Tollywood News – NTR biopic makers still unsure of length

Today Latest Tollywood News Covers – “NTR biopic makers still unsure of length”

The NTR film was split into two films after director Teja left the film, unable to convince Balakrishna, the lead producer and actor, of necessary and unnecessary roles in the film. Director Krish proposed the solution of two different films by separating the actress career from the political career of the legend.

But the problem is that for two movies to exist, they need two satisfying scripts. Balakrishna wanted to start and finish filming in December for the two January films. The team has therefore announced two release dates for the NTR Kathanayakudu and NTR Mahanayakudu films in January, itself.

The plan did not seem feasible for distributors and there are still portions to shoot for the film Mahanayakudu. Kathanayakudu has been completed, but the problem is that NBK wants all iconic film tributes to be included, as well as important moments in NTR's personal life.

It's become a problem on the editing table, it seems. The team is waiting for the return of NBK to watch the feature film to approve all the cuts decided by the team. They pay attention to this aspect because it knows only the complete story to judge the impact of these situations. We have to wait and see how they will solve the problem and launch promotions.



NTR biopic manufacturers are still not sure of the length.

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