Tollywood News – Can 2.0 take holidays weekend advantage in second weekend?

Today Latest Tollywood News Covers – “Can 2.0 take holidays weekend advantage in second weekend?”

The 2.0 movie finished the first week in a row with Rs. Over 450 gross and according to producers, Lyca Productions, it has crossed 500 crores worldwide. In the Telugu states, it has to cross a total of 72 million rupees to break even and make a profit.

But this seems like a distant goal, as it is not a holiday season but a season of review that also before a huge holiday season. People would like to save more at this time of the year for a big New Year and Sankranthi celebration.

The film had an edge over the three-day holiday weekend, polling day falling on Friday in Telangana. After voting, people will have the time, after the vote, to go to the movies to watch the film and families will see it as an opportunity to watch a movie as a respite from constant pressure.

There is a problem however, making things difficult for the big, three films come out Friday, December 7th. Movies like Kavacham, Next Enti and Subramanyapuram are looking to take advantage and stay in the theaters until the big party on December 21st.

If none of the versions can find a positive WOM, version 2.0 will have an advantage and if any of them will find enough, it will still have a big advantage as a big-name artist such as Shankar and Rajnikanth, with an even bigger budget. VFX. But the problem arises if three become positive WOM. Let's see what will happen in the next 24 hours.



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