Adobe Fresco vs Krita: a comparison of digital art software

Adobe Fresco is a painting and drawing program made by Adobe Systems. It’s meant to make digital painting feel as natural as possible for artists. Adobe Fresco’s diverse brush and tool sets are meant to make it feel like you’re working with watercolors, oils, or pencils. It allows artists to express themselves artistically by providing tools like blending, layering, and customizable brush settings. Artists can easily move their projects from one program to another thanks to Adobe Fresco’s compatibility with the rest of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite.

The alternative is Krita, an open-source digital painting program that is both free and accessible to anyone. Community artists and developers work together to create this flexible and powerful tool for digital creators. In addition to its standard and specialized brushes, Krita also allows users to make their own. Artists can better organize and manipulate their work thanks to its sophisticated layer management features, such as layer groups and masks. Krita is not only useful for 2D artists, but also for animators because of its support for animation. Krita is an open-source painting program that is free for anyone to download and use.

Adobe Fresco vs Krita: Pricing and Licensing

Adobe Fresco and Krita have dissimilar licensing and pricing structures. The Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, of which Adobe Fresco is a part, comes in a number of different tiers to suit the needs of different customers. However, artists can use Krita’s full suite of features at no cost because it is free and open-source.

Adobe Fresco vs Krita: Comparison Table

Our reviewers found no significant difference in how well Adobe Fresco and Krita met their needs. Reviewers unanimously agreed that Adobe Fresco offers the best ongoing product support. Our experts found that Krita was headed in a better direction in terms of future updates and roadmaps compared to Adobe Fresco.

FeaturesAdobe FrescoKrita
PricingSubscription-based (Adobe Creative Cloud)Free and open-source
User InterfaceSleek and modern interfaceCustomizable interface
Brush EngineRealistic brushes with blending capabilitiesExtensive brush engine with customization options
Layer ManagementBasic layer management capabilitiesAdvanced layer management, including groups and masks
File FormatsPSD, JPEG, PNGPSD, JPEG, PNG, KRA (native format)
IntegrationSeamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud appsLess integration with other software
PerformanceResponsive and fluid, optimized for touch and pen inputEfficient performance on modest hardware configurations
Animation SupportLimited animation capabilitiesComprehensive animation tools and workspace
Learning CurveBeginner-friendly, intuitive interfaceSteeper learning curve for beginners
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Adobe Fresco vs Krita: Features

Adobe Fresco vs Krita

Adobe Fresco has a lot of features that make digital art more fun and useful. Its Live Brushes act like traditional brushes, so artists can mix colours and make textures that look real. The app also has a large collection of brushes, such as pencils, watercolours, and oil paints. Also, Adobe Fresco works well with Adobe Creative Cloud, so artists can switch between devices and keep working without any problems.

Krita is full of powerful tools that help digital artists do their work. It has a wide range of brushes, from the most basic to the most specialized. Artists can also make their own brushes. The layer management system in Krita gives you a lot of control over layers, like layer groups and masks. Krita also works with animation and has a special workspace for making motion graphics that are interesting to watch.

Adobe Fresco vs Krita: User Interface and Painting Tools

The user interface is a key part of how well digital art software works. The interface of Adobe Fresco is sleek and modern, with a simple design that puts the focus on the canvas and tools. Its layout makes it easy to use, even for people who have never done it before. Krita, on the other hand, has an interface that can be changed, so users can make the workspace fit their needs. Artists can move and group their tool palettes to make their work easier.

The most important part of any digital art software is the brushes. Adobe Fresco has a wide range of brushes that mimic the way traditional art materials work. Artists can control how the brushes flow, how opaque they are, and how well they blend. This lets them make realistic and expressive strokes. Krita is known for its large brush engine, and it also has a large collection of brushes. Artists can change the settings of each brush to get the exact effect they want.

Adobe Fresco vs Krita: Layer Management and File Formats

Organizing and editing artwork requires good layer management. Artists can use layers in Adobe Fresco, but they are not as powerful as those in Krita. Krita has advanced layer management, such as layer groups, masks, and blending modes, which give artists more control over their compositions and more ways to change them.

Compatibility and file formats are two very important things to think about when working with digital art. Adobe Fresco works with different file formats, such as PSD, JPEG, and PNG. This makes it easy to use with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps. As an open-source program, Krita also works with many different file formats, such as PSD, JPEG, PNG, and its own KRA format.

Adobe Fresco vs Krita: Performance and System Requirements

Adobe Fresco vs Krita

Because of the potential impact on productivity, artists must give careful thought to system requirements and performance. Adobe Fresco delivers a fluid and responsive painting experience, especially on touch and pen input devices. Because of its low system requirements, Krita can be used effectively even by those with less powerful computers.

Adobe Fresco: Pros and Cons


  • Realistic and versatile brush engine
  • Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud apps
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface


  • Limited layer management capabilities
  • Requires a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud for full access

Krita: Pros and Cons


  • Extensive set of customizable brushes
  • Advanced layer management and masking options
  • Free and open-source


  • Steeper learning curve for beginners
  • Less integration with other software compared to Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco vs Krita: which one should you consider?

Both Adobe Fresco and Krita are powerful choices for digital art software, and they each have their advantages and disadvantages. The intuitive interface, photorealistic brushes, and seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud make Adobe Fresco a standout. Krita’s versatile toolkit, user-friendly interface, and open-source status are all points in its favour. In the end, your personal artistic preferences, workflow needs, and budget will determine which option is best for you.


Is Adobe Fresco good for art?

Adobe Fresco is an outstanding drawing program that provides a wide range of tools and brushes to let you express your creativity freely.

Is Adobe Fresco good for sketching?

With just a few taps, Fresco can help your artistic drawings and cartoons come to life. In this piece, I’ll explain why Adobe Fresco is such a fantastic mobile app for photographers and creatives, as well as whom it’s most suited to serve.

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