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Ratings:4/5 Examination by: Anupama Chopra Site: Filmcompanion

Tumbbad is a mysterious and magical film. The story extends over generations and decades – we start in 1918 and end a little after independence. The main theme is greed, but we also witness corruption, treason, decadence and death. And what is it? There is horror and fantasy. But the film also works like a dark moral tale. You know how marketing people attract you with this promise – you've never seen anything like it before. Well, you've never seen anything like that before, at least in Hindi cinema. The closest parallel I could think of was Guillermo del Toro's cinematic universe, with intriguing monsters and monster humans.

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Ratings:4/5 Examination by: Rachit Gupta Site: Times Of India

Tumbbad is a moody and atmospheric film. Some viewers may find the film a bit too deep and disturbing, but fans of Hollywood horror movies will be reminded of such memorable films as Pan's Labyrinth (2006) and Eraserhead (1977). This one is really scary.

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Ratings:3.5 / 5 Examination by: Kunal Guha Site: Mumbai Mirror

A problem with Indian horrors has been the lack of imagination. A treasure chest that offers a gateway in the belly of a goddess, a cursed undead whose heart beats even when the body has disintegrated and many constructions of this type cover this concern. Writers Mitesh Shah, Adesh Prasad, Anand Gandhi and Rahi Anil Barve (also director) are to be commended. What does not kill you makes you more resistant. And if you survive the version of Beelzebub in this film, you surely have the liver for a horror that beats the heart.

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Ratings:2.5 / 5 Examination by: Amman Site: Timesnow

But Tumbbad, unfortunately, only works in separate parts. It's sometimes a fascinating historical anecdote that will take you to the edge of your seat. On other occasions, it's the exceptional VFX that surprises you. Otherwise, you can simply marvel at the sound design and cinematography of the first order. However, Tumbbad, as a whole, does not exceed the average.

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Ratings:3.5 / 5 Examination by: Anna Site: Firstpost

The end result of this collaboration is a somewhat indefinable film. Greed is the dominant theme. At first glance, it's a horror movie with a sense of folklore, a kind of fantastic desi about The Goose laying Eggs of Gold. Yet, when a leading man goes in search of hidden treasures, he enters what seems to be the throbbing inside of a hole in a human body, giving Tumbbad his allegorical resonance. Is it in a cave or in the mind of another being or …? It could be one or more of the many options. The joy of watching Tumbbad comes from the fact that Barve and his co-writers bring no answer, making it an intriguing film.

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History of Tumbbad:

The plot revolves around the consequences when humans build a temple for his firstborn. Settled in Pune in the 1920s, it revolves around three generations of a family of Brahmins.

Tumbbad release date:

October 5, 2018 (India)

Tumbbad Cast:

Sohum Shah like Vinayak
Harish Khanna as Samsthanik
Ronjini Chakraborty
Anita Date

Director: Sriram Raghavan

Viacom 18 Animated Pictures
Matchbox Photos

Time of execution: 2 hours 2 minutes

Learn more about the stars:
Salman Khan | Shahrukh Khan | Aamir Khan | Ranbir Kapoor
Hrithik Roshan | Akshay Kumar

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