Technics EAH-AZ60 review

The EAH-AZ60 is fantastic for recreational use. Technics has combined its 8mm drivers with an acoustic chamber and harmonizer to create detailed, spacious sound. Sony's built-in LDAC Bluetooth codec allows you to enjoy lossless audio tracks via compatible Hi-Res streaming services.

Due to the shift in routine brought on by pandemic life, people’s body shapes have changed in either direction over the past two years, and Technics’ most recent true wireless earbuds have changed in the direction that one would most like to admit. Technics introduced its first-ever pair in 2020, and it improved that first design for its second and third models, the EAH-AZ60 we’re looking at here and the lower-specced EAH-AZ40, which were simultaneously released.

The well-known hi-fi company Technics exemplifies everything that should be included in a contemporary pair of high-end headphones with the EAH-AZ60: high-resolution audio, effective active noise cancelling (ANC) along with the associated transparency mode, and a unique technology called “JustMyVoice.” This aims to provide superior voice quality even in noisy environments during video conferences and while travelling. Here, we test out this brand-new True Wireless in-ear.

The noise-canceling true wireless EAH-AZ70 earbuds from Technics really impressed us. They had fantastic noise cancellation and great sound. However, they were expensive at $250. And a little heavy. The AZ70 would therefore become even more appealing if Technics could resolve these issues and perhaps even add some new features. It appears that Technics accepted the challenge because its most recent effort, the $230 EAH-AZ60, does exactly that.

Technics EAH-AZ60 review: Design and fit

The Technics EAH-AZ60 don’t appear to be anything special from the outside because they are placed inside a shiny plastic charging case with the word “Technics” imprinted across the top. Thankfully, the earbuds inside are a little more eye-catching and constructed of a combination of smooth matte plastic and aluminium. The fact that each earbud weighs about 7g, which is heavier than average, makes them feel solid and long-lasting.

They aren’t the most attractive buds ever, and there’s nothing discreet about them. I found them to be quite bulky and they protruded out of my ears quite a bit. Fortunately, not everyone will care as much about appearance as I do because these are still very comfortable. That’s largely because they include seven silicone ear tips in various sizes in the box, which is four more than you get with most true wireless earbuds.

These can be worn for practically anything thanks in part to their IPX4 water resistance, which allows them to withstand sudden downpours of rain and copious amounts of perspiration, and in part to their weight, which ensures that they stay firmly in your ear. They are much less likely to fall out than ones that you simply slot into your ears because you have to push and twist them in.

Utilizing the touch sensors on the outside of each earbud makes controlling the music simple. Once I figured out what was what, they weren’t difficult for me to understand and I had no problems with them. One tap will start or stop the song; two taps will lower the volume; two taps will advance to the next track; three taps will raise the volume; and three taps will advance to the last track.

Technics EAH-AZ60 review: Performance

The AZ60 is advertised by Technics as having “superior” sound quality, and my listening sessions with it did not make me doubt that claim. I started playing “Endless Time” by The Weather Station on Tidal after turning off ambient mode and noise cancellation. The vocals of Tamara Lindeman were rich and full-bodied, and the piano had a resonant sound with good “air” and dynamics.

I changed to a less tranquil song by the band Real Estate, also on Tidal, and it was their cover of Television’s “Days.” The jangly electric guitars on the track sounded clear without being edgy or excessively trebly, which is something I’ve noticed with other true wireless earbuds. The full but not boomy bass guitar, fleshed-out vocals, and drums served as a nice counterpoint to the highs. The AZ60’s presentation was all-encompassing, with a solid and consistent soundstage as opposed to sound that seemed to come from inside my head.

The layers of oscillating synths were clearly distinguished in Steve Hauschildt’s electronic track “Subtractive Skies.” The sound also had an unmistakable “warmth,” which was aided by the bass’s impressively deep reach. A level of “hi-fi-ness” that I don’t typically associate with true wireless earbuds allowed me to become quickly engrossed in the music. This was made possible by the AZ60’s relaxed yet detailed performance.

