V-Moda S-80 review

The V-Moda S-80 are a pair of sleekly designed on-ear headphones that offer decent sound and excellent workmanship. The $399 V-Moda S-80 on-ear headphones offer great sound, but are an experimental failure with little else to offer for their price.

Over the past 24 months, V-Moda S-80 has released a number of wireless headphones and earbuds. We received the outstanding Hexamove Pro, the unforgettable Hexamove Lite, and the surprisingly good M-200 ANC last year. Even though the present audio portfolio is hit or miss, the manufacturer of hi-fi headphones has continued to introduce new models. They recently introduced the S-80, their most recent invention. On-ear headphones with exceptional sound quality are the V-Moda S-80. Their sound characteristic is highly well-balanced, with a tight bottom and distinct treble.

Additionally, they look beautiful and are incredibly comfortable to wear for extended listening sessions. Although they don’t fold up, they are a little too large to fit in most pockets, making them less portable than other headphones. Additionally, the headband is made of plastic and feels quite flimsy, thus their construction quality is not the best. Overall, the V-Moda S-80 are a sleek pair of on-ear headphones with superb sound that are pleasant to use. They aren’t the most lightweight headphones, and their construction could be better.


The V-Moda S-80 has a similar appearance to other headphones from V-Moda, but with a leaner and smaller profile and other distinctive features. The construction is made of solid plastic, alloyed zinc, polyurethane leather, and aluminium, all of which provide a high-end feel. Instead of the collapsible v-shaped frame that joined the earcups to the extenders on the Crossfade 2 and M-200 ANC, an arc-shaped pivot is used. One of V-key Moda’s selling features is customization.

Each cup has magnetic shields fitted on the front that may be changed out or customized (with laser engraving or colour printing) for an additional fee. These shields have a few important differences, including the absence of bolt enclosures, which gives headphones a cleaner appearance. A carrying case is typically included with V-Moda S-80 headphones. but not this one. I’m not sure if this was done on purpose or as a result of supply chain problems, but it’s a cheap move from a company that wants four bucks for a pair of headphones.

The material selection makes the headphones much heavier (12.5 ounces), which has an impact on their comfort and fit. When worn around the neck and on top of the head, the S-80 feels hefty. The soft padding around the ears, where the headband places the most strain, offers little protection from this pressure. The extenders must be positioned properly to prevent slipping because the headband has some weight to it. Otherwise, the headphones will come off when you turn your head quickly.


Just by looking at them and comparing them to much larger, over-ear counterparts, you could be tempted to assume that the V-Moda S-80 weighs very little. Although you wouldn’t describe them as featherweight, you also wouldn’t use the word “heavy” to describe them. However, they actually weigh a lot. insanely heavy They weigh more than any other on-ear model you may be considering, such as the Beats Solo Pro (9 ounces), Beats Solo 3 (7.5 ounces), or the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i, at 355 grammes (12.5 ounces) (7.5 ounces). They really weigh more than the majority of over-ear models.

The material selection greatly increases the headphones’ weight (12.5 ounces), which has an impact on both comfort and fit. When worn around the neck and on the head, the V-Moda S-80 feels weighty. Additionally, the headband exerts pressure on the skull, particularly in the area around the ears where the fluffy padding provides minimal support. The extensions must be positioned correctly to prevent slipping because the headband has some weight. Otherwise, the headphones will fall if you turn your head quickly.


They function brilliantly when plugged directly into any portable player. They shouldn’t experience volume problems of V-Moda S-80 is any source because of their low impedance of 28.5 ohms. The Samsung Galaxy S was around 75% louder than the iPhone 4 at 60% volume. When listening to a non-amplified source, they are more tolerant of compressed music.

All of the S-80’s many strengths receive a fair boost when connected to a portable DAC and headphone amplifier, but even getting used to this improvement in quality didn’t damage the experience of running them directly. They were connected to an iBasso D7 for the entire week we were at work, and it was a real thrill. The V-Moda S-80 performed better while linked to the iBasso portable, but when we used the desktop-sized Yulong D100 mkII, the music enjoyment was elevated to a completely new level.

With the more expensive DAC/amp, The same degree of power and poise in the presentation, and it certainly didn’t expect it from such a little and reasonably priced headset. Due to multipoint support, Bluetooth connectivity is robust and dependable, and you may couple up to two devices at once. Although pairing is simple, there is no Google Fast Pair or Microsoft Swift Pair, so don’t anticipate any additional assistance.

Noise Cancelling

Surprisingly, the noise isolation was excellent. Although on-ear headphones frequently allow in more noise than they passively block out, the V-Moda S-80 was able to block out the majority of disturbances. While we could not hear conversations taking on more than a few feet away from us, we could clearly hear our toddler’s shouts and loud noises emanating from his electronic devices. For $400, consumers generate far more. A minimum of some noise cancelling technology or other clever features that enhance usability.

