Private Internet Access vs VyprVPN: which one is better?

Two of the most well-known VPN providers are Private Internet Access (PIA) and VyprVPN. Both are highly secure and private, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking for a VPN that’s packed with useful extras and configuration options, Private Internet Access is a fantastic option. It has a large number of server locations, numerous tunneling protocols, and a plethora of safety options. PIA is also very reasonably priced in comparison to other VPN services.

If you need a VPN and prioritize speed and reliability, VyprVPN is a great option. WireGuard, one of the most advanced and secure VPN protocols, is used. VyprVPN has a proven track record of bypassing geo-restrictions on streaming websites and apps.

Private Internet Access vs VyprVPN Plans and pricing

We search for the most cost-effective and feature-rich subscription plans for you to choose from. VPNs are inexpensive and convenient, but their services are basic and their features rarely updated. VyprVPN is the superior service if your priority is saving time and money. It has a lower monthly subscription fee than PIA ($1.00 vs. $11.99 per month).

FeaturePrivate Internet AccessVyprVPN
Monthly plan$11.95$10
Yearly plan$3.33/month$5/month
3-year plan$2.03/month$3.75/month

Private Internet Access’s second-tier annual subscription costs $3.33. It’s superior to VyprVPN, whose best offer is its lowest and whose longest subscription costs $5.00 per month longer. If you’re at the end of your options with VyprVPN, check out PIA’s ultimate dealโ€”it’s only $2.03 per month. The only drawback is the length of the contract, which is three years and three months. VyprVPN’s mobile trial lasts for 3 days, while PIA’s for iOS and Android goes for 7 days. Users who purchase Private Internet Access and VyprVPN have 30 days to request a refund.

Private Internet Access vs VyprVPN Comparison Table

Both Private Internet Access (PIA) and VyprVPN are well-known VPN services, and each has its own advantages. PIA has a big network of servers, strong encryption, and a strict policy of not keeping any logs. On the other hand, VyprVPN focuses on speed, security, and its own Chameleon protocol to get around restrictions. Which one you choose depends on your own priorities and tastes.

FeaturePrivate Internet AccessVyprVPN
PriceStarting at $3.33/monthStarting at $9.95/month
Number of servers35,000+700+
Number of countries78+70+
ProtocolsOpenVPN, WireGuard, L2TP/IPsecOpenVPN, WireGuard, Chameleon
Encryption256-bit AES256-bit AES
Security featuresKill switch, DNS leak protection, split tunnelingKill switch, DNS leak protection, NAT firewall
Streaming capabilitiesGoodExcellent
Customer support24/7 live chat, email support24/7 live chat, email support

Private Internet Access vs VyprVPN Features

Private Internet Access vs VyprVPN

Both services are compatible with the four most widely used OS versions. The Linux app developed by PIA is notable for its graphical user interface. VyprVPN’s support for certain network attached storage devices is a unique feature. Ten simultaneous connections are permitted on both VPNs. Ten connections at once is generous, considering that many VPNs only permit five. Split tunneling, available in both PIA and VyprVPN, allows you to use the VPN connection with some applications while using it with others.

Blocking malicious software, ads, and trackers is a breeze with Private Internet Access. Users have complained that the function is underperforming. It’s true that some VPNs are better than others at preventing malware from accessing your device, but you shouldn’t rely on a VPN alone to keep your data safe. Some PIA plans come with Boxcryptor at no additional cost, and it is also sold separately. It’s a program that encrypts data before uploading it to a cloud storage service.

Winner: VyprVPN

One unique thing about VyprVPN is that it works with certain network-attached storage devices. This feature makes it easy for users to access and protect their data on NAS devices through the VPN. It sets VyprVPN apart from other providers and gives users with NAS setups more options.

Private Internet Access vs VyprVPN Security

Both VPNs support the WireGuard protocol, which is now the industry standard for speed and safety. Despite the absence of a kill switch in the VyprVPN iOS app, both VPNs provide an abundance of advanced security options. If your VPN connection drops, a kill switch will immediately cut off your access to the internet. Private Internet Access and VyprVPN both offer private DNS on each server or the option to use a different DNS provider. In our most recent round of testing, neither VPN caused any DNS leaks. Your real IP could be exposed if there was a leak.

FeaturePrivate Internet AccessVyprVPN
ProtocolsOpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2, IPsecOpenVPN, IPsec, Chameleon
Kill switchYesYes
DNS leak protectionYesYes
WebRTC leak protectionYesYes
Split tunnelingYesYes
No-logs policyYes, audited by DeloitteYes, audited by Leviathan Security
Server location83 countries70 countries
Server ownershipOwned and operated by PIAOwned and operated by VyprVPN
Privacy policyVery clear and conciseVery clear and concise

PIA provides a number of tunable safety options. It has additional features that provide you with even higher levels of anonymity. With multi-hop, data is sent to multiple servers simultaneously. RAM-only servers cannot save data because they lack disc drives. When you quit your browser, all of your history and bookmarks are deleted along with it. PIA only uses RAM for its servers.

