Apple MacBook Pro M3 Pro vs MacBook Pro M2 Pro: choose one

Powerhouses Duel in the Apple Arena! Can the M3 Pro's Raw Muscle Unseat the M2 Pro's Value Throne?

Apple’s latest MacBook Pro iterations lock horns in a thrilling battle of silicon supremacy. The M3 Pro boasts raw muscle, flexing its 20% faster CPUs and 30% swifter GPUs, ideal for creatives and power users who conquer demanding tasks like video editing and 3D rendering. But the M2 Pro isn’t a slouch, offering robust performance and longer battery life at a friendlier price.

So, riddle me this: are you a speed demon craving the ultimate powerhouse, or a value-seeker content with a beast that roars for everyday tasks? Dive into this head-to-head clash as we unveil the hidden secrets of each MacBook Pro, helping you crown the champion that reigns supreme over your digital domain. Buckle up, tech enthusiasts, because this is where the future of portable computing takes center stage!

Apple MacBook Pro M3 Pro vs MacBook Pro M2 Pro: Pricing

The base M3 Pro MacBook Pro costs $1,999 (£2,099) and comes with a 512GB SSD, 18GB of unified memory, and an M3 Pro processor. It costs an extra $200 to upgrade the CPU and GPU parts, and it costs $400 to double the RAM to 36GB. It costs an extra $200 to add 1TB of storage.

It starts at $2,499 for the 16-inch model with a 19-core GPU. You can get either a metal or a space grey model. The MagSafe cables are the same colour as the laptop. Instead of paying almost $4,000 on 4TB of storage, you might want to reconfigure for better specs.

Apple MacBook Pro M3 Pro vs MacBook Pro M2 Pro Comparison Table

Both models share the same 1080p FaceTime HD webcam. However, the M3 Pro boasts a next-generation image signal processor (ISP) which may improve low-light performance and noise reduction in video calls and photos.

FeatureMacBook Pro M3 ProMacBook Pro M2 Pro
ChipM3 ProM2 Pro
CPU PerformanceUp to 20% fasterUp to 15% faster than M1 Pro
GPU PerformanceUp to 30% fasterUp to 20% faster than M1 Pro
Neural Engine32-core, 4th generation16-core, 2nd generation
DisplayLiquid Retina XDR (mini-LED)Liquid Retina XDR (mini-LED)
StorageUp to 8TB SSDUp to 8TB SSD
Check PriceCheck Price

Apple MacBook Pro M3 Pro vs MacBook Pro M2 Pro: Design

Forget a major makeover, the M3 Pro MacBook Pro clings to its sleek, familiar aluminum shell. No dramatic keyboard shifts, no surprising port rearrangements – it’s classic Pro, evolved. The mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR display still casts its dazzling spell, delivering stunning contrast and vibrant colors.

The signature Touch Bar remains, a divisive friend or foe depending on your workflow. So, while the design whispers familiarity, the subtle refinements subtle being the operative word – keep the Pro experience polished and refined. For some, it’s reassuring consistency; for others, a whisper of missed redesign potential.

Apple MacBook Pro M3 Pro vs MacBook Pro M2 Pro: Display

Both M3 Pro and M2 Pro MacBook Pros boast the stunning Liquid Retina XDR display, a feast for your eyes. Mini-LED technology paints vibrant, true-to-life colors across every inch, with dazzling highlights and inky blacks that pop. Whether you’re editing intricate photos, composing intricate music, or diving into immersive movies, every pixel shines with breathtaking detail and contrast.

HDR content explodes with life, from sun-drenched landscapes to fiery explosions, leaving you truly engaged in the scene. But even everyday tasks take on a new luster – spreadsheets gleam, text feels crisper, and even browsing your favorite cat videos becomes a visual treat. No matter your needs, both displays offer an unparalleled viewing experience, ready to illuminate your creative journey.

Apple MacBook Pro M3 Pro vs MacBook Pro M2 Pro: Processor

When choosing an M3 Pro MacBook Pro, prepare for a processing punch upgrade. Its M3 chip boasts a 20% CPU and 30% GPU leap over the M2 Pro, making short work of demanding tasks like rendering or heavy video editing. Imagine rendering complex 3D scenes in lightning speed or exporting polished videos in a blink. This power comes at a cost, though – a higher price tag and slightly shorter battery life.

Meanwhile, the M2 Pro remains a potent choice for everyday users. Its 15% CPU and 20% GPU boost over the M1 Pro ensure smooth multitasking and creative workflows. While the M3 Pro shines in raw power, the M2 Pro offers strong performance at a more wallet-friendly price. Weigh your needs and budget. For the ultimate creative powerhouse, the M3 Pro beckons. But for most, the M2 Pro may be the sweet spot for balancing performance and value.

Apple MacBook Pro M3 Pro vs MacBook Pro M2 Pro: Cameras

When it comes to cameras, the battle between the M3 Pro and M2 Pro MacBook Pro is surprisingly subtle. Both boast the same 1080p FaceTime HD webcam, delivering crisp video calls and decent selfies. However, the M3 Pro adds a slight edge with its next-generation image signal processor (ISP).

This translates to potentially improved low-light performance and noise reduction for crisper video and photos, especially in dimly lit environments. While not a revolution, it might be a deciding factor for users who rely heavily on their laptop’s webcam for work or video chats. Remember, the picture quality also depends on lighting conditions and internet bandwidth, so the improvements may be subtle in ideal settings.

Apple MacBook Pro M3 Pro vs MacBook Pro M2 Pro: Battery

While both MacBook Pro models boast impressive battery life, the M3 Pro takes the crown with up to 22 hours of video playback compared to the M2 Pro’s 20 hours. This translates to an extra evening of browsing, editing, or streaming before needing to plug in. However, real-world usage may vary depending on workload and display brightness. Still, the M3 Pro offers peace of mind knowing you can power through a demanding day without battery anxiety.

Apple MacBook Pro M3 Pro: Pros

  • Impressive M3 Pro power
  • Dramatically better graphics
  • Impressive battery life
  • Still the best speakers in a laptop

Apple MacBook Pro M3 Pro: Cons

  • Expensive
  • Configuration prices are steep

MacBook Pro M2 Pro: Pros

  • Fast with solid battery life
  • Good, bright screen
  • Wi-Fi 6E and HDMI 2.1 support

MacBook Pro M2 Pro: Cons

  • Heavy
  • That notch

Apple MacBook Pro M3 Pro vs MacBook Pro M2 Pro: which one should you buy?

Torn between the M3 Pro and M2 Pro MacBook Pro? The M3 Pro reigns supreme for raw power, boasting 20% faster CPUs and 30% swifter GPUs, ideal for demanding tasks like video editing or 3D rendering. But its steeper price tag and slight battery sacrifice might sting. If budget and everyday tasks like browsing and emailing hold sway, the M2 Pro delivers value with robust performance and longer battery life. Ultimately, weigh your power needs and budget: crave blistering speed and have the cash? M3 Pro’s your beast. Otherwise, the M2 Pro roars just fine for most users.


Which MacBook Pro is faster?

A: The M3 Pro offers generally faster performance compared to the M2 Pro, with improvements of up to 20% in CPU tasks and 30% in GPU tasks.

Q: Which one has better battery life?

A: While both computers boast impressive battery life, the M2 Pro slightly edges out the M3 Pro, offering up to 20 hours of video playback versus the M3 Pro’s 22 hours.

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