Surfshark vs AVG Secure VPN: which is best for more security?

AVG Secure VPN and Surfshark are two of the most well-known VPN services available today. However, the two services do not share the same features. AVG Secure VPN uses 4096-bit RSA keys for encryption, while Surfshark only uses 2048 bits. Even though Surfshark’s encryption is less robust than that of other popular VPNs, it is still considered to be very safe. Both also include a “kill switch” that will halt all data transmission if the VPN connection suddenly drops.

The size of each service’s network is another distinguishing feature. Comparatively, AVG Secure VPN has more than 700 servers in 36 countries, while Surfshark has over 3,200 servers in 65 countries. If you need to connect to a specific country or region, Surfshark’s extensive server network will come in handy.

When comparing the two, Surfshark is noticeably quicker than AVG Secure VPN. While AVG Secure VPN only managed 50 Mbps on average, Surfshark managed 324 Mbps on average during our tests. If you want to watch high-definition videos or play games online, Surfshark is your best bet.

Surfshark vs AVG Secure VPN Pricing

Although AVG only offers one, two, or three-year subscriptions, Surfshark also offers a variety of discounted packages if paid in full up front. It’s unfortunate that AVG Secure VPN doesn’t offer a trial period of just one month. One year of service with AVG costs $53.88; two years costs $105.36 ($4.39 per month). The AVG three-year subscription costs $4.39 per month regardless of the length of the contract.

FeatureSurfsharkAVG Secure VPN
Monthly price$12.95$12.99
Yearly price$59.76 (billed annually)$59.99 (billed annually)
2-year price$95.76 (billed every 2 years)$99.99 (billed every 2 years)
Number of devicesUnlimited10
Server locations65+ countries70+ countries
P2P supportYesYes
Kill switchYesYes
Strict no-logs policyYesYes
Refund policy30 days30 days

Surfshark, in contrast, costs only $12.95 for a full month’s access. If you pay for a year in advance, your monthly cost drops to $3.99. The difference between the two plans is 81%, and the two-year plan only costs $2.49 per month. It’s a lot less expensive than AVG’s VPN service. You can connect as many devices as you like to Surfshark. The number of devices that can connect to an AVG Secure VPN account is 10.

Surfshark vs AVG Secure VPN Comparison Table

Both Surfshark and AVG Secure VPN are VPN services, but there are important ways in which they are different. Surfshark has a large network of servers and lets you connect to them as many times as you want at the same time. With its easy-to-use interface and encryption protocols, AVG Secure VPN focuses more on ease of use and security. When choosing between the two, users should think about what they need.

FeatureSurfsharkAVG Secure VPN
Encryption2048-bit RSA4096-bit RSA
Kill switchYesYes
Network size3,200+ servers in 65 countries700+ servers in 36 countries
Speed324 Mbps50 Mbps

Surfshark vs AVG Secure VPN Setup and interface

Surfshark vs AVG Secure VPN

VPNs are simple to learn and use because of the availability of desktop and mobile apps. Both Surfshark and AVG Secure VPN offer Windows and macOS desktop clients that are intuitive to use, though AVG’s lack of some extras is noticeable. The quick connect button for AVG Secure VPN is located smack dab in the middle of the screen, and the mobile apps follow suit in terms of design. The P2P and streaming-optimized servers can be hidden from view if desired. However, there is no desktop version, support for routers, or Linux versions.

Surfshark, a frontrunner in this space, supports Linux and has add-ons for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. There are three main tabs and two drop-down menus. The sidebar is located at the bottom of the screen, just like on the desktop version. Surfshark is more feature-rich than AVG Secure VPN despite its minimalist interface. If you’re on Linux and want to use a VPN with your web browser, you’ve got one option.

Winner: Surfshark

In this matchup, Surfshark comes out on top. Surfshark has a lot of features and works on multiple platforms, including Linux. It also has add-ons for popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. It is easy to use, especially for Linux users, because it has a simple interface and a sidebar at the bottom.

Surfshark vs AVG Secure VPN Security

Surfshark vs AVG Secure VPN

Surfshark supports multiple VPN protocols, including OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard. Newer versions of WireGuard are more easily auditable and offer noticeable speed and performance increases, even over great distances. Unfortunately, OpenVPN (UDP) is the only protocol supported by AVG Secure VPN at the moment. Both AVG and Surfshark encrypt data using RSA keys, but AVG uses 4096-bit RSA while Surfshark uses 2048-bit RSA.

FeatureSurfsharkAVG Secure VPN
Encryption256-bit AES256-bit AES
Kill switchYes, on all platformsYes, on Windows and macOS
DNS leak protectionYesYes
IPv6 leak protectionYesYes
Double VPNYesNo
Tor over VPNYesNo
Split tunnelingYesYes (Android only)
No-logs policyYesYes
JurisdictionBritish Virgin IslandsCzech Republic

As you might expect, a larger number is preferable, even if both are equally safe. If the VPN connection suddenly drops, a kill switch will prevent any data from being sent, keeping the user safe. While AVG Secure VPN is available for both Windows and Mac OS, Surfshark includes a kill switch on all supported platforms. SurfShark’s exclusive NoBorders software protects users by allowing them to access the internet even when they’re physically located in a restricted area. In contrast, AVG doesn’t have any other cloaking capabilities worth mentioning.

Surfshark vs AVG Secure VPN Performance & speed

Most things you do online will be slower if your connection is slow. The fastest VPNs will prevent any lag, so we compared the speeds of each service to give you an idea of what to expect. It comes as no surprise that Surfshark outperforms AVG in terms of download speeds. It’s true that AVG Secure VPN isn’t as fast as Surfshark, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fast enough for demanding tasks like 4K streaming or torrenting.

Winner: Surfshark

Based on the information given, Surfshark comes out on top when it comes to download speeds. Even though AVG Secure VPN isn’t as fast as Surfshark, it’s still fast enough for tasks like 4K streaming and torrenting. So, if speed of download is very important, Surfshark would