Amazon Kindle vs Fire Tablet 2024: review, specs and features

Both Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets are made by Amazon and work well with the Amazon ecosystem. However, there are some pretty big differences between the two. Kindles are e-readers made for reading ebooks, while Fire tablets are more versatile devices that can browse the web, run apps, play videos, and, yes, show ebooks. But that’s just the beginning of the story.

Fire tablets are not the same as Kindles, which can be confusing for people who remember when the line of Fire tablets was first called Kindle Fire. The Kindle and the Fire are both tablets, but the Kindle is an e-reader and the Fire is a general-use tablet. So, you can use the Kindle app on a Fire tablet to read books, but you can’t use a Kindle to watch movies, play games, send emails, or video chat.

Even though the names of the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Fire tablet lines are similar, they are two completely different things. If you want to buy either one from Amazon, you’ll need to know the difference. Both of these groups of devices are cheaper than the ones they compete with, and fans of cheap tech like them. But even if it’s cheap, if you buy an ereader thinking it’s a tablet or the other way around, you’re likely to be disappointed.

Amazon Kindle vs Fire Tablet Pricing

There are four main types of Kindle e-readers, as well as two that are made for kids. The basic Kindle with ads costs $89.99, while the high-end 64GB Kindle Scribe costs $299.99. If you choose an ad-supported version of many Kindle e-readers, you can save $20. This means that you’ll see ads for Kindle Unlimited and recommended books on your lock and home screens.

If you’re not sure which of these models is right for you, check out our comparison of Kindle models for all the details. In the same way, the Amazon Fire tablet comes in five main models. These are the Fire 7, Fire HD 8, Fire HD 8 Plus, Fire HD 10, and Fire HD 10 Plus. There are two versions of each of the first three models that are made for kids (Fire Kids and Fire Kids Pro), so there are a total of ten different versions of the tablet.

Amazon Kindle vs Fire Tablet: Comparison Table

FeatureAmazon KindleFire Tablet
PriceStarts at $89.99 for Kindle PaperwhiteStarts at $49.99 for Fire 7
ScreenHigh-resolution e-ink display for reading booksColor LCD display for watching videos, browsing the web, and reading
Battery LifeUp to several weeks of reading time on a single chargeUp to 12 hours of mixed use on a single charge
StorageVaries by device, but can store thousands of booksVaries by device, but can store apps, games, and media with expandable storage
ConnectivityWi-Fi and optional cellular data for downloading booksWi-Fi and optional cellular data for browsing the web and accessing apps
CameraNoneFront and rear-facing cameras for taking photos and video calls
AppsLimited selection of apps, focused on reading and productivityLarge selection of apps and games available through the Amazon Appstore
Screen SizeVaries by device, but typically 6-10 inchesVaries by device, but typically 7-10 inches
WeightLightweight and easy to hold for extended reading sessionsHeavier than Kindle, but still relatively portable
AudioSome models have built-in speakers for audiobooksBuilt-in speakers and headphone jack for music and videos
Official linkAmazon KindleFire Tablet

Amazon Kindle vs Fire Tablet Design and display

Amazon Kindle vs Fire Tablet

The screens on the Amazon Kindle and Fire tablets are the main difference between the two. Since Kindles are ereaders, they have E Ink screens. This technology is similar to how books look because it uses electric signals to make ink appear where it needs to in order to make words or pictures. Since E Ink screens are monochromatic, they only show black and white, not colors.

So, ereaders are made for reading books and documents. For example, you can’t use a Kindle to play games or watch movies, but it’s great for reading a book in the sun. LCD screens are used in Amazon Fire tablets. This is the same technology that is used in many TVs, computer monitors, and smartphones. Because of this, the screens on Fire Tabs are much better for watching TV or playing games.

The way the Amazon Kindle and Amazon Fire tablets are made is very similar. Most of the time, they are made of plastic, which is strong enough to stand up to bumps and drops. They don’t look as good as “premium” devices in their markets, but that won’t matter to everyone. At the time this article was written, all Amazon Kindle devices had micro USB ports.

