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Ravi Babu decided to make comedies completely strange and different from classic movies. Even though he seemed to be delivering enough quality material in his early days, he has slowly become a director who delivers a good movie and three bad ones. He has now released a film about piglets, Adugo. Let's talk about it.

Plot: Abhishek (Abhishek Verma) is known as bad energy. His luck is really bad and even his behavior is not quite good and social. But his love, Raaji (Nabha Natesh) has the feeling that he is capable and that he has a sweet little side to him, even though it makes him difficult for her. She finally told him that she was fed up and convince her that he plans to offer her a puppy that she likes the most. Instead of a puppy, he offers him a pig.

Even though he sent a puppy by courier, a parcel to exchange and a piglet, Bunty is sent to Raaji and his puppy is sent to Shakti (Ravi Babu). Shakti is a ruthless criminal and he needs the piglet that swallows a large flea. What happens next? Will he have the chip? What's in it, in fact? Watch the movie for answers …

Performances: Abhishek Verma has no presence on the screen. Even his chops are not up to scratch. Nabha Natesh is beautiful and her acting game is good but it's not the kind of movie she deserves.

Ravi Babu and others make the spectators grimace and destabilize them at the theater. Vijay is good in his latest film. Rajendra Prasad is the only pleasure in the mess.

Technical aspects: Sudhakar Reddy could not produce a quality work for the …

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