Travel Alert: Oregon Coast Highways Closed Due to Flooding and Heavy Rain

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Travel Alert: U.S. Highways Closed in Tillamook Due to Flooding

  • U.S. Highway 101 closed in Tillamook due to flooding during high tide and heavy rain
  • OR Highway 6 also remains closed due to high water in Tillamook
  • U.S. Highway 101 closed from milepost 22 to 25, with no local detour available
  • ODOT advises drivers to slow down for stormy conditions and standing water on the pavement
  • Travel Alert: Coast Highways

    The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has issued a travel alert for U.S. highways in Tillamook due to flooding and high water levels. This has resulted in closures and detours for drivers, impacting travel along the coast.

    Impact on Travel

    U.S. Highway 101 and OR Highway 6 in Tillamook are experiencing closures and detours, affecting travel for drivers in the area. Additionally, U.S. Highway 101 remains closed from milepost 22 to 25, with no local detour available.

    ODOT Recommendations

    ODOT advises drivers to exercise caution and reduce speed when driving in stormy conditions and encountering standing water on the pavement. It is important for travelers to plan alternate routes or delay trips if possible to ensure safety and minimize disruptions.

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