online storage compared to its competitors, it compensates by allowing you to back up an unlimited number of devices under a single account. This is a significant benefit. However, it is crucial to be aware that SpiderOak One Backup has a number of downsides, such as the fact that it is no longer in active development, that it does not allow multi-factor authentication, and that it does not have mobile apps.

SpiderOak One Backup: Pricing

SpiderOak One bills by cloud storage space: $6 (about £5) for 150GB, $11 (about £9) for 400GB, $14 (about £11) for 2TB, and $29 (about £23) for 5TB. Each tier covers unlimited devices, and paying annually saves you money every month, making it the best value. Many cloud backup users want long-term access, thus the reduced annual fee will benefit them.

Two more plans with less capacity are available to annual customers: 5GB for $43 and 10GB for $55. There’s no free tier, but you may join up for a 21-day free trial without a debit or credit card to avoid billing surprises if you neglect to cancel. Cloud storage is cheaper, but you may not receive as many features or control.

If SpiderOak One doesn’t match your needs, consider iDrive, which offers 5TB of cloud storage and backup for unlimited devices for $79.50 per year, or BackBlaze, which gives unlimited storage for one device for $70 per year. SpiderOak One’s 5TB package costs $320 with the annual discount.

SpiderOak One Backup Key Features Table

Even if you fail to manually back up your files, you won’t need to worry about the safety of your data when you use SpiderOak One Backup because it will automatically do so for you.

Unlimited DevicesBackup an unlimited number of devices with a single subscription.
End-to-End EncryptionYour data is encrypted from end to end, meaning that even SpiderOak cannot access it.
File VersioningSpiderOak One Backup keeps multiple versions of your files, so you can always restore a previous version if needed.
Automatic BackupIt can automatically back up your files on a regular schedule.
Secure File SharingShare files securely with others using SpiderOak’s secure file sharing feature.
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What is SpiderOak One Backup?

spideroak one backup review

SpiderOak is a cloud-based backup service that has been around since 2006. Its main service, ONE Backup, is known for having high security standards, which are backed up by its dedication to the zero-knowledge concept. This means that no one who works for the company can see customer information. This is just the tip of the iceberg, though. Using blockchain makes security even better.

This decentralised architecture lets authentication happen automatically and handle as many versions as needed. SpiderOak has two programmes: ONE Backup and a filesharing programme. With the filesharing programme, you can share files, handle teams, and set up secure chats. We tried SpiderOak ONE Backup and will let you know if it’s safe enough to keep our most important files safe.

SpiderOak One Backup: User Interface and Navigation

The user interface of SpiderOak One Backup is streamlined and intuitive, which makes it very easy to administer and manage your backups. Your storage use, the current state of your backups, and any recent activity are all displayed on the primary dashboard. Utilising the menu bar that is situated at the very top of the display, you will have no trouble navigating to the various parts of the application.

Simply clicking the “Backup” button and selecting the files or folders that you wish to back up will get you started on a new backup job. You also have the ability to programme backups so that they will execute automatically on a predetermined schedule. The ability to restore files is also made simple by SpiderOak One Backup. To recover a file, just click the “Restore” button after choosing the file you wish to bring back.

SpiderOak One Backup: Speed and Efficiency

spideroak one backup review

SpiderOak One Backup is renowned for its lightning-fast performance and high level of efficiency. When it comes time to back up your files, SpiderOak One Backup will utilise sophisticated compression techniques to cut down on file sizes, which will in turn result in faster backup speeds.

In addition, SpiderOak One Backup use incremental backups, which only back up files that have been modified since the last time they were backed up, significantly cutting down on the amount of time required for backups. Your data will be backed up in a manner that is both rapid and effective thanks to the use of incremental backups in conjunction with data compression.

SpiderOak One Backup: File Versioning and Restore

The file versioning and restore option that is available in SpiderOak One Backup is a strong tool that can assist you in protecting your data from being lost or corrupted. You always have the option to recover a previous version of your files with SpiderOak One Backup since it keeps several versions of your files using its file versioning feature.

This comes in very handy in the event that you delete a file inadvertently or if your file becomes corrupted. Simply choose the file you want to restore and the version you want to restore it to in order to successfully recover a file. The file will be brought back to your PC at that point via SpiderOak One Backup.

SpiderOak One Backup: Scheduling and Automation

SpiderOak One Backup offers robust scheduling and automation options, ensuring your data is consistently protected without manual intervention. You can set up automatic backups to run at specific times or intervals, ensuring that your files are always backed up to the cloud. Additionally, SpiderOak’s real-time backup feature automatically saves any changes made to your files, so you never lose a moment’s work.


  • Strong privacy features
  • Supports an unlimited number of computers per account
  • File-sharing and folder-syncing


  • No longer being updated
  • No longer offers mobile apps

Final Words

If you join up for the synchronisation and backup service SpiderOak One with a clear understanding of what it is and what it is not, then you won’t be disappointed with the features that the service has to offer. It provides a nice blend of syncing, sharing, and uncomplicated backup, which are very specific requirements for decent security and solid operation on desktop clients. It ticks all of these boxes. This is primarily for users of Windows, macOS, and Linux, particularly those who have multiple computers to back up and aren’t going to use up masses of storage space in the cloud along the way. On the downside, the lack of dedicated mobile access is a letdown, and there’s not much in the way of an online interface, so this is primarily for users of those operating systems.

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SpiderOak One Backup is a good choice for users looking for a comprehensive and secure backup solution. The service is easy to use and offers a variety of features, including automatic backups, file versioning and encryption. However, the service does have some drawbacks, such as slow upload speeds and no support for mobile devices.SpiderOak One Backup review 2024: secure way to backup data