Komoot or OS Maps: choose your trail wisely

Experience the great outdoors with precision and confidence – a detailed breakdown of Komoot and OS Maps to elevate your navigation experience.

I love going into the unknown because I’m a seasoned adventurer. But going out into the elements and exploring new paths needs a trusted friend. Two big names stand out in the ever-changing world of outdoor navigation: Komoot and OS Maps. It can feel like climbing Mount Everest to choose between them. This epic battle will show what these two powerful platforms are good and bad at.

We’ll analyze their map accuracy, route planning prowess, community features, and accessibility across devices. When the game is over, you’ll know which champion gives you the best tools for your next wilderness adventure. Prepare your instincts, fellow explorers, because you’re about to go on an amazing journey of comparison! Start the battle!

Komoot or OS Maps Comparison Table

Offline maps are also supported by OS Maps, which enables users to download detailed maps for offline use while they are out on their adventures.

FeatureKomootOS Maps
Map Content (Free)Topographic maps, points of interest, some user-generated contentOrdnance Survey topographic maps, points of interest
Map Content (Premium)Custom overlays, advanced search filtersDetailed land ownership boundaries, historic maps
Community and Sharing (Free)User profiles and activity feeds, limited social sharingUser profiles and activity feeds, social sharing, challenges
Community and Sharing (Premium)Private groups, advanced activity analysis, premium challengesCommunity forums, landowner contact details
Platform AvailabilityiOS, Android, webiOS, Android, web
Visit WebsiteVisit Website
Komoot or OS Maps

Komoot and OS Maps are both great for planning and navigating, but they are best for different people. Komoot is great for planning routes because it has advanced features like weather forecasts, live tracking, and route suggestions. Its carefully chosen routes and user-generated content give you a lot of ways to explore.

OS Maps, on the other hand, puts accuracy and detail in maps first. It has Ordnance Survey maps and more advanced search filters. It keeps you on track with live tracking and turn-by-turn navigation. In the end, Komoot might be your best bet if you value route planning and discovery. If you care a lot about how accurate and detailed a map is, OS Maps might help you find your next adventure.

Komoot or OS Maps: Community and Sharing

You can connect with other outdoor enthusiasts through both Komoot and OS Maps. Through user profiles, activity feeds, and social sharing, Komoot helps build a strong community. Private groups and challenges are some of its premium features that make it more engaging.

OS Maps takes a more traditional approach, with community forums and contact information for landowners, putting an emphasis on sharing information and exploring together. In the end, Komoot is great for interacting with other people, while OS Maps is better for sharing useful information. You can choose between a lively community that will inspire and motivate you or a focused resource that will give you accurate information and local knowledge.

Komoot or OS Maps: Compatibility and Platforms

Komoot or OS Maps

Both Komoot and OS Maps make it easy to use on multiple platforms. Their easy-to-use smartphone apps, which are available for both iOS and Android, let you find your way and track your activity while you’re on the go. The web versions also have similar features that let you plan and manage your trips from any device.

Komoot has a slight edge because it can download bigger offline maps, but OS Maps stands out because it has a unique feature for navigating in augmented reality. Cross-platform compatibility means that you can start your next adventure on either platform, no matter which one you prefer.

Komoot or OS Maps: Customization and Personalization

You can make your outdoor experience unique with both Komoot and OS Maps’ customization options. Komoot is great for planning routes because it lets you make detailed schedules, change overlays, and import and export routes so they work perfectly with your chosen devices.

OS Maps, on the other hand, is great at customizing maps. You can filter points of interest, look at historical maps, and even get in touch with landowners to learn more about your surroundings. You can make your adventure fit your needs and preferences with these apps, whether you like carefully planned routes or detailed map customization.

Komoot: Pros

  • Discover scenic and challenging routes.
  • Stay on track even without an internet connection.
  • Share routes, follow friends, and participate in challenges.
  •  Easy to learn and use.

Komoot: Cons

  • Less diverse range of trails to explore.
  • Learning curve for advanced features.

OS Maps: Pros

  • Trusted by professionals for outdoor navigation.
  • Explore diverse terrains and routes.
  • Enhance your safety and awareness on the trail.
  • Stay on track even without internet access.

OS Maps: Cons

  • Limited options for customizing routes.
  • Limited coverage for other countries or regions.

Komoot or OS Maps: Which one should you consider?

It depends on your needs whether you use Komoot or OS Maps. If you’re a careful adventurer who loves planning your routes and exploring new places, Komoot could be the perfect app for you. OS Maps might be the best companion for people who care about accuracy, full coverage of UK trails, and historical map insights. Finally, think about what you want: advanced features and hand-picked routes, or trail knowledge and a detailed map of the UK? The champion is waiting for you to decide.


Can I use Komoot and OS Maps internationally for outdoor activities?

Yes, both Komoot and OS Maps offer international map coverage, allowing users to plan and navigate outdoor activities in various regions around the world.

Can I track my activities, such as hikes or bike rides, with both Komoot and OS Maps?

Yes, both Komoot and OS Maps allow users to track and record outdoor activities, providing valuable data such as distance covered, elevation gain, and more.

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