Lightx vs Luminar: which photo editing app is better for you?

LightX is a mobile app that can be used to fix photos and make collages. It has a variety of filters, effects, adjustments, and retouching tools that can be used for basic photo editing. LightX is also good at making collages, which let users put together several photos in creative ways. It works on iOS and Android devices and has an easy-to-use interface for editing and improving photos on the go.

On the other hand, Luminar is powerful and advanced desktop software for editing photos. It gives both professionals and amateurs a full set of tools and features for editing. Luminar has advanced features like precise exposure, color, and noise adjustments, selective editing, and support for layers and masking. It also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve and automate some editing tasks. Luminar works on both Windows and macOS and has a sophisticated editing environment for people who want to get professional-level results.

Lightx vs Luminar Pricing

Both LightX and Luminar have different models with different prices. LightX uses a freemium model, which means that the app itself is free and comes with basic editing tools. But you may be able to buy things inside the app to get more features or access premium content. LightX has different pricing plans depending on what features or content users want to buy.

On the other hand, you only have to buy Luminar once. Users can usually buy a license for Luminar, which gives them access to all of its advanced editing tools and features without having to pay any fees over and over again. This model lets users know how much the software will cost up front and in advance. Also, some versions of Luminar may offer free updates so that users can get the latest features and improvements.

Lightx vs Luminar Comparison Table

FunctionalityAll-in-one photo editing and collage appAdvanced photo editing software
User InterfaceIntuitive and user-friendly interfaceSleek and modern interface
Editing ToolsBasic editing tools (filters, effects, etc.)Wide range of advanced editing tools
Collage and MontageExtensive collage and montage capabilitiesFocused on individual photo editing
AI and Automated EditingLimited AI-powered editing featuresExtensive AI-powered editing features
Batch ProcessingLimited batch processing capabilitiesSupports batch processing of images
Raw File EditingBasic support for raw file editingExtensive raw file editing capabilities
Layers and MaskingLimited or no support for layers and maskingAdvanced support for layers and masking
PricingFreemium model with in-app purchasesOne-time purchase with free updates
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Lightx vs Luminar User Interface

Lightx vs Luminar

Since LightX and Luminar use various photo editing techniques, their user interfaces differ. With LightX, users of all skill levels can edit and create collages thanks to its straightforward interface.It has an easy-to-use interface with clear navigation options and simple editing tools that make it easy to use for basic editing tasks. LightX simplifies and streamlines the way you edit photos, putting the focus on ease of use and convenience.

Luminar, on the other hand, has a sleek, modern interface that meets the needs of advanced photo editing. The interface is usually laid out in a clean, uncluttered way that makes editing feel professional and immersive. Luminar is designed to have a wide range of tools and features to meet the needs of both professional photographers and amateurs who want to do more advanced editing. The interface usually has a wide range of tools and options for editing, so users can make complex changes and improvements.

Lightx vs Luminar Functionality

Although both LightX and Luminar are photo editors, they serve different purposes. LightX markets itself as a collage-making and photo-editing all-in-one app. It gives users a full set of tools for basic editing tasks and making collages. It has things like filters, effects, adjustments, and some basic retouching tools. LightX also has a lot of collage and montage features that let users put together several photos in creative ways.

On the other hand, Luminar is advanced software for editing photos that meets the needs of both professional photographers and amateurs who want to do more advanced editing. It has a wide range of advanced editing tools and features, such as powerful adjustments for exposure, color grading, noise reduction, and selective editing. Luminar often uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, like AI Sky Enhancer or AI Accent, to improve and automate certain editing tasks.

LightX is designed for casual users and people who like to make collages. Luminar, on the other hand, is for people who need precise control and advanced editing tools. Many of Luminar’s features are designed for professional-level editing, such as support for layers and masking, advanced retouching tools, and many options for editing raw files.

Lightx vs Luminar Performance

Depending on what each program can do and what it needs from your computer, LightX and Luminar may work differently. LightX is an all-in-one app for editing photos and making collages. Its main goal is to make basic editing tasks and making collages easy and quick. With its simple set of tools and functions, it aims to get results quickly. LightX is made to work well on many different devices, like smartphones and tablets.

On the other hand, Luminar is advanced photo editing software that comes with a wide range of tools and features for editing photos. Because it has more features, Luminar may need a more powerful system and more processing power to handle complex editing tasks. It may use more resources than LightX because it’s made for professionals and advanced amateurs who want to make more complex changes and edit photos in more depth.

LightX and Luminar’s overall performance can also be affected by the hardware and software they are used with. The speed and responsiveness of the apps can be affected by things like the device’s processing power, memory, and storage space. When using either LightX or Luminar, it’s best to make sure that your system meets the recommended requirements for the best performance.

Lightx: Pros and Cons


  • All-in-one app for basic photo editing and collage creation.
  • User-friendly interface, suitable for casual users.
  • Extensive collage and montage capabilities.


  • Limited advanced editing features compared to professional software.
  • Mobile-only app, may lack certain desktop editing functionalities.
  • May not provide the level of control and precision required for complex editing tasks.

Luminar: Pros and Cons


  • Advanced photo editing software with powerful editing tools.
  • Supports complex editing tasks like layering and masking.
  • Offers AI-powered features for enhanced editing and automation.


  • Can be overwhelming for beginners or casual users.
  • Requires a desktop computer and may have higher system requirements.
  • One-time purchase cost, which may be more expensive compared to mobile apps.

Which one should you consider?

LightX is an all-in-one app for editing photos and making collages. It’s good for casual users who only need to do basic editing. It is easy to use and has a wide range of collage features. On the other hand, Luminar is advanced software for editing photos that is made for both pros and amateurs. It has a lot of powerful editing tools, advanced AI features, and help for editing tasks that are hard to do. The choice between LightX and Luminar depends on how much editing the user needs to do and how experienced they are.


Is Luminar neo replacing luminar ai?

Skylum has stopped selling Luminar AI as of 2023, so new users will have to buy Luminar Neo instead. (This isn’t a bad thing since Neo is the newer, better software that now has Extensions, so this isn’t a problem.) Neo comes with a 30-day guarantee and can be used on both Windows and Mac.

Can you use Lightroom presets in Luminar?

They were made just for Skylum, so you won’t find any content you’ve already seen elsewhere. All of them are compatible with both Luminar and Lightroom. Some of our preset packs for Luminar and Lightroom cost money, while others are free.

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