Avast Secure Browser vs Tor Browser: everything you should know

Choosing the right web browser can have a big effect on your internet privacy and security. Avast Secure Browser and Tor Browser are two choices for people who want to browse the internet more privately and safely. In this detailed comparison, we’ll look at the features, speed, security, privacy, and overall user experience of Avast Secure Browser and Tor Browser to help you decide which browser is best for you.

Avast Secure Browser is a private browser that makes it easy for users to control their security and privacy settings. This makes sure that browsing is smooth and safe. Tor Browser is an online private browser that helps companies and people stop people they don’t want watching what they do on the internet. The system lets teams protect their identity and privacy online by sending their traffic through three different servers before sending it to the target.

Avast Secure Browser vs Tor Browser Comparison Table

Remember that both browsers are used for different things. Tor Browser focuses on privacy and getting around censorship through the Tor network, while Avast Secure Browser focuses on making browsing safe and private with extra security features. Which one you choose relies on your needs and what’s most important to you.

FeaturesAvast Secure BrowserTor Browser
Privacy FocusStrong emphasis on privacy and security.Built for anonymity and privacy, focusing on user anonymity and bypassing censorship.
Built-in Security FeaturesOffers features like anti-tracking, anti-fingerprinting, and HTTPS encryption.Does not provide additional security features beyond the anonymity provided by the Tor network.
Browser EngineChromium-based, utilizing Blink rendering engine.Based on Mozilla Firefox, utilizing Gecko engine.
User InterfaceModern and user-friendly interface.Similar to Firefox, offers a familiar browsing experience.
Extensions SupportSupports Chrome extensions through the Chrome Web Store.Limited extension support, as some extensions can compromise anonymity.
Default Search EngineUses Bing as the default search engine.Uses DuckDuckGo, known for privacy-focused search.
VPN IntegrationOffers a built-in VPN feature for additional privacy.Relies on the Tor network for routing traffic, providing inherent anonymity.
Speed and PerformanceGenerally fast and responsive due to Chromium base.Slower due to the multi-layer routing process through the Tor network.
Censorship BypassLimited ability to bypass certain censorship measures.Effectively bypasses most forms of online censorship.
Usage RecommendationSuitable for users seeking a balance between privacy and performance.Ideal for users who prioritize anonymity and overcoming online restrictions.

Key Features

Both Avast Secure Browser and Tor Browser have different features for people who care about their privacy. Avast focuses on advanced security tools like built-in VPN and anti-tracking features, which are perfect for most people’s privacy needs. Tor, on the other hand, focuses on privacy by routing traffic through the Tor network. This makes it good for people who need more privacy, like journalists or activists.

Avast Secure Browser

The security company Avast made the Avast Secure Browser with the goal of making surfing safe and private. Here are some of the things that make it stand out:

  • Built-in security features: Avast Secure Browser comes with a number of security tools, such as anti-phishing and anti-tracking tools, as well as HTTPS encryption, which makes sure your contacts are safe.
  • Anti-Fingerprinting: The Anti-Fingerprinting feature of your browser makes it harder for websites to track you based on your device and browser settings. This helps you leave less of a digital trace.
  • Bank Mode: This feature separates your browsing session from the rest of your computer, giving you an extra layer of security when doing private things like shopping or banking online.
  • Password Manager: The Avast Secure Browser has a password manager built in to help you store and handle your login information safely.
  • Extensions and add-ons: Avast Secure Browser works with a wide range of extensions, but the ones it chooses are all focused on improving security and privacy.

Tor Browser

The Tor Browser is one of a kind in how it protects your privacy and keeps you anonymous. It sends your Internet data through a network of volunteer-run servers to hide your location and what you do online from people who are spying on the network. Here are a few of its most important parts:

  • Onion Routing: The Tor Browser uses a method called “onion routing,” which sends your Internet data through several volunteer-run servers (called “nodes”) before it gets to its final destination. This makes it very hard to figure out who you are based on what you do online.
  • Strong Anonymity: The browser keeps you anonymous by sending your data through the Tor network. This keeps websites from knowing your IP address or where you are.
  • NoScript Integration: Tor Browser comes with a tool called NoScript, which stops scripts and plugins by default. This makes you safer against possible security flaws.
  • Security Updates: The Tor Project is very careful about putting out security updates, which keeps the browser safe from new threats.

Performance and User Experience

Chromium, an open-source project that also runs Google Chrome, is the foundation of Avast Secure Browser. So, it takes advantage of Chrome’s fast and responsive way of viewing. The design is simple and easy to use, making it easy for people who have used other Chromium-based browsers to switch.

The Tor Browser tends to be slower than standard browsers like Avast Secure Browser because of how complicated it is to route through the Tor network. It might feel slow to browse, and some services might not work as well. But this is the trade-off that users have to make in order to get more privacy and secrecy from the Tor network.

Avast Secure Browser vs Tor Browser: Privacy and Security

Privacy and safety are very important to Avast Secure Browser. Its built-in features, such as anti-phishing, anti-tracking, and HTTPS encryption, help protect users from different online dangers. The Anti-Fingerprinting tool is especially important because it can make it much harder for websites to learn about you.

The Tor Browser is a name that stands for privacy and safety. It does a great job of keeping prying eyes away from the user’s identity and online actions. Your internet traffic is encrypted and rerouted through various nodes, which makes it very hard for anyone to follow your steps online.

