ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K review (2023) for moving and shooting

a 165Hz monitor is very easy to set up

If you’ve ever tried to find the perfect gaming monitor but always ended up disappointed, we have good news for you. ViewSonic released the Elite XG341C-2K ultrawide curved monitor today, hoping to end your Goldilocks-like search for the “just right” display. The XG341C-2K has a lot of features, but the mini-LED backlighting with full array local dimming and VESA DisplayHDR 1400 certification are the ones that stand out the most you can buy this product directly from ViewSonic’s website.

ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K: Description

It also has a huge 200Hz refresh rate and “PureXP blur reduction” to make sure gameplay is very smooth and ghosting is less. We’ll have to get our hands on this screen to test it for ourselves, but it looks like it has all the right specs for great PC gaming. The XG341C-2K, a new gaming monitor from Viewsonic, is said to be big and well-equipped. The resolution of the 34-inch Viewsonic Elite series XG341C-2K is 3,440 x 1,440 pixels.

The VA panel underneath is powered by a mini-LED backlight with 1,152 zones and a brightness range of 720 to 1,400 cd/m2 (local peak dimming). It also supports the VESA DisplayHDR 1400 high-contrast standard. The panel also has a refresh rate of 165 Hz, which can be increased to 200 Hz by using the overclocking feature, a response time of 1 ms (MPRT), and Adaptive-Sync from AMD’s Freesync Premium Pro.

With an 8-bit colour depth, the colour spaces should cover 97 percent of DCI-P3, 99 percent of NTSC, and 140 percent of sRGB. In an unspecified version, there are two HDMI 2.1 ports and one display port. A USB hub with three USB-A 3.2 ports, one USB-B 3.2 port, and one USB-C 3.2 port (with 90 watts of power) is also available.

Pros and Cons


  • Rock-solid build quality
  • Includes USB-C with DisplayPort
  • Outrageously bright, vivid image
  • Excellent HDR performance


  • No Adaptive-Sync at 200 Hz
  • No brightness control with Adaptive-Sync
  • No sRGB mode

ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K: Specifications

Panel Type / BacklightVA / Mini-LED
Native Color Depth & Gamut8-bit / DCI-P3
Speakers2x 5w
Audio3.5mm headphone output
Panel Dimensions31.8 x 18.9-23.7 x 15.1 inches
Weight25 pounds (11.4kg)
Warranty3 years

ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K: Design

ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K review

The Viewsonic Elite XG341C-2K looks good. At first glance, the monitor’s matte-black plastics seem simple, but the different textures and angles make the monitor’s profile more interesting and attractive. Viewsonic follows the theme set by the monitor’s curved screen by giving other parts, like the stand’s neck and base, small curves.

It also feels solid. The stand is heavy, and most of the panel is made of stiff plastic. I do think that Alienware is better than Viewsonic in this area, as both the AW3423DW and AW3423DWF look and feel as high-end as a high-end TV. They also like how an OLED panel can have a thinner profile. Still, the Elite XG341C-2K feels more expensive than brands like Acer’s Nitro series and AOC, which are less expensive.

On the back of the monitor, there are some RGB lights set up in a cross pattern. They can be turned on and off with the on-screen menu and look great when the monitor is used in a dark room. On the left side, there is a flip-out hook for headphones.

But the stand on the Viewsonic Elite XG341C-2K is much bigger than it needs to be, which is one of my pet peeves. Its big neck and legs take up a lot of space on the desk and make the monitor too close to the user on narrower desks (such as those often sold at IKEA). For this monitor to feel like home, you’ll need a big, deep desk. The monitor has a 100x100mm VESA mount, so you may want to look into third-party monitor stands and arms.

Display and Performance

ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K review

The ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K has a 34-inch 1500r curved VA panel with a 3440 x 1440 resolution and an overclocked 200Hz refresh rate. It says that its response time is 1ms and that its contrast is 3000:1, which is what most VA panels say. This model is different because it has a 1152-zone mini-LED backlight and an HDR 1400 certification, which means that the HDR performance is much better.

Ultrawides with 1440p resolution are still selling like hotcakes because they are great for both gaming and work. They aren’t too big, but compared to other types of screens, they still have great sharpness and detail. They don’t need as much in terms of graphics as a 4K monitor, so it’s easier to get to 200Hz.

The most disappointing thing about this monitor, though, is that its 200Hz mode doesn’t do anything. It adds VRR flickering to the monitor and stops the local dimming from working when it is turned on. The monitor works great at 165Hz, but these problems show that the 200Hz claim is false.

The ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K was able to cover 100% of the sRGB gamut and 95% of the DCI-P3 gamut. It’s also pretty accurate right out of the box, with an average deltaE of 1.31, which means it doesn’t need to be calibrated right away. As far as color quality goes, the screen is ready to go right away.

