Google Drive vs SharePoint: which one is better for your business?

Microsoft SharePoint is a way to store and organise documents. It lets you put all of your business’s documents and resources in one place so that employees can access them from the cloud. SharePoint is in the same family as knowledge bases, but it is not a knowledge base. SharePoint is more of a document library or document repository because it takes more apps and integrations to make documents. This means that it puts all the knowledge in one place and makes it easy for people in your company to share files.

SharePoint’s main goal is to be a web-based platform for collaboration that lets you share files with your coworkers. It works with Microsoft Office to let you create documents and work on them with other people in the cloud. SharePoint is part of the Microsoft 365 for business suite, which has more than 12 applications for your office. Companies rarely buy SharePoint by itself. Most of the time, they buy the whole set of applications.

Google Drive is a place to store files and work together on them. The cloud-based app lets coworkers share files and upload them. With the right applications, teams can write and edit documents. Google Drive’s main goal is to put information in one place and make it available to teams so they can work together in real time. Google Drive is a document library or document repository, just like SharePoint. It is a system for managing knowledge that lets people make, store, and share documents.

But it doesn’t have some of the more advanced features of a knowledge base, such as workflows that you can interact with. Google has plans for businesses, just like SharePoint has its Microsoft 365 suite, that are made just for them. Google Workspace is a set of 12 different web-based programmes that can be used to do office work. That means Google Drive as well.

Google drive vs SharePoint Price

SharePoint is usually more expensive than Google Drive for a single user. The cheapest plan starts at $6 per user per month, while the most expensive plan costs $10 per user per month. Businesses that already have a subscription to Microsoft can use SharePoint for free. An individual Google Drive account gives you 15 GB of free storage space. For $6 per user per month, business teams that need more space can buy a workspace plan.

The price does go up, though, as more storage and features are added. Some questions that could help you decide which solution is best for you are: how many users do you have, is this a long-term solution for storing documents, do you want each user to have their own workspace or do you want them to use your organization’s general subscription? Keep in mind that SharePoint, which is a broader knowledge management solution, can have other features, and that it may be a better value if your organization would benefit from being able to work together on more types of content.

Google drive vs SharePoint: Comparison Table

FeatureGoogle DriveSharePoint
PurposeCloud-based storage and file-sharing platformCollaborative content management system
PricingFree up to 15GB, paid options for more storagePart of Microsoft 365 subscription or sold separately
IntegrationIntegrates well with other Google servicesIntegrates well with other Microsoft services
File TypesSupports a wide range of file typesSupports a wide range of file types
CollaborationReal-time collaboration and commentingReal-time collaboration and commenting
Access ControlCustomizable access permissions and sharingCustomizable access permissions and sharing
Version ControlSupports version control for documentsSupports version control for documents
Mobile SupportAvailable on both Android and iOS devicesAvailable on both Android and iOS devices
SecurityStrong security measures in placeStrong security measures in place
Search FunctionPowerful search function for locating filesPowerful search function for locating files
CustomizationLimited customization optionsOffers customization options for branding and workflows
SupportOffers 24/7 customer supportOffers 24/7 customer support
Official linkVisit websiteVisit website

Google drive vs SharePoint Ease of use

Google drive vs SharePoint

Google Drive is known for being easy to use and having a simple interface. SharePoint, on the other hand, can be a bit more complicated, especially for people who haven’t used Microsoft products before. Still, it’s important to note that they have a lot of mobile features, like apps for iOS and Android phones that make remote access and collaboration easy.

Google drive vs SharePoint Integration

Teams and organisations can use other apps within or outside of their own ecosystems with both Google Drive and Microsoft SharePoint. These app integrations can make it much easier to work together and get things done. Google Drive lets your team use Google apps like Docs, Forms, Calendars, Gmail, etc. These apps are great for meetings and editing documents together. But Google Drive is only good for simple document management and can only be used online after files have been uploaded to it.

In addition to storing and managing documents, SharePoint also has a number of powerful apps. It works well with other Microsoft Office 365 programmes like OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and so on. From SharePoint Online, it’s easy to get to all the app data. And your team can make workflows, keep track of tasks, work together on shared files, and so on.

Google drive vs SharePoint Security

When it comes to security, SharePoint does a lot to make sure that its users are as safe as possible. SharePoint is usually not tied to individual user accounts, so organizations are usually safer from threats from the outside. SharePoint also has some advanced security features because it is backed up to the cloud, and Microsoft has a lot of technology that only lets users with permissions access files and work together on them. In SharePoint, security levels are made to make sure that only users with the right credentials can read, write, or change certain documents.

Google Drive also puts security first, but it does it in a different way. Information in Google Drive is always stored in their cloud data centres, both while it is being sent and while it is sitting there. This means that when a user wants to edit a document in Google Drive, it is mostly stored in the cloud for safety, but it is also uploaded to your device for now. To get to this information in the first place, you would have had to be the original user or someone who has been given access to the document. Because Advanced Encryption Standard and Transport Layer Security protect Google Drive, no one else can get to this information.

But because Google Drive’s security is tied to each user, it can be hard to keep things safe in some situations. For example, when an employee leaves the company, IT staff may not be able to access sensitive information stored in their own Google Drive.

Google drive vs SharePoint File Sharing

Google drive vs SharePoint

Google Drive makes it easy to share files by letting you share direct links to Google Drive files and folders. And the admin accounts can change what their team members can see, change, or comment on.

On the other hand, SharePoint also lets you share files with different permissions through direct links. But SharePoint may be safer because you can set expiration dates and passwords for sharing. Also, sharing SharePoint Online files through Outlook is a more convenient way to do it.

Google drive: Pros and Cons


  • Access permissions and sharing that can be changed
  • Put in place strong security measures
  • The search function is very good for finding files.


  • Few ways to change things
  • Large files can be slow to send and receive.
  • To use, you need a Google account.

SharePoint: Pros and Cons


  • Collaborative content management system
  • Integration with other Microsoft services is good.
  • Access permissions and sharing that can be changed


  • Needs a subscription to Microsoft 365 or can be bought separately.
  • Some features have few ways to change them.
  • Can be hard to set up and get working at first.

Which one should you consider?

In the end, your organization’s size, security needs, ability to make changes, and ability to work with other tools and services will determine whether you should use SharePoint or Google Drive.

Google Drive could be your best option if you want a cheap, easy-to-use platform with powerful mobile features. But if your business needs great tools for working together and strong security, SharePoint might be a good choice.

Think about cost, ease of use, mobile support, security, and customer service when deciding which platform is best for your business. Finding the right balance is key to the success of your business.


Is Google Drive better than SharePoint?

They are both the best value in their own ways. Microsoft’s basic business plan has more storage space, but Google Drive’s mid-tier and top-tier business plans have more storage space and are a little cheaper.

What is Google’s equivalent of SharePoint?

Google Sheets, Google Slides, or Google Docs. Change the file and work together on it. Changes are made to the original Office file and then saved.

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