MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Pro M2 2024: review and features

This summer, Apple announced two new MacBook models. Both of them have the powerful new M2 chip and a dedicated ProRes video engine that makes editing videos faster. The processor is not the only thing that the 2022 MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro have in common. This makes it hard to choose between the two when you need a new Mac laptop. If you want to buy one of Apple’s new M2 MacBook but don’t know which one to get, don’t worry. It’s hard to know which one to buy.

To get one big group of people out of the way: if you use this device for work every day and most of your work is more complicated than Chrome, you don’t need this. Apple’s newest MacBook Pro models are the 14-inch MacBook Pro and the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Both can be bought with either the M2 Pro chip or the M2 Max chip.

The two new models will replace the MacBook Pro 14-inch and MacBook Pro 16-inch with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips in 2021. They will sit next to the MacBook Pro 13-inch with the M2 chip and the MacBook Air with the M2 chip, which both came out in 2022.

Price and availability

There isn’t a big price difference between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. The Air starts at $1,199 for an eight-core CPU, an eight-core GPU, 8GB of memory, 256GB of storage, and a 30W power adapter. It goes up to $2,499 for an eight-core CPU, a 10-core GPU, 24GB of unified memory, 2TB of storage, and a 67W adapter you can buy both the products from Apple’s store.

The base model of the Pro costs $1,299 and has the same specs as the base model of the Air: an eight-core CPU, an eight-core GPU, 8GB memory, a 256GB SSD, and a 67W adapter But the most you can pay for it is $2,499, and it has the same specs as the top Air: eight/ten cores, 24GB memory, 2TB storage, and the same charger.

The exact prices and differences between configurations vary. If you try to make the two models as similar as possible in terms of specs, the price difference between them will be around $100.

MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Pro M2 Comparison Table

MacBook Air M2MacBook Pro M2
Price$1,199, £1,249, AU$1,899$1,299, £1,349, AU$1,999
Display13.6-inch 2,560×1,664-pixel Liquid Retina (500 nits brightness)13.3-inch 2,560×1,600-pixel Retina (500 nits brightness)
No. of CPU cores88
RAM8GB / 24GB8GB / 24GB
Storage256GB / 2TB256GB / 2TB
Battery lifeUp to 18 hoursUp to 20 hours
Weight2.7 pounds (1.24 kg)3.0 pounds (1.4 kg)
Power adapter30-watt USB-C (8-core GPU), 35-watt dual USB-C (10-core GPU)67-watt USB-C

MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Pro M2 Design

MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Pro M2

The 2023 MacBook Pro comes in two sizes: 14.2 inches and 16.2 inches. The 2022 MacBook Air (M2), on the other hand, only has a 13.6-inch screen. So, if you want a bigger MacBook, you should look at the 16-inch model of the MacBook Pro.

But the design is the same for both the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. All of them have a flat aluminum body with rounded corners and a cutout at the top of the screen. The MacBook Air (M2, 2022) comes in Space Grey, Silver, Starlight, and Midnight. The MacBook Pro (M2 Pro, M2 Max, 2023) models, on the other hand, only come in Space Grey and Silver, so they look a bit more serious, which is also reflected in their prices.

As you might expect, the MacBook Pro models are also thicker and heavier than the MacBook Air. Air is not just a silly name. The MacBook Air (M2, 2022) is 113mm by 304.1mm by 215mm and weighs 1.24kg. The 14-inch MacBook Pro (M2 Pro/Max, 2023) is 155mm by 312.6mm by 221.1mm and weighs 1.6kg.

Both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro have Touch ID in the top right corner of the keyboard. They also have the same backlit Magic Keyboard and Force Touch trackpad below, so there are no differences in how they work. So, if you just want to type on your MacBook, the MacBook Air model is probably more than enough.

MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Pro M2 Display

MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Pro M2

Apple says that the brightness of the 13.6-inch LED-backlit screen on the MacBook Air is 500 nits. These results were confirmed by our tests, and we thought it was a lot brighter than most 300-nit laptop screens. Apple’s new MacBook Pro seems to be a home run. It has a brightness of 1000 nits that stays constant and a peak brightness of 1600 nits when HDR content is playing. This is probably because Apple’s Pro laptops use the Mini LED screen technology.

Apple also says that it has a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, more than a billion colors, and a wide P3 color gamut. These numbers show that the MacBook Pro has a brighter screen overall. Since it has a high contrast ratio, it will also be able to show more colors more accurately.

The MacBook Pro also has ProMotion, but the MacBook Air does not. Click on the link above to learn more about ProMotion. In short, it uses an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz to make scrolling smoother. The MacBook Air, on the other hand, can only refresh at 60Hz.

MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Pro M2 Connectivity

As expected, the MacBook Pro has more ways to connect than the M2 MacBook Air. The Air has a headphone jack, a Thunderbolt port, and a MagSafe port for charging. The MacBook Pro has a full-size SD card slot, an HDMI 2.1 port, and an extra Thunderbolt port. This HDMI 2.1 port lets you connect displays at up to 8K 60Hz or 4k 240Hz, while the MacBook Air’s Thunderbolt ports can only connect one external display at up to 6K 60Hz.

With the M2 Pro chip, the MacBook Pro can also run up to two external displays at 6K 60Hz at the same time. The MacBook Pro also has the newer Wi-Fi 6E standard, while the MacBook Air only has Wi-Fi 6. This lets the MacBook Pro use frequencies up to 6GHz and reduces network congestion.

MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Pro M2 Performance

MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Pro M2

With the switch to 256GB NAND modules in the M2, both laptops will have slower SSDs than their previous generations. However, the MacBook Pro starts out with two NAND chips while the MacBook Air starts out with only one. This means that the base MacBook Air will be able to read and write at about 1,500MBps, while the base 14-inch MacBook Pro will be able to do so at about 3,000MBps.

On the MacBook Air, this slower SSD might be more noticeable because it has 8GB of RAM and needs to move data from RAM to storage when doing tasks that use more power. As expected, the M2 Pro chip can do a lot more than the M2 chip. Benchmarks have shown that the M2 Pro chip is even better than last year’s M1 Max. This is because it has more CPU and GPU cores and a way to keep the chip cool. Single-threaded tasks will run about the same on both the M2 MacBook Air and the M2 Pro MacBook Pro.

However, multi-threaded tasks show a bigger difference, with multi-core Geek bench scores of around 8,900 on the M2 MacBook Air and over 12,000 on the M2 Pro MacBook Pro. If you do creative work, the GPU improvements coming to the MacBook Pro can be even more important. For example, when you switch to the Pro, the time it takes to export a video goes down by a fairly large amount.

MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Pro M2 Battery Life

MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Pro M2

The battery is the last but not least difference. Apple says that the MacBook Pro models have the longest battery life of any Mac. If this is true, it’s great, because the MacBook Air (M2, 2022) has an outstanding battery life.

When you break that down, though, the company is talking about the 16-inch model, which can be used to browse the web for up to 15 hours. This is the same as what is promised for the MacBook Air, but the 14-inch model can only be used for 12 hours.

All models use a MagSafe charger, but depending on the model, you get a different power adapter in the box. The MacBook Air (M2, 2022) comes with a 30W USB-C Power Adapter by default. The 10-core GPU and 512GB storage model comes with a 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter. It can charge quickly if you use a 67W USB-C Power Adapter, which is sold separately.

MacBook Air M2 Pros and Cons


  • Thinner and lighter
  • Gorgeous 13.6-inch screen
  • 1080p webcam
  • M2 chip delivers excellent performance


  • Pricier than previous model
  • Notch a bit distracting
  • Supports only single external monitor

MacBook Pro M2 Pros and Cons


  • M2 chip is a brilliant performer
  • Fantastic 22-hour battery life
  • Dominant single-core performance
  • Sharp, vibrant display


  • New MacBook Air offers better value
  • Still only two Thunderbolt ports
  • Lackluster 720p webcam
  • Same old design

Which one should you consider?

On paper, the MacBook Pro models are, as expected, more powerful than the MacBook Air models. You’ll also get a better display, more ports, better connectivity, and better audio. They will definitely be the MacBooks of choice for people who make their own content and need a laptop that can do more difficult tasks, like editing videos.

Still, you might not need all the power and features that the MacBook Pro models have, or you might not be able to afford them. The MacBook Air (M2, 2022) is a great laptop. It has a similar design to the MacBook Pro models, but is smaller and lighter. It has a great battery life and can handle most everyday tasks and a few extras.


Which is better between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro?

The 2021 MacBook Pros beat them both, with the 14-inch model taking 4:51 and the 16-inch model taking 4:48 to encode. The M2 MacBook Pro did a great job of encoding a video, which took 6:51. With a time of 7:52, the MacBook Air 2022 was just a little bit behind the latter.

Is MacBook Air M2 better than MacBook Pro M1?

Even though both the M1 and M2 MacBook Pro come with 8GB Unified Memory as standard memory, they don’t work the same. Apple says that the M2 has 50 percent more memory bandwidth than the M1 (100GB/s vs. 50GB/s), so there should be some improvements that you can see.

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