Slack vs Discord 2024: review, features, pros and cons

At first glance, comparing Slack vs Discord does not make sense. In terms of branding, it’s apples to oranges or, more accurately, conference room to arcade. Consider the following homepages: Slack and Discord are both team-oriented channel-based messaging apps. Direct messaging, private groups, and chat rooms are all available in both apps.

Because of their many similarities, it can be difficult to choose between Slack and Discord. Both provide free and paid plans, as well as video and voice chat options and the ability to share files. Naturally, both apps are excellent choices for small, medium, and large teams.

However, there are significant differences between Slack and Discord. We’ll get into those as well, but first, let’s take a look at each app’s story. Discord and Slack are fundamentally similar. Both are team chat apps that have a similar user interface. Team communication is organized in channels in both apps. The main distinction between the two is their target audience, as well as their unique characteristics. Here’s how both tools present themselves.

Slack vs discord Pricing

The cost of the app is the main factor, if you’re wondering why people are seeking for Slack alternatives. The largest barrier to using Slack is this, and I can understand why. Pricing for Slack starts at $7.25 per person per month for those who don’t want the restrictions, which include the cap of the most recent 90 days of message history and 10 integrations.

Other services like 99.99% uptime, guest access, and round-the-clock priority customer service come at an additional cost of $12.5 per user each month. Discord is completely free and has very few restrictions. You will retain the history of messages sent by your team, unlike the free Slack plan. There are Nitro and Nitro Classic plans, which provide you a few benefits, if you like Discord so much that you wish to pay for it. If you know more about discord and slack, you can visit on Discord’s official website and Slack’s official website.

Slack vs Discord Comparison Table

Target audienceBusinessBusiness, Gaming
Primary featureText communicationVoice communication
Message history limit90 days of message history in Free planUnlimited
Video conferencingFor no more than 2 users in Free planUp to 25 users
Screen sharingYesNo
File upload limit1GB8MB/file in Free plan
100MB/file in Nitro plan
Conversation threadsYesNo

Slack vs Discord interface

Slack vs discord

The user interface of Discord and Slack are quite similar. Conversations are on the right, contacts are on the left. The fact that all of the channels, direct messages, and apps are plainly visible on the right makes Slack’s interface appear superior. Discord, on the other hand, is a little trickier. Channels and direct communications are located in several menus.

You can select a dark theme colour and a light mode in Discord. In contrast, Slack merely lets you select one of the 21 available colours and personalize the sidebar with the contacts and apps. If you have coding skills, you can even alter the desktop app’s CSS file and use custom CSS to alter the overall Slack design. Slack is no longer merely a chat platform because there are so many customization choices. In fact, it becomes more difficult every year.

For instance, I needed more than five minutes to find the Slack color customization page. But, I discovered it right away in Discord. When it comes to setting up the software, Discord appears to be more user-friendly.

Slack vs Discord Video Calls

Slack vs discord

When it comes to video communication, Discord leads. The drawback of Slack’s video chat feature is that its Free plan only supports two simultaneous video chats. But, you can add up to 15 people to paying programmes.

Contrarily, Discord’s video call features are more sophisticated. Some chat features, such noise reduction and echo cancellation, are controllable. Also, you can go from a voice conversation to a video conference and talk with up to 25 people at once by pressing a certain button.

Slack vs discord Security

Your data is kept safe and secure by both apps’ impenetrable security. In this regard, Slack is comparatively more dependable. Your communication is kept secure with SSO, data encryption, and interfaces with leading DLP providers. To ensure that your communication is secure, Discord uses SSO, 2FA, and a client-server architecture that protects your IP.

Slack vs Discord File Sharing

Both apps provide impenetrable security to keep your data safe. Slack is more dependable in this regard. It uses SSO, data encryption, and integrations with leading DLP providers to keep your communication secure. To keep your IP secure and your chat safe, Discord employs SSO, 2FA, and a client-server architecture.

Slack vs Discord Ease of Use

Slack vs discord

We used a few criteria to determine which platform is more user-friendly. We examined how simple it is to sign up for the platform, begin communicating with others via direct messages, and participate in voice and video calls. Similarly, we considered file sharing and ease of use, and determined that Discord is slightly easier to use than Slack.

Slack Pros and Cons


  • Internal Communications made easy
  • connecting with your teammates


  • more privacy in the group chats

Discord Pros and Cons


  • HD Video Streaming
  • We have implemented different roles to everyone so they can access that part only


  • Notification Customization

Which one should you consider?

Given these distinctions, which service should you choose? To be honest, I believe you should put your faith in the branding (and this is coming from someone who does not, as a rule, trust branding). Discord is best suited for online communities, whereas Slack is better suited for businesses. It’s exactly what they’re designed for.

This isn’t to say you can’t experiment. Slack can absolutely host an online community, especially if you’re fine with only having an archive of the 10,000 most recent messages. And, if you’re willing to work around some of the limitations, you can use Discord for business. These tools aren’t exactly interchangeable, but they’re similar enough that you have a choice. Just keep the distinctions in mind.


Is Slack basically Discord?

Both apps include public channels in which everyone on the server can participate in terms of conversation features. Both support private channels, voice and video chat, as well as screen sharing. The main difference between the two chat features is Slack’s threaded conversations.

Is Slack just a copy of Discord?

The competition between Slack and Discord is limitless. To begin, Slack is a commercial option for businesses where teams communicate and collaborate that is built on cloud technology. Discord is intended for the gaming community.

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