Technics EAH-AZ60 review: Noise Cancelling

Although there are a lot of prompts in the Technics Audio Connect app (available for Android and iOS), especially during setup, it does enable a lot of useful features. Along with firmware updates, you can use it to configure Alexa as your hands-free voice assistant (the Alexa app is required for this), modify and create five-band EQ presets, and modify the controls on the earpieces. You can also customise the ANC settings using the app. You begin with a test that instructs you to select the ideal level of noise cancellation, after which you can make adjustments using a fader. In the app, you can alternate between Ambient and Off modes.

The noise cancellation on the earphones is excellent even without any adjustments. In testing, the ANC significantly reduced the amount of strong, deep low-frequency rumble (like you hear on an aeroplane). It also significantly reduced the mids and highs from a recording of a busy restaurant that we played at high volume through near-field speakers. It is a common flaw that some hiss escapes the circuitry, but it is much less audible than on models that are less efficient. Additionally, the ANC has little to no effect on the audio quality, which is advantageous. Ambient mode also performs admirably, making it simple to hear your surroundings and communicate without taking off the earpieces.

Technics EAH-AZ60 review: Sound Quality

The Technics will still deliver music to your ears in an enjoyable manner even if your connection is over regular Bluetooth. Technics has made sonic progress in its transition from first to second generation true wireless earbuds, as evidenced by a preliminary comparison between the AZ60 and older AZ70W. With improved clarity and detail, the AZ60 is noticeably more transparent. Now that the bass is more noticeable, their presentation is a little more exciting without significantly off-setting the tonal balance thanks to the extra low-end boldness. The AZ70W’s roominess, solidity, and intelligence, as well as the fact that it is a more recent model and is therefore more mature than most competitors, convinced us that their price was justified compared to the less expensive competition.

Whether we play music by Mac Miller, Mogwai, or Ludovico Einaudi, there is coherence to the presentation and a good representation of frequencies that give you the impression that the recording is being represented reasonably well. Because of their sophisticated presentation, Technics do have a tendency to downplay dynamic punch and energy in favour of control and refinement, which slightly sacrifices musicality. We experience a greater need for vigour and rhythmic drive when listening to upbeat music. While slightly more expensive, the aforementioned Sony and Sennheiser headphones are both more musical, more rhythmically powerful, and more subtly expressive of musical dynamics by exposing the textures and timbres of the instruments.

Technics EAH-AZ60 review: Battery Life

The earbuds’ and case’s total advertised battery life is 7 hours and 24 hours, respectively. This is fairly typical for these TWS earbuds, and they perform as promised. You can get about 70 minutes of playback by quick charging for 15 to 20 minutes. Battery life is always based on individual usage. So your results might not match mine. Battery life is affected by both the volume and the distance from the source. The Technics EAH-AZ60 earbuds have outstanding battery life overall.

Technics EAH-AZ60 review: Price

The headphones offer the highest audio quality possible in a cosy package at a very affordable price. They are brimming with premium features, such as integration with voice assistants, a stunning audio architecture, and dead silent active noise cancellation. When you take into account their high quality and the number of cutting-edge features they include, they are incredibly affordable at this price point.

Priced at US$229.99, the Technics EAH-AZ60 earbuds are available. The cost of TWS earbuds with these features is typical. At a price below US$199.99, I do believe the company would sell more of them, but that is just my opinion. These earbuds are worth the asking price and are reasonably priced compared to the alternatives.


The Technics AZ60 are an excellent pair of true wireless earbuds and a significant improvement over the EAH-AZ70W of the audio heavyweight’s first generation. Their long battery life, which easily lasts a week of listening, fantastic active noise cancellation, and gorgeously detailed audio are all features they offer. The only minor drawback is that the dominant Sony WF-1000XM4 continues to provide better dynamism.

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The Technics AZ60s are an excellent pair of wireless earphones and a marked improvement over the first-generation EAH-AZ70W audio heavyweights. They offer a long battery life, easily enough for a week of listening, fantastic active noise cancellation, and wonderfully detailed sound.Technics EAH-AZ60 review