Compatibility and Extensions

Avast Secure Browser vs Tor Browser

The ways that Avast Secure Browser and Tor Browser handle compatibility and addons are different, so they can meet the needs of different users. Avast Secure Browser is made to be easy for users to use. It supports a wide range of popular add-ons that make the browser more useful and fun to use. The Chrome Web Store has a lot of apps that users can add to their browsers to make them better fit their needs.

On the other hand, Tor Browser is more careful because it cares more about privacy and staying anonymous. Even though it does support some extensions, the list is small and carefully chosen to make sure it works well with Tor’s security measures. This is in line with Tor Browser’s goal of keeping user anonymity and avoiding security holes that could make the privacy-enhancing features less effective.

Advanced Settings and Configuration

Avast Secure Browser has a lot of detailed settings and configurations that let users fine-tune their browsing experience to fit their privacy and security needs. In the browser’s settings, users can change things like privacy, security, and how the browser looks. One feature that stands out is the ability to control third-party cookies, trackers, and ads. This gives users the power to improve their online privacy by limiting the collection of unwanted data. Users can also turn on the “anti-fingerprinting” option, which makes it harder for websites to figure out how each user’s browser is set up.

Avast Secure Browser also has a strong password manager and gives you the option to set up two-factor authentication to protect your account even more. Users can change the way they browse by choosing their own themes, backgrounds, and new page layouts. The browser also has a VPN built in for safe browsing on public Wi-Fi networks.

The Tor Browser takes a different approach to advanced settings and setup. Its main goal is to keep users’ privacy and anonymity safe. The security slider is the most important part of Tor’s advanced settings. It lets users change their browsing mode between normal and safer levels. This slider controls how much scripts and media can be used on a website. This strikes a balance between security and usefulness. The “Safest” mode turns off things that could be dangerous.

The NoScript integration in Tor Browser gives advanced users power over how JavaScript runs on different websites. This feature not only improves security by blocking harmful scripts, but it also lets users change how interactive each site they visit is. Also, advanced users can directly set up Tor bridges to get around censorship or to allow access to the Tor network in places where it isn’t allowed.

Avast Secure Browser vs Tor Browser: Updates and Development

Avast Secure Browser’s aggressive updates and development stand out. The browser’s development team constantly provides updates with security, performance, and bug fixes. The browser’s ability to combat new online threats and provide a secure surfing experience depends on these upgrades. Avast’s quick response to new vulnerabilities and cyber dangers shows its dedication to staying ahead. User feedback is often included into the browser’s development roadmap to keep it user-centric and current with the digital realm. Avast’s commitment to updates and development reinforces its role as a flexible browser for security-conscious users.

The Tor Project’s Tor Browser is known for its privacy and constant development. The Tor Project regularly publishes security upgrades and privacy and tracking protection technologies. The browser’s development roadmap supports its goal of uncensored and private internet access. Regular upgrades to the browser’s key technologies, such as the Tor network and privacy-focused add-ons, demonstrate the project’s dedication to reliable and safe browsing. The Tor Project’s open-source nature encourages global community cooperation, resulting in a browser with various expertise and opinions. Users can trust the Tor Browser to preserve their privacy and respond to digital problems due to its constant updates and development.

Avast Secure Browser: Pros and Cons


  • Anti-tracking and anti-fingerprinting tools are already built in.
  • Better protection and faster browsing.
  • Safe VPN integration and a password organizer.
  • The settings can be changed and the layout is easy to use.


  • Limited network anonymity compared to Tor Browser.
  • Some advanced security features may require a subscription.

Tor Browser: Pros and Cons


  • There is a high amount of privacy and anonymity.
  • IP address is hidden by sending data through the Tor network.
  • Open source and growth by the community.


  • May encounter compatibility issues with some websites.
  • Not as user-friendly for non-technical users.

Avast Secure Browser vs Tor Browser: Which one should you consider?

The choice between Avast Secure Browser and Tor Browser comes down to what’s most important to you. The Tor Browser is a great choice if you care most about privacy and anonymity and are ready to give up some speed. People who need the most privacy like it, like writers, activists, and people who live in places where internet access is limited.

On the other hand, Avast Secure Browser is the way to go if you want a faster and smoother browsing experience while still having a good amount of privacy and security. Its built-in security features, easy-to-use design, and ability to work with a wide range of websites make it a good choice for regular users who want to protect their privacy without losing too much speed. In the end, both browsers meet different needs and tastes, so choose the one that fits with how you use the Internet and what you value most.


Why is the Tor browser considered to be the most secure browser?

Tor is the most famous privacy browser, endorsed by Edward Snowden. Its built-in secret relay servers, pre-configured security mechanisms, and USB flash drive operation prevent unauthorized surveillance.

Does Avast work against hackers?

An antivirus app like Avast One will automatically protect your phone from hackers. Avast One continually analyzes your device and blocks harmful apps before installation. It also blocks malware-infected websites and other internet risks.

Do I need a VPN if I use Tor Browser?

Your ISP can observe your Tor connection despite your encrypted traffic. Additionally, your initial Tor node might see your genuine IP address. A VPN isn’t necessary for Tor, although it helps. Your entire traffic is encrypted and hidden from the ISP.

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