Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 review

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 improves on the quality issues of its predecessor and offers a durable, high-quality controller with plenty of customization options for you to try.

The Elite 2 is the best pc game controller Microsoft has ever made, a triumph of engineering that sets a new standard for high-quality gamepads on any platform. The new second-generation design offers more features, deeper customization options, and clever conveniences that make the Elite 2 a pleasure to use. Here’s why we love it – even if it’s not for everyone.

The Elite 2 comes in the same soft-shell case as its predecessor, but the lump of foam that previously supported the Xbox controller has been replaced with a handy charging dock that complements the new (unfortunately non-removable) battery nicely. Remove the fabric cover, and the pins of the wedge-shaped charger fit snugly with the contacts on the back of the controller. You can even plug in a USB-C cable through a specially designed flap on the back of the case, so you can charge your Elite 2 while it’s fully covered.

Along with the removable wireless charger, there is a tool kit containing four spare thumbsticks, four paddles, a conventional four-way D-pad, and a strange item that looks like a cross between a guitar pick and a SIM card removal tool. The thumbsticks can be removed to adjust the tension of each stick. There are two settings to choose from: a default setting with a looser feel and a harder setting that pushes the sticks back more toward the center.

Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 review: Design

The overall design is nearly identical to the original Elite controller, but changes have been made to the color scheme, attachments, and a few other minor details. The plastic strip covering the home button and the top of the case is now entirely black, and the trigger and shoulder buttons are now shiny silver. This change makes the handset look less presentable and gives it an overall more luxurious feel.

The button layout has also been slightly revised. You can now choose between three custom profiles controlled by a single button instead of a switch. The result is that it takes up much less space and the overall design of the device looks a bit more elegant. In addition, Xbox Elite Controller 2 doesn’t change anything that doesn’t need fixing, but gradually refines aspects of its predecessor to create something even better.

Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 review: Software

However, we believe the best improvements to the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 are on the software side. As with the original Xbox Elite, the controller can be completely reassigned using the Xbox Series x Accessories app. However, the range of inputs that can be assigned to each button has been greatly expanded. In addition to the buttons on the controller, inputs can be assigned to specific system-level actions, such as taking a screenshot in a window, viewing achievements, or opening a specific app.

If it’s a Kinect voice command, you can assign it to a button. This is a great advantage for gamers who want to share paddles and face buttons instead of just using them as finger-friendly replacements. You also have the option to assign a “shift” key, which allows for a second set of alternative inputs.

Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 review: Gaming

While the Elite 2 handled great in most games we tried, the additional features of this controller were especially helpful in competitive shooters; after setting up a custom profile for the Gears 5, we were able to use the control stick on the back to always keep our thumb on the I can now cover, run, dodge, and switch weapons while keeping my thumb on the stick.

We also used the shift key to reduce the sensitivity of our sights when aiming for a headshot; we had similar fun running, jumping, sliding, and reloading in the Elite in “Apex Legends” without having to touch the face buttons. The short trigger guard was especially useful for quick bursts of fire in both “Gears” and “Apex.” However, the fact that I always died instantly in both games did nothing to change the fact that this controller did not.

Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 review: Performance

We have spent the last week using the Elite Controller Series 2 as our daily companion after nine months of using the standard Xbox Series X controller. To be honest, a big fan of the standard controller and didn’t expect to be as impressed as we know with the Elite 2. It’s an expensive upgrade, but now that we have lived the good life, it’s hard to go back.

First of all, as a parent of young children, it can’t stress enough how much we like the charging solution. our toddler loves to reach for our controllers, and with a device as expensive as this, baby drool is a risk we didn’t want to take. Being able to put the controller in the bag, zipper it up, and know it’s ready to go again is a peace of mind we didn’t know we craved.

Configuration Options

Let’s first get to the price. At 160 pounds in the UK and 180 dollars in the US, the Elite 2 costs three times as much as a standard controller; and it is even as expensive as a brand new Xbox One S All Digital. That means it remains a luxury item that’s only worth it for very invested Xbox and PC owners. Fortunately, this price difference is at least reflected in the controller’s feature list and build quality, and the premium feeling sets in as soon as you unpack it.

Final Words

Microsoft has given the original a luxury controller with some practical improvements. It comes with a fair number of extras that add value, but the experience suffers from flaws that should not be present in this price range, especially when the original Xbox Elite controller is now cheaper and has almost the same features but without the problems. By now, you have probably noticed that the downsides are few.

The fact is, there really aren’t many besides the high cost of entry. This is an incredibly well made accessory. It’s intuitive, well thought out, and exceptionally high quality. At $179, it does cost a chunk of change, but even then, it includes an integrated charging station that’s built into a travel case, so it’s even more of a value than it first seems. If you have the wherewithal, this is a great accessory for your Xbox or PC.

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The Elite Controller Series 2 is our daily companion after using the standard Xbox Series X controller for nine months. To be honest, we were a big fan of the standard controller and didn't expect to be as impressed as we are with the Elite 2.Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 review