Mailstrom vs Clean Email: review, pricing, features and compare

Both Mailstrom and Clean Email are web-based email management services that help people clean up and organize their email inboxes. Mailstrom has a number of features that help users clean up and manage their inboxes, such as the ability to quickly delete or archive large numbers of emails, filter and sort emails by sender or subject, and unsubscribe from unwanted email lists.

Clean Email also has tools for managing email, such as automatic email sorting, the ability to delete or archive a large number of emails at once, and the ability to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters or subscriptions. Users can also make their own rules to help them manage their email better.

Both services use OAuth for safe logins and have strong privacy policies in place to protect user data. They also offer customer service and integrations with popular email services to make it easy for users to access and manage their email.

Mailstrom vs Clean Email: Pricing

Both Mailstrom and Clean Email have free trials, but the way they price their services is a little different. Mailstrom costs $9.99 per month for one email account and $29.99 per month for up to six email accounts. They also have a “Pro” plan that costs $149.99/year and gives you access to new features first and VIP support for as many email accounts as you want.

Clean Email costs $7.50 per month for one email account and $24.99 per month for up to 15 email accounts. They also have a plan called “Lifetime” that costs $299 and gives you access to Clean Email and all updates for life.

Both services offer discounts for paying for a year at a time, and Clean Email also has a referral program that lets users get discounts by telling their friends about the service.

Mailstrom vs Clean Email: Comparison Table

FeaturesMailstromClean Email
PriceFree trial, then starts at $9.99/monthFree trial, then starts at $7.50/month
Email AccountsSupports multiple email accountsSupports multiple email accounts
Inbox AnalysisProvides an analysis of inboxProvides an analysis of inbox
UnsubscribeOne-click unsubscribe from newslettersOne-click unsubscribe from newsletters
Block/KeepAllows you to block or keep sendersAllows you to block or keep senders
Auto CleanAutomatically clean up your inboxAutomatically clean up your inbox
CustomizationCustomizable settings for cleaning inboxCustomizable settings for cleaning inbox
SecurityUses OAuth for secure loginUses OAuth for secure login
IntegrationsIntegrates with Gmail, Outlook, and YahooIntegrates with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo,
iCloud, and other IMAP-based providers
Mobile AppNo mobile app availableMobile app available
Customer SupportEmail support availableEmail and chat support available
Offi8cial linkVisit WebsiteVisit Website

Mailstrom vs Clean Email: User interface

Mailstrom vs Clean Email

Both Mailstrom and Clean Email have easy-to-use interfaces that make it simple for people to manage their email. Mailstrom’s interface is simple and easy to use. Emails are shown in a list view, and you can filter and sort emails based on different criteria. The service makes it easy for users to do things like delete or archive a bunch of emails at once, and it also has tips and suggestions for better managing your inbox.

In the same way, Clean Email has a clean, modern interface that is easy to use. It has different views, including one called “Smart Views” that automatically sorts emails into categories like newsletters, social media updates, and promotions. Users can also make their own views based on things like emails from a certain sender or with a certain subject line.

Mailstrom vs Clean Email: Security

OAuth is a widely used open standard for authorization that lets users give third parties access to their accounts without giving away their login information. Instead, OAuth gives users a safe and standardized way to let certain services or apps have limited access to their accounts.

Mailstrom and Clean Email are able to give users a safe and reliable way to manage their email without letting their account security down by using OAuth. In addition to OAuth, both services have privacy policies and terms of service that explain how they will protect user data and privacy. Users should always read these policies carefully to make sure they are happy with how their data will be used and protected by the service.

Mailstrom vs Clean Email: Customer Support

Users can get help from Mailstrom by email, and they also have a Help Center with articles and Frequently Asked Questions that cover common questions and problems. Clean Email users can get help through both email and chat. They also have a Help Center with articles and tutorials and a blog with advice on how to manage your email better. The services seem to respond to questions from users and offer helpful resources for fixing common problems. But Clean Email’s chat support may be especially appealing to users who like to get help when they need it right away.

Mailstrom vs Clean Email: Customization

Users can change how Mailstrom sorts emails and decides which ones are important. Users can also set up their own filters to sort their inbox by sender, subject, or other criteria.

Clean Email also lets users change how they want to manage their emails. For example, they can choose which emails to auto-clean and how often. Users can also make their own rules to automatically sort emails into different folders or delete them based on different criteria.

Mailstrom vs Clean Email: Integrations

Mailstrom vs Clean Email

Both Mailstrom and Clean Email integrate with popular email services to make it easier for users to manage their email. Mailstrom works with email accounts from Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. This means that users can connect their accounts to Mailstrom and use its features to manage and clean up their inboxes without having to leave their email service.

Mailstrom has more integrations than Clean Email, but Clean Email has even more. Clean Email works with Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo, as well as iCloud and other IMAP-based email providers. This makes Clean Email a better choice for people who have multiple email accounts with different companies.

Mailstrom: Pros and Cons


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Offers helpful tips and suggestions for managing your inbox
  • Good filtering and categorization options


  • Limited automation options
  • Only integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo

Clean Email: Pros and Cons


  • Wide range of integrations, including iCloud and other IMAP-based providers
  • Customizable automation and cleaning rules
  • Smart Views option automatically sorts emails into categories


  • Some users may find the interface cluttered or overwhelming
  • Higher price point compared to Mailstrom

Which one should you consider?

Both Mailstrom and Clean Email are web-based email management services that help users clean up and organize their inboxes more effectively. Mailstrom is all about sorting and filtering, while Clean Email is all about automating cleaning rules and making them fit your needs.

Both services are easy to use, have strong security measures, and can connect to popular email services. Clean Email may be better for people who want a service with more integrations and more automation options, while Mailstrom may be better for people who just want a simple email cleaning service. In the end, the choice between the two will come down to what you like and what you need.


Is Clean Email app safe?

Clean Email does not store or sell any of your information. We don’t even try to understand it. We’ve been checked by Google and have security certification from a third party to prove it. Keep your details safe.

What is a Clean Email?

Clean Email is an online bulk email cleaner that helps you quickly sort and delete thousands of unwanted emails. It also makes it easy to manage all the new ones, keeping your inbox clean.

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