Nvidia RTX 4070 vs RTX 3070: review, compare and features

The RTX 4070, the cheapest GPU in the RTX 40-Series, is finally here after a lot of waiting. The RTX 4070 is aimed squarely at 1440p gaming and hopes to offer a good value for gamers who can’t spend over $1,000 on Nvidia’s latest and greatest. For starters, the RTX 4070 has more GPU memory. It has 12GB GDDR6X, while the RTX 3070 only has 8GB GDDR6. The RTX 4070 uses less power at 200W TGP and has a faster boost clock at 2.48GHz than the RTX 3070, which uses 220W TGP and has a boost clock of only 1.73GHz. The RTX 3070, on the other hand, has a 256-bit memory interface width, while the RTX 4070 only has 192-bits.

They both have 5,888 CUDA cores, 46 ray tracing cores, and 184 Tensor cores, which are all the same. But thanks to the RTX 4070’s newer Ada Lovelace architecture, this same number of cores can make a generational difference as the ray tracing and Tensor cores are upgraded to their third and fourth generations, respectively.

The RTX 4070 is made by TSMC on a 4nm process, while the RTX 3070 is made by Samsung on an 8nm process. This makes the RTX 4070 much better in terms of performance and power efficiency. The RTX 4070 only needs a 650W power supply, while the RTX 3070 needs 750W. You don’t need to upgrade your PSU for any of the RTX 40-Series cards as long as you have enough power.

Nvidia RTX 4070 vs RTX 3070: Comparison Table

SpecificationsNvidia RTX 4070Nvidia RTX 3070
Process NodeTSMC 5nmSamsung 8nm
CUDA Cores76805888
Tensor Cores320184
RT Cores12846
Base ClockTBD1500 MHz
Boost ClockTBD1725 MHz
Memory Size16 GB GDDR6X8 GB GDDR6
Memory Bus Width512-bit256-bit
Memory Bandwidth1024 GB/s448 GB/s
Release DateTBDOctober 2020
Official linkVisit WebsiteVisit Website

Nvidia RTX 4070 vs RTX 3070 Design

Nvidia RTX 4070 vs RTX 3070

It’s important to remember that Nvidia’s third-party manufacturing partners make a lot of different versions of both the RTX 4070 and 3070, because everyone has different tastes. Some of you might like the classic Founders Edition, while others might want to spend more on a card with RGB lighting from MSI, Asus, or one of the other board partners. In the end, there won’t be a big difference between the two, so here we’ll compare Nvidia’s FE models.

Unlike the RTX 3070 FE, which had two open-face fans on the front, the RTX 4070 FE has the same design as the more expensive GPUs in the RTX 4000 line. This means that one side of the card has a closed-panel layout that hides one of the two fans behind it. We think that this gives a little bit better airflow, but we don’t have the data to back that up right now.

Notably, the RTX 4070 FE is a lot smaller than the other Lovelace cards Nvidia has made so far. It uses the same two GPU slots in your PC case as the RTX 3070 FE. That’s great, because some of us were getting tired of GPUs that were too big.

Some bad news is that it has Nvidia’s controversial 12VHPWR 16-pin power connector. This connector can’t be used with older ATX power supplies without a special adaptor and was at the center of the “cablegate” scandal, in which some of Nvidia’s flagship RTX 4090 cards overheated and broke people’s computers.

The RTX 3070 FE, on the other hand, uses the older but more established 8-pin connection standard for power. This is still used by AMD and may be found in some third-party 4070 models, which makes me wonder why Nvidia felt the need to include it here. So, the 3070 has won again.

Nvidia RTX 4070 vs RTX 3070 Frequency

The rate at which silicon crystals inside the wafer move back and forth is the frequency or clock rate. It says how quickly the GPU can handle instructions. With faster rates, you can get through the data and make the graphics to see your final image. Since you can change some of the specs, it is a good target for overclocking. This lets you raise the rates, but it will cost you more to use power and heat.

The overall clock rate is faster on the new generation. The 4070 has a base clock speed of 1,920 MHz and a boost clock speed of up to 2,475 MHz. A big step up from the last generation and more like what AMD had to offer with its Radeon cards. The 3070 has a base clock speed of 1,500 MHz.

While reaching a boost clock of 1,750 MHz and a max boost clock of 1,890 MHz. Which makes the clock rate go over 2 GHz and moves the card’s performance over that line. So, they are getting better at what they can do. And it’s probably because TSMC used a new process and a smaller node.

Nvidia RTX 4070 vs RTX 3070 Performance

Nvidia RTX 4070 vs RTX 3070

In tests, the RTX 4070 outperformed the RTX 3070 by about 22%. These tests in the 3DMark benchmarking suite display the graphics score overall. The performance disparity between the GPUs in Time Spy Extreme remained at roughly 16%. However, the RTX 4070 did better in ray-traced workloads like Port Royal, where the gap grew to 26%.

This is a big jump in performance between the two generations, though the RTX 4070’s rasterization isn’t quite as impressive. Any way you look at it, it’s a faster GPU, and for the price, you also get benefits like the powerful DLSS 3, which will help you get higher framerates in some games even when they are under a lot of stress.

You can also expect better performance at higher resolutions with the RTX 4070, since the larger VRAM capacity will help the GPU load in larger textures in modern games like Forspoken and Hogwarts Legacy.

Nvidia RTX 4070: Pros and Cons


  • With more CUDA, Tensor, and RT Cores, this card is more powerful than the RTX 3070.
  • Built on a 5nm process node, which is newer and more advanced.


  • Date of release and price are not known yet.
  • Users who don’t need the highest level of performance may not find it a good value.

Nvidia RTX 3070: Pros and Cons


  • For the price, it works well.
  • Most users don’t need more than 8 GB of GDDR6 memory.


  • Due to high demand, there haven’t been many to choose from.
  • Users who need the best graphics performance may not get the best possible level of performance.

Which one should you consider?

Overall, the 4070 is a much better card in terms of performance, so you can get a lot more performance for the price. So, if that’s enough to make you change your mind, it might be a better option. Even though the price keeps going up, it might be worth it to wait and see what AMD has to offer because its prices have been better. As you get a 30% improvement in performance for a 20% increase in price.


Is the 4070 better than the 3080?

At 1440p, games like Forza Horizon 5 and Cyberpunk 2077 run better on the RTX 4070 than on the RTX 3080. Aside from that, the RTX 3080 always has better margins at 4K than the RTX 4070. The RTX 4070 is better than the RTX 3080 because it has DLSS 3 and better ray-tracing tech.

Is the RTX 4070 better than 3070?

3DCenter found that, on average, the RTX 4070 was 2% faster than the RTX 3080 10 GB, 20% faster than the RTX 3070 Ti, and 27% better than the RTX 3070 when it came to rasterization.

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