It’s hardly the end of the world that there isn’t a Find My Headphones option, especially since V-Moda S-80 could have tried to make Google’s Find My Device work with their headphones, but they didn’t make a decision. Similar priced competitors provide much more features. Surprisingly, there was good noise isolation. On-ear headphones frequently let in more noise than they passively block out, but the S-80 was able to block out the majority of disturbances. However, my toddler’s screaming and the loud noises originating from his electronic toys could be clearly heard, even as conversations taking place several feet away from me went unheard.

Audio Performance

At the very bottom, it loses a little bit of resolution, but there is still plenty of impact and body. The presentation is slick, even a little understated. The HD25, DT1350, and ES10 are all a little bit quicker than the S-80 in terms of low end, but it still delivers rich, controlled bass without being unduly forceful. In contrast, the Sennheiser HD25-1 sacrifices some depth for stronger mid-bass punch, but it still avoids bass bleed. The V-Moda S-80 outperforms other mid-range portables like the Phiaton MS300 and AKG Q460 in terms of bass depth while falling short of the V-Modas in terms of note thickness and power.

It is possible to tune for user-friendly sound in a variety of ways. One is to deliver a tonne of bass with no additional effort; Klipsch Image One is an example of this. Another is to flatten the soundstage and lower dynamic range to give the impression of increased volume and detail retrieval. A third tactic, used in the Bose AE1 example, is to intensify the presentation to approximate 3D space. The V-Moda S-80 by V-Moda is undoubtedly well on its way to reaching one such trait, but there are ways to appeal to consumers without offending audiophiles. Without being overdone, the essential low frequencies are highlighted.

Call Performance

For speech and videos, the V-Moda S-80 is adequate. The design was our biggest worry because it allows noise to pass through on calls, and that is essentially what happened when conversing in front of the house. Our wife claims that during rush hour, the wind and vehicles were noticeable and dampened the sound. When she answered her backyard call, the findings were clearer, but it was still a little muddled. The S-80 worked best indoors; two clients remarked on how loud and clear we sounded.

Bluetooth 5.1 worked efficiently. When listening wirelessly, we like the lengthy range (up to 50 feet), but the automatic pairing wasn’t always accurate. Only my most recent device was recognized by the V-Moda S-80 none of my other paired devices were. There is no Google Fast Pair supplied. The ability to pair the headphones with two devices at once is facilitated by multipoint technology. It doesn’t function well. Audio will be muddled while moving between audio programs on both devices because the connection is encrypted.

The V-Moda S-80 provide very good call quality in wind-free, quiet environments. Callers will have no trouble understanding your voice because it sounds full and natural. It’s the perfect tool for conducting Zoom or Teams calls indoors, at a desk. It’s a completely different game outside. The minute there are any competing sounds, such as traffic or a lot of loud discussion, your voice quality will deteriorate significantly. Even the slightest breeze will create a whooshing sound through the mics.

Battery and Charging

Battery life is rated at 20 hours by V-Moda S-80 . For some noise-cancelling headphones, like the Bose 700, that is fine, but it is not the norm for wireless headphones. Comparatively, the affordable Elite 45h can operate for 50 hours on a single charge. After using the V-Moda S-80 for five days, I had to recharge it, something particularly enjoy doing (4 hours daily). There is a 10-hour limit on this feature. Playtimes are reduced by 2 to 3 hours while listening at a loud volume. The absence of quick charging, which is a feature present on most headphones, serves as another insult.

The V-battery Moda’s life rivals that of the majority of wireless headphones. You can use the device for 30 hours in headphone mode. You might even be able to squeeze an extra hour or two out of the V-Moda S-80 if you need to because during testing, I only got the battery life down to a third of its charge after 10-and-a-half hours of use (at three-quarters volume). 20 hours of battery life in speaker mode is a significant improvement over the Sony SRS-12 SN7’s hours.

Final Words

We hope you enjoy our review on V-Moda S-80. The V-Moda S-80 seeks to accomplish two tasks simultaneously. It’s entertaining as headphones, though somewhat constrained. Although the sound quality isn’t nearly there, especially for the price, it serves its purpose as a neckband speaker admirably.

The S-80 is a great alternative for you if you’re considering neckband speakers but prefer the idea of an all-in-one audio solution. You will have no other choice. However, if you’re searching for a pair of headphones and don’t consider the additional speaker capabilities to be essential, you’d be better off looking at the V-Moda S-80 Crossfade 3 Wireless or any other fully equipped pair of headphones.

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The S-80 is a great alternative for those considering neck speakers but prefer the idea of an all-in-one audio solution. The V-Moda S-80 looks similar to other V-Moda headphones, but with a slimmer, smaller profile and other distinctive features.V-Moda S-80 review