The average dE went down to a much better 0.86 after it was calibrated with a colorimeter. That is a score that is usually only given for work that is color-critical. To get the same result, you will need a colorimeter, which is not cheap or easy to find.

The backlight of the ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K reached 703 cd/m2 in SDR mode and 1425 cd/m2 in HDR mode. The screen’s contrast reached 4156:1, but when the mini-LEDs did their magic, it grew by a factor of 100. In this way, it is not the same as the QD OLEDs, but it can do great things with HDR.

At the top and bottom of the test sample, there were some small problems with how uniform the panels were. This is common with curved displays, but not all monitors have the same problems or levels of it. Some haloing can also happen, but it won’t be a big deal unless you pay close attention to finding every mistake.

ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K: OSD Features

ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K review

The XG341C-2OSD K’s looks business-like and doesn’t have any pictures. All of the important information is given in a font that looks almost old. Click the joystick up or down to open it. If you push it, the power will go out. Find out how I know. There are six well-organized sub-menus, but most of the convenience features are in the setup menu at the end.

First, we’ll talk about the 10 game modes. I only needed the default, Custom 1, to run my tests and use the XG341C-2K for both work and fun. You won’t find a sRGB mode, though. All picture modes use the full native gamut, which covers almost all of DCI-P3. That’s definitely interesting, but it’s not quite right for SDR content. Custom 1 lets you use all of the other picture controls.

In the Display menu, you can change things like FreeSync (Adaptive-Sync), HDR modes, local dimming, Pure XP (blur reduction), overclocking to 200 Hz, overdrive, and color controls. There are a few things to keep in mind. You can’t have Adaptive-Sync or Pure XP if you want to run at 200 Hz.

The most you can play these at is 165 Hz. And instead of Adaptive-Sync, Pure XP works. The XG341C-2K is actually a 165 Hz monitor, which is not always a bad thing. Even though 200 Hz doesn’t make a big difference in speed, I’ll talk about it in the response and lag tests. In the Gaming & Hands-on section, you can find out more about how video processing can be done.

ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K: Image Quality

ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K review

The Viewsonic Elite XG341C-2K is proud to have the DisplayHDR 1400 certification. This means that it can display small bright objects on a dark screen at a brightness level that is higher than 1400 nits. It can also maintain a brightness of 710 nits across the whole screen, which is the highest HDR brightness I’ve seen on a monitor.

As we’ve already said, the monitor’s brightness is very stable. You won’t see big changes in brightness as the monitor switches between showing bright small objects and bright large scenes. All of this adds up to great real-world HDR performance that at least meets the standard set by top HDR displays like the Asus ROG Swift PG32UQX and Samsung Odyssey Neo G9.

In fact, the Elite XG341C-2K stays brighter longer than either, so it does perform a little bit better in terms of brightness. Bright details, like the headlights of a car driving down a dark alley, and wide landscapes, like a snowy mountain, are very bright and showy. It’s a real treat to look at, and it’s almost as good as the best HDR TVs we have seen. But the monitor’s HDR only works well with HDR content, so it’s important to choose carefully when you turn on HDR. When HDR is turned on, the monitor doesn’t do a good job with SDR content, so it looks very washed out. Turning off the HDR mode when it’s not needed is important.

Final Words

The Viewsonic Elite XG341C-2K is a great monitor, but it has a few small problems that keep it from being perfect. It has great contrast and brightness thanks to the Mini-LED backlight, and it really shows off in HDR content, which looks beautiful.

Unfortunately, Viewsonic makes some bad choices with the monitor’s on-screen menu controls and default settings, and the monitor’s motion performance isn’t as good as it could be. Even so, the Elite XG341C-2K can still make sense if HDR is the most important thing to you, as it is much brighter than other OLED TVs.


Is ViewSonic good for gaming?

ViewSonic gaming monitors can give you the tools you need to get to the next level, and they can also make gaming more fun. They have smooth images, bright colours, and very fast response times.

Which is better BenQ or ViewSonic?

The ViewSonic has a TN panel, while the BenQ has an IPS panel. The IPS panel on the ViewSonic gives it wider viewing angles. Response times are about the same for both. The ViewSonic has a better picture in general because it gets brighter and is more accurate. It has HDR, which is something the BenQ doesn’t have, but HDR doesn’t add much.

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The Viewsonic Elite XG341C-2K is a great monitor, but it has a few small issues that keep it from being perfect. It has great contrast and brightness thanks to the mini-LED backlight, and it really comes into its own with HDR content, which looks beautiful.ViewSonic Elite XG341C-2K review (2023) for moving and shooting