This type of cable used to be the standard for many devices. But many new devices now use USB-C, which charges faster, and recent Fire tablets have this newer type of input. USB-C ports are perfectly elliptical, while micro USB ports are wider on one side than the other. Most Fire tablets have 3.5mm headphone jacks, which are the round holes where you plug in headphones. Kindles, on the other hand, don’t have these jacks because they don’t have music apps.

Amazon Kindle vs Fire Tablet Apps

Apps are another area where the Fire tablet line beats the Kindle e-readers. There are thousands of Android apps that can be used on Amazon Fire tablets. Every Fire tablet has the power to run any Android app, so you can use Facebook and Twitter, watch videos on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or play Minecraft.

The Kindle e-readers, on the other hand, don’t have any extra apps. Even though they come with a dictionary, you can’t run any social or media apps on them. Some people like that e-readers don’t have any apps that might take their attention away from what they’re reading.

Amazon Kindle vs Fire Tablet Software

The software is another big difference between Kindles and Amazon Fire tablets. Amazon made its own version of Android to run on Fire tablets. Fire Tablets can’t get to the Google Play Store, so they use the Amazon app store, which has thousands of Android apps. Still, you can install the regular Android app store yourself by sideloading the Google Play Store APK.

Every model of the Fire tablet has the Alexa app built in, but only the Fire HD 8, Fire HD 8 Plus, and Fire HD 10 have the “show mode” feature. On the other hand, Kindles run on special Kindle firmware and don’t have any apps other than the ability to read Kindle books and listen to Audible audiobooks. The Kindle Scribe is an exception to this rule. It lets you take notes and supports different document formats, so you can create and edit documents on the device.

This means that while most Kindle devices are mostly used for reading, the Amazon Fire tablet can be used to access tens of thousands of other apps that can stream video, make video calls, and do anything else you’d expect from a full-fledged Android tablet.

Amazon Kindle vs Fire Tablet Lighting

Amazon Kindle vs Fire Tablet

The Kindle Fires are backlit, like all other tablets. This means that the screen is made by shining lights from behind the screen toward your eyes. The colors are much clearer, and you can easily use the device at night. When watching videos, these kinds of screens are better, but when reading books, the direct lights can make your eyes dry out and strain.

There is something called “front-lighting” on all three of Amazon’s Kindles right now. In this case, the LEDs are placed around the edge of the screen, in front of the display itself. Since the lights aren’t shining directly into your eyes, this kind of lighting is much kinder and lets you read for longer without putting strain on your eyes. The brightness of these lights can also be changed, so you can make them as bright as you like.

Amazon Kindle: Pros and Cons


  • You can buy or download a large number of books, magazines, and newspapers.
  • Easy to carry and not too heavy
  • Lasts a long time
  • Font size and typeface can be changed.


  • E-books can cost a lot.
  • Only a few file formats can be opened.
  • Not as useful as a laptop or tablet
  • Some readers might not like that there are no real pages.

Fire Tablet: Pros and Cons


  • Lasts a long time
  • Easy to carry and not too heavy


  • Not as versatile as a laptop or desktop

Which one should you consider?

You can read books on a Fire tablet, as we’ve already said, but many people prefer to do so on a Kindle because its screen looks more like paper and can be easier on the eyes. Also, it works for a much longer time on its battery. If you want a tablet that can do more than just read, you should look at the Amazon Fire line. These tablets let you stream movies, make video calls, and play games.

If you want a productive tablet that lets you annotate documents, edit photos, and do more than one thing at once, you shouldn’t get a Kindle or Fire tablet slate. Instead, look at a Samsung Galaxy tablet or an iPad.


Are Kindles better for your eyes?

E-readers like the Amazon Kindle use e-ink, which is a type of paper display technology that looks like ink on a page. This is much easier on the eyes than reading from an LCD screen because it doesn’t slow down the rate at which we blink.

Is Amazon Fire tablet same as Android?

Fire OS is the software that Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire tablets use to work. Fire OS is a modified version of Android, so if your app works on Android, it will probably also work on Amazon’s Fire devices.

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