Tenda Nova MW6 review

An affordable mesh system, now even more affordable. As far as mesh Wi-Fi systems go, Tenda's compact cubes are simply tasteful. And we were initially impressed with the close-range connection speed as well, which outperformed all other mesh kits we tested by a long shot.

Due to Tenda’s lack of brand recognition in the UK, its new Nova MW6 mesh networking system may find it difficult to compete with well-known rivals like Google, Netgear, and our own BT Whole Home Wi-Fi. It’s also not the fastest or most feature-rich mesh system we have seen. Nevertheless, it still offers excellent speeds, a sufficient operating range, and dependability in addition to a price that is affordable for many home users. We’re here with our Tenda Nova MW6 review.

Home users should find the clean cubic design and quick and simple set-up appealing as well. Just keep in mind that the Nova does not come with a modem for Internet access, like the majority of mesh systems, so you will still need to connect it to the modem or router that already supplies your broadband connection.

Tenda Nova MW6 review: Design

The white cube-shaped Tenda Nova MW6 units measure 3.9 inches on each side, which is less than the router tower on the Deco M3 but larger than those from the Netgear Orbi RBK852 family. In other words, they ought to be simple to conceal, regardless of your décor. Each Nova cube has chord cutouts and bottom inserts, making them suitable for wall hanging without the need for additional accessories. They can also be placed underneath a desk or shelf.

The Tenda Nova MW6 units only have vents on the bottom of the device, relying on passive cooling. After a week of continuous use, they became warm to the touch but not hot. A tiny LED is located in the upper front corner of each Nova unit. When it first turns on, it blinks green. When it goes offline, it blinks red. When its wireless connection to the host router isn’t great, it blinks yellow. When the light is green, everything is in order. There is no way to create an on/off schedule, however the light may be turned off in the app if it is too distracting.

Tenda Nova MW6 review: Setup

On the plus side, because Tenda pairs your kit before you buy it, installation is simpler than with other mesh WiFi systems. As a result, after configuring the central station, the other two are turned on and instantly connected to the mesh network. If you register with Tenda, you can also remotely control the Tenda Nova MW6 from any location online. Unfortunately, that account cannot be accessed from a web browser and is only accessible through the mobile app. It is also not two-step verified.

Tenda Nova MW6 review: Performance

Although the two-pack I looked at wasn’t enough to fill my 3,500 square foot home with data, the discreet Tenda Nova M6W cubes can build a robust mesh network on a budget. It left some remote locations without Wi-Fi, and a third node definitely would have been helpful.

I built up a network and used the Ixia IxChariot networking benchmark to create a busy network with 10 data-hungry users in my century-old house using my Samsung Galaxy Book Pro as the receiving system. Throughput tests on the Tenda Nova M6W throughout the testing phase produced subpar cores that frequently fell far short of the best.

Tenda Nova MW6 review: Configuration

The Nova MW6 is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective mesh networking systems we’ve come across, with a package that comprises three identical routers (referred to by Tenda as “mesh points”) for about £175/US$199. This three-piece system, according to the manufacturer, can cover homes up to 6,000 square feet in size, which should be more than enough for the majority of homes.

However, a two-router kit would be more appropriate and even more cost-effective for many smaller flats and apartments, therefore it’s unfortunate that Tenda doesn’t provide one. One benefit of BT Whole Home Wi-Fi, which was tested, is that you may purchase a two-pack for £149.99 or even a single router to expand the system as needed.

Final Words

Some people might find Tenda’s claims to accomplish it more effectively and affordably appealing. However, the attraction will probably be constrained by how much money you’ve already spent on mesh Wi-Fi. There’s no practical reason to consider replacing your current mesh Wi-Fi system if you already have a contemporary one. Although there may be differences in the finer points, the overall experience is generally the same, and the software (and security) used are likely to be subpar.

The Tenda Nova Mesh Wi-Fi System might be the gateway drug you’re looking for if the potential of mesh excite you and you don’t mind saving a few dollars at the expense of appearance and performance. However, there’s a decent chance you’ll be able to locate a better fit without too much trouble if you’re ready to spend a little extra.

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The Tenda Nova Mesh Wi-Fi system could be the gateway drug you're looking for if you're excited about the potential of mesh and don't mind saving a few bucks at the expense of looks and performance.Tenda Nova MW6 review