VyprVPN uses its own proprietary Chameleon technology to encrypt the meta information of OpenVPN packets. That prevents VPN censors and blocked sites from tracing traffic back to the source VPN server. According to VyprVPN, using Chameleon will not compromise your connection speed or security.

Private Internet Access vs VyprVPN Speed

We ran tests internally to see how Private Internet Access and VyprVPN performed in terms of speed when using the WireGuard protocol. We compiled test results from leading locations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, to determine which provider offered the best overall service. In the United States. VyprVPN clearly outperforms Private Internet Access in this regard. Its 116 Mbps download speeds put it ahead of the competition by a significant margin. The difference is even more pronounced when uploading, where VyprVPN was 67% quicker.

VyprVPN’s download speeds were 20% faster and its upload speeds were 54% lower than those of Private Internet Access, and this was true even in the UK. The same pattern holds true for Canada: The download speeds of private networks were 23% lower. When it comes to upload speeds, VyprVPN is noticeably ahead of the pack, with a 64 percent advantage.

Winner: VyprVPN

VyprVPN is the clear winner when it comes to speed, especially when the WireGuard protocol is used. VyprVPN is better than Private Internet Access because it has much faster upload speeds and much faster download speeds in the US, UK, and Canada. This makes it the best choice for people who want a fast and reliable VPN service.

Private Internet Access vs VyprVPN Privacy and Logging

Due to its location in the United States, Private Internet Access poses a greater risk of governmental surveillance for all of its customers. Because Switzerland has some of the most progressive privacy laws in the world, VyprVPN is the superior choice. VyprVPN’s no-logs policy guarantees that the service will not track its customers’ online activities. Private Internet Access also follows the law and does not keep any logs of user activity. Private Internet Access has been audited by Deloitte, while VyprVPN was tested by Leviathan Security in 2018. Both auditing firms have confirmed that these VPNs do not record user activity.

Winner: VyprVPN

VyprVPN stands out as the best option because it is based in Switzerland and has strong privacy laws. Its “no-logs” policy protects the privacy of its customers, and an audit by Leviathan Security in 2018 confirmed that it does not keep records of what its users do.

Private Internet Access vs VyprVPN Customer service

Private Internet Access vs VyprVPN

Our test showed that PIA’s chat service was prompt, but the company did not answer a journalist’s inquiry. While VyprVPN’s response times are slower than those of the best VPNs, at least getting in touch with support is simpler. Both VPNs have been criticized for their slow response times by reviewers. Many have complained that VyprVPN’s live chat feature is nothing more than a menu of preprogrammed answers. With over 8,500 reviews, Private Internet Access has achieved a 4.6/5 “excellent” rating on.

FeaturePrivate Internet Access (PIA)VyprVPN
Live chatYesYes
Phone supportNoNo
Email supportYesYes
Response time24/7, usually within minutes24/7, usually within hours

There are fewer than 300 reviews for VyprVPN on, so the data is less robust. It received a “average” (3.6/5) review score. You can find other top-rated VPN services like IPVanish, Hotspot Shield, and Surfshark in addition to NordVPN and ExpressVPN. VyprVPN’s billing system has been the source of many customer complaints. Others have found VyprVPN to fall short of their requirements. These are the main reasons why 21% of VyprVPN users give the service a negative review. Most recent PIA complaints concerned a lack of action from the company’s tech support or customer service departments.

The VyprVPN site is easy to navigate. There is no integrated search functionality, and the link to contact support is buried at the very bottom of the homepage. In any case, the help center is a good place to look for answers. Articles with help features typically have screenshots and concise guides.

Many pages of PIA’s website were unreadable across five different browsers. There is a support link in the main navigation of the homepage, but the only search bars are on the support pages themselves. The PIA website is more comprehensive and informative than the VyprVPN one.

Private Internet Access vs VyprVPN: Overall Winner

Between Private Internet Access and VyprVPN, Private Internet Access is the clear winner. Private Internet Access is a reliable and safe VPN service because it has strong security features, a large server network, and strong encryption protocols. It also has great speeds and works with a lot of different platforms and devices. VyprVPN has some unique features, but Private Internet Access is the best choice because it works well and protects your privacy in many ways.


Is Private Internet Access better than Tor?

While neither VPN has access to a huge selection of streaming services, Private Internet Access VPN was able to access more services than TorGuard VPN. Unlike Private Internet Access, which allowed unrestricted access to services like Netflix and Hulu, the latter was limited to viewing videos on YouTube.

Is Private Internet Access VPN trustworthy?

“Private Internet Access is a reliable VPN service with robust safety features and a legal no-logs policy. It has the largest fleet of servers in the world, ad blocking, and anonymous torrenting.

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