Tribit XSound Go review

The waterproof Tribit XSound Go offers slightly stronger audio output than other budget Bluetooth speakers, which can make a difference in outdoor or noisy environments. However, do not use it as a hands-free device.

The final spec sheet for Tribit’s smallest and most affordable speaker looks excellent for the money Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C chargers, 24 hours of battery life, IPX7 waterproofing, a total output of 16W, and a stereo pairing feature. However, the Tribit website states that the XSound Go only supports Bluetooth 4.2 and has a total output power of 12 W.

We are really happy to be able to write this Tribit XSound Go review because, despite being a budget-friendly portable Bluetooth speaker, the Go was able to keep up with most other big-name speakers in every category. It’s amazing that a portable speaker, for this price, can sound this good. The product manual, again, has different specs, including 14 W total power and five hours of charging time the website says four.

The Tribit XSound Go clearly stands out from its competitors, offering big sound in a small package. The speaker is loud, has a decent amount of bass, and lasts all day. It makes you wonder how these other companies can justify their prices. While it does have a small bit of distortion at max volume, the Tribit XSound Go is still one of the best Bluetooth speakers around.

Tribit XSound Go review: Design

When compared to other cheap Bluetooth speakers, the Trrbit XSound Go stands out in terms of design. Most of them appear to be made of cheap plastic, and some even resemble toys, but not this one. It appears pretty fashionable and alluring. It resembles Beats Pill+ in terms of design and size, however Pill+ is a little bit bigger and heavier, as well as being considerably more expensive. The fact that XSound Go is available in two colours and has a lovely matte finish increases its allure.

A robust aluminum grille entirely encloses the front side. A sizable Tribit logo can be seen in the center. Two 40mm 6W drivers and one passive bass radiator are shielded by the grille. The speaker’s remaining portion is constructed of thick plastic and covered in a rubbery substance, which not only increases durability but also gives the speaker a more upscale appearance.

Tribit XSound Go review: Features

The XSound Go’s features, including Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C charging, stereo pairing, and the promised 24-hour battery life, are perfect at the price point. By purchasing two of them, long-pressing one of the Bluetooth buttons for a few seconds, and connecting them together, you can simply create an XSound Go stereo pair. You hear a prompt, then either “right channel” or “left channel” is declared.

For Β£66, want a set of wireless computer speakers. You don’t need to keep fumbling with your phone because the triangular play button on the top of the device may be hit once to play and pause, twice to go forward, and three times to go back to the previous track. Although it would be churlish to anticipate app support at this level, there is none.

Tribit XSound Go review: Sound Performance

There is a good balance between mids and highs, but bass response is a bit weak. This is not an unexpected sound signature considering the size of the XSound Go. The bass is there, but it lacks any real impact. It’s definitely not as “boomy” as advertised. However, compared to other small speakers and satellite speakers, the XSound Go can really generate some punch.

If you’re into bass-heavy outdoor speaker sound, you should buy something else, probably something bigger and more expensive. XSound Go is surprisingly loud for its size. Distortion creeps in at 80% volume and at full volume it is really annoying. Stereo separation is virtually non-existent, which is not surprising. The sound gets muddled when playing a complicated piece of music with many instruments.

Tribit XSound Go review: Build

The XSound Go is about the size of a sunglasses case. Its dimensions make it easy to stow in your pocket, but it’s heavier than it looks, and you’ll know it’s there when you take it with you. Under the hood, two 4cm drivers and a passive bass radiator are solidly housed, and it feels like you’re holding a more expensive product than it actually is. On the back, there’s a USB-C charging port and a 3.5mm aux-in port for wired listening, covered by a rubberized connector.

On the top of the device are the usual controls for power, Bluetooth pairing, play/pause, and volume control. There’s also a useful cord that you can wrap around your wrist when you’re holding the device – a good idea, since dropping it on your toe can be painful. The design is similar to many other Bluetooth speakers, but it’s neither as charming nor as original as the pillow-shaped Stormbox Micro. The Micro’s slate-colored fabric casing and rubberized band are no longer present the Tribit lettering on the front of the metal grille is perhaps a bit too large, but overall this is a sturdy and functional speaker that offers good value for the money.

Final Words

The Tribit XSound Go shouldn’t sound this good for this price, but it does. The speaker impresses with balanced sound, is virtually distortion-free at high volume, and lasts an incredible 20+ hours of playtime at medium volume. The speaker is also IPX7 water and dust resistant, so it can survive a day at the beach or in the pool without any issues.

The design may be a bit unimpressive, but you won’t care once you hear how good the XSound Go sounds. As for the competition, you’ll have to spend a lot more for better sound quality. The UE Wonder boom is an excellent outdoor speaker, but it costs twice as much money and doesn’t last as long as the Tribit.

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The Tribit XSound Go shouldn't sound this good for this price, but it does. The speaker impresses with balanced sound, is virtually distortion-free at high volume, and lasts an incredible 20+ hours of playtime at medium volume.Tribit XSound Go review