Quicken vs Quickbooks: choosing the right financial software

Compare Quicken and QuickBooks to find the best accounting software for personal finance or small business.

Quicken and QuickBooks are two different types of financial management software that serve different functions. Quicken is a personal financial software system that focuses on giving people and households with tools for managing their investments, creating budgets, and keeping track of their expenses. Accounting, invoicing, and payroll are just few of the features that are included in QuickBooks, which is a software programme that is created specifically for businesses.

When it comes to personal financial planning, Quicken is the best option, whereas QuickBooks is designed specifically for businesses of varied sizes and in a variety of industries. Both Quicken and QuickBooks are designed to simplify financial procedures; nevertheless, their intended users and functionalities are distinct, making Quicken more ideal for managing personal finances and QuickBooks more suited to meeting the intricate financial requirements of company operations.

Quicken vs QuickBooks Comparison Table

Quicken and QuickBooks depends on how you handle your money. Choose Quicken if you want to handle your personal finances well, such as making a budget and investing. QuickBooks is very important for companies.

PurposePersonal finance management for individuals and householdsBusiness accounting for various industries
FeaturesBudgeting, expense tracking, investment managementAccounting, invoicing, payroll, business management
User FocusIndividuals, householdsBusinesses of varying sizes and industries
ComplexityGenerally simpler, focused on personal financeComprehensive and suited for complex business needs
PlatformDesktop and mobile applicationsDesktop and cloud-based options

Quicken vs QuickBooks: Target Audience and Use Cases

Quicken vs QuickBooks

Anyone who wants to take charge of their own personal finances can benefit from using Quicken, which is built for individuals and families. It works wonderfully for managing investments, keeping track of expenses, and creating budgets. For consumers who place a high value on simplicity and the administration of their personal finances, Quicken is an excellent choice.

QuickBooks is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietorships and small businesses to huge corporations and multinational corporations. Accounting, invoicing, payroll, and financial reporting are just some of the services that are included in this complete package. Those users who demand powerful financial tools for their business operations are the target audience for QuickBooks.

Quicken vs QuickBooks: User Interface and Ease of Use

A user-friendly interface that places an emphasis on managing personal finances is one of Quicken’s many strengths. It is possible for customers who do not have a background in accounting to use the dashboard since it offers a concise summary of the current state of the company’s finances and the navigation is straightforward.

QuickBooks provides a user interface that is both professional and feature-rich, making it an ideal choice for business accounting. It is a useful tool for businesses, despite the fact that it may have a longer learning curve for newcomers. The extensive functionality and customisation choices make it a powerful tool.

Quicken vs QuickBooks: Integration with Other Software

Quicken vs QuickBooks

Users of Quicken have the ability to interface with a wide range of financial institutions in order to receive automatic updates on their transactions. Nevertheless, in comparison to QuickBooks, its integration options are more restricted, which makes it more suitable for the handling of personal finances for individuals.

QuickBooks shines in its integration capabilities, as it supports a large variety of applications and services that are provided by third parties. It is therefore suitable to a wide range of business requirements, such as e-commerce, customer relationship management, and project management.

Quicken vs QuickBooks: Customer Support and Training Options

The customer service department at Quicken is available via phone and live chat during normal business hours. There are other tools available for self-help that may be found in the Quicken community and knowledge base. On the other hand, there are not many choices for personalised training.

QuickBooks provides its customers with a wealth of customer service alternatives, including phone and chat help. Additionally, customers have access to a vast array of training tools, webinars, and online tutorials. QuickBooks is designed to accommodate both individuals who are self-learners and those who are looking for supervised training.

Quicken: Pros

  • User-friendly interface for individuals.
  • Dedicated tools for investment management.


  • Limited business-oriented features.

QuickBooks: Pros

  • Robust tools for invoicing and payroll.
  • Extensive industry versatility.

QuickBooks: Cons

  • Higher cost compared to Quicken.

Which is better?

Quicken is better for managing personal finances. It’s great for making budgets, keeping track of spending, and managing investments for individuals and families. QuickBooks is better for businesses because it has more tools for accounting, billing, and payroll. Quicken is the best choice if you put personal financial planning first.

QuickBooks has all the tools that businesses with complicated financial needs need. Finally, the “better” choice relies on whether you need tools for personal finance or powerful accounting features for your business. This way, the software can be tailored to your specific needs for managing your money.


Do people still use Quicken?

Quicken is still the best-selling personal finance software on the market, and our goal is still the same: to help our customers live healthy, secure financial lives.

Is Quicken good for a small business?

Quicken Business & Personal helps me keep track of both my personal and business spending and income. All of my small business clients ask me to suggest it.

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