Google Podcasts vs Pocket Casts: which one is a better platform?

Google finally released an official podcast app on June 19, after many years of waiting. Android has needed a first-party way to download and listen to podcasts for a long time. Now that it has one, and we have had a chance to really look into it, it’s time to see if it was worth the wait. Before Google Podcasts came out, Pocket Casts from Shifty Jelly was thought to be the best podcast app for Android.

Does this change now that Google’s app is out, or does Pocket Casts still rule as the best place to get podcasts on Android If you like how Google’s first-party apps look with their new design language, you’ll feel right at home with Google Podcasts. There is a lot of white space and the colorful Google logo at the top. The font is Product Sans. The user interface is also very easy to understand, with search and menu buttons at the top and a playback bar at the bottom.

As nice as the Google Podcasts Android app looks, its direct integration with the Google Assistant is where it really shines. Whether you’re on your phone or talking to Google Home, you can ask the Assistant to play a podcast. It will automatically play the latest episode of the show you ask for or pick up where you left off. When you are done listening, you can go back to the Google Podcasts app on your Google Home and pick up where you left off.

Google Podcasts vs Pocket Casts Price

Google has a big advantage when it comes to the price. You don’t have to pay anything to download Google Podcasts, but it will cost you $3.99 to get Pocket Casts on your phone. Also, if you want to use Pocket Casts on your computer, you’ll have to pay another $9 to use its web client.

Google Podcasts vs Pocket Casts: Comparison Table

CategoryGoogle PodcastsPocket Casts
User InterfaceSimple and cleanCustomizable and clean
Podcast DiscoveryBasicAdvanced
Playback FeaturesBasicAdvanced
PriceFreeFree with limited features and ads, paid version available
Official linkVisit WebsiteVisit Website

Google Podcasts vs Pocket Casts User Interface

Google Podcasts vs Pocket Casts

Google Podcasts is easy to use because its interface is simple and clean. Home, Explore, and Activity are the three tabs that make up the app. The Home tab shows you the podcasts you have signed up for, while the Explore tab lets you look around and find new podcasts. The Activity tab shows what you have listened to, what you’ve downloaded, and what you’re currently listening to.

Pocket Casts has a clean interface too, but you can change it more. You can choose from different color schemes and themes, and you can also change the order of the tabs to suit your needs. There are four tabs in the app: “Discover,” “Episodes,” “Filters,” and “Profile.” The Discover tab lets you look around and find new podcasts, while the Episodes tab shows you all of the podcasts you have subscribed to.

Google Podcasts vs Pocket Casts Podcast Discovery

Google Podcasts has a simple way to find podcasts that lets you look through categories or search by keyword. You can also see podcasts that you might like based on what you’ve listened to in the past. But the app doesn’t have any more advanced ways to find things, like curated lists or personalized suggestions.

Pocket Casts has a more advanced way to find podcasts. It has curated lists, personal recommendations, and podcasts that are popular right now. You can also find podcasts by network, category, or keyword.

Google Podcasts vs Pocket Casts Playback Features

Google Podcasts has all the basic playback options you’d expect, like speed controls and a timer for going to sleep. But it doesn’t have any advanced playback features like cutting out the silence or turning up the volume.

Pocket Casts has a lot of different playback options, such as cutting out silence, turning up the volume, and playing at different speeds. You can also set your own skip times and change the speed of playback for each episode.

Google Podcasts vs Pocket Casts Cross-Platform Syncing

Google Podcasts vs Pocket Casts

Google Podcasts works with Google Assistant, so you can tell your phone or smart speaker to play a podcast by talking to it. But the app doesn’t sync across platforms, so you can’t listen to podcasts on more than one device and have them automatically sync.

Pocket Casts lets you sync across different devices, so you can listen to podcasts on your phone, tablet, and computer and have them all work together. With Chromecast, you can also stream podcasts to your TV from the app.

Google Podcasts: Pros and Cons


  • No cost to use
  • Includes a lot of different podcasts.
  • Has suggestions based on what you’ve listened to in the past.


  • There aren’t many ways to change things, like speeding up or slowing down playback.
  • There’s no way to make playlists or put episodes into folders.

Pocket Casts: Pros and Cons


  • Ability to make playlists and sort episodes by different factors
  • Syncs between devices, so you can pick up where you left off on a different device
  • In addition to the mobile app, there are web and desktop interfaces.


  • Not free; it costs $0.99 a month or $9.99 a year.
  • Some users say that there are sometimes bugs or glitches.

Which one should you consider?

Even though both of these apps try to do the same thing, they do it in very different ways. Google Podcasts has a very basic app experience that works, but it’s missing some key features that we have come to love on other services. But if you have a Google Home and would rather use your voice than fumble with an app to listen to your favorite shows, Google Podcasts is a great choice.

But if you don’t care about controlling Google Assistant, Pocket Casts has a lot more features, a better-thought-out design, and will get a big update later this year to make it even better. It’s important to keep in mind that Pocket Casts costs $3.99, but for how polished it is and how many features it has, $3.99 is a steal.


Which is better Spotify podcast or Google podcast?

Google Podcasts limits what you can put on your playlists, but Spotify lets you add any episode from any show. It also saves your place in a podcast episode you didn’t finish so you can come back to it later.

Is Google Podcasts going away?

On February 13, 2023, Google will take the podcast carousel off of Google Search for good. The Google Podcast Manager tells you that the podcast carousel is going away.

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