Google Photos vs Microsoft Photos: which app is best for you?

In 2021, the default gallery apps on smartphones and computers don’t just show the most recent pictures and videos. Services like Google Photos and Apple Photos let you find people in photos and videos, change them, share them on social media, and more. Microsoft Photos is another photo app that is getting updates in the background. If you’re not sure what the difference is between Google Photos and Microsoft Photos on Windows 10, you can read our review of the two to find out.

we spent a lot of time learning about what each program can do when it comes to making backups and saving files in the cloud. Both programs have good and bad points, so read the whole piece to find out what they are.

People who use Microsoft Photos have a modern workspace and good choices for organizing their photos. The program also has settings for basic picture editing and an advanced video editor. Google Photos is a program that works on multiple platforms and has great ways to share, flexible payment plans, top-notch security, and data encryption.

Google photos vs Microsoft photos Price

Since Microsoft Photos is tied to OneDrive and uses its storage, it only comes with 5GB of cloud storage by default. If that is not enough, you can choose the 100GB offline plan for $1.99/mo or the 1TB offline plan for $6.99/mo. A 6-person Microsoft 365 Family plan with 6TB of cloud storage (1TB per person) can be useful for both large businesses and families.

Google Photos gives you a huge 15GB of free room to store photos, videos, emails, and other things. There are three plans that cost money. There is a $1.99/month plan that gives you 100GB of cloud storage. You can also pay $2.99/month for 200GB or $10 for 2TB. So, Google pictures can also be a safe place to store pictures in the cloud.

Google photos vs Microsoft photos: Comparison Table

FeaturesGoogle PhotosMicrosoft Photos
StorageUnlimited storage for high-quality photos and videosLimited storage for original quality photos and videos
PriceFreeFree (pre-installed on Windows devices)
Operating system supportAvailable on both Android and iOS devices, and webAvailable on Windows devices only
OrganizationEasy organization and search featuresEasy organization and search features
EditingAbility to edit and enhance photosAbility to edit and enhance photos
Backup and synchronizationAutomatic backup and synchronization across devicesIntegration with OneDrive for cloud storage and backup
CollaborationCollaborative sharing with othersNo option for collaborative sharing
Additional featuresAI-powered features such as automatic creations and GIFsAbility to create slideshows and videos with music and effects
Official linkVisit WebsiteVisit Website

Google photos vs Microsoft photos User Interface

Google photos vs Microsoft photos

There’s no question. The Photos app from Microsoft has a great user interface. It looks modern and beautiful, and it has the same smooth, native style as the rest of Windows. The images are also perfect. And everything is made to work with both a mouse and a touch screen.

Google Photos for the web is just a bigger version of the Google Photos apps for phones and tablets. There are no big changes to take advantage of a big screen, other than a few computer shortcuts.

Google photos vs Microsoft photos Editing

The way photos are edited in Microsoft Photos is typical. The only thing that makes it different from Instagram is that you can directly change the brightness, contrast, saturation, crop tools, and filters.

Google Photos makes the process easier than Microsoft Photos and third-party alternatives to Google Photos. It does this by giving users automatic tools in the form of filters. So, you can change your shot right away to black and white, color, grainy, and more.

Google’s policy is to make photo editors as easy as possible. Because of this, you don’t have full control over even the most basic features, which you can do in Microsoft Photos. Some people don’t feel any problems, though, because the speed of processing is so fast.

Google photos vs Microsoft photos Cross-Platform Support

In this way, Microsoft Photos is not a good choice because it is not made for mobile devices or Mac computers. The problem is that the service runs straight through OneDrive, which is currently only available for Windows 8 and 10.

Google Photos, on the other hand, works on both iOS and Android devices, so you can view your gallery online from any browser or on the go with an app for iOS or Android.

Google photos vs Microsoft photos Video Editing

Google photos vs Microsoft photos

We were shocked by this part. We used basic film editing to test both services. But, man! This is not a joke from Microsoft Photos. The Windows 10 gallery app has a powerful movie editor built right in. Using a familiar user interface, you can trim movies, add music, play with different animations, add text, music, and more.

It has more than enough power to meet the wants of the average consumer. With the editing tool and music add-on, the Google Photos video editor on the web is just okay. This one goes to Microsoft Photos.

Google photos: Pros and Cons


  • Simple ways to organize and find things
  • Automatic device backup and syncing
  • Sharing with others in a group


  • There isn’t much space for photos and movies in their original quality
  • Photos can only be seen if you have an internet link.
  • Photos can’t be put into folders or galleries without being duplicated.

Microsoft photos: Pros and Cons


  • It’s free and comes with Windows computers.
  • Integration of cloud storage and backup with OneDrive


  • Only on Windows devices
  • No way to share with others at the same time

Which one should you consider?

The race between Google Photos and Microsoft Photos is clear. All that matters is the environment and how people work together. Microsoft Photos has a Windows 10 app, a good video maker, and works perfectly with OneDrive. Google Photos comes back with better ways to share on social media and mobile apps that are built in.


What’s the difference between Google Photos and OneDrive?

Since Google Photos is a branch of Google Drive, it mostly supports pictures and videos. OneDrive, on the other hand, will support a much wider range of file types.

What is the disadvantage of Google Photos?

At first, they gave these services an unlimited amount of saving space. But now they have limited how much you can store in your account. It’s a mess to sync the phone’s gallery with the cloud. Even if you delete a photo or video from the Gallery app on your phone, it will still be in Google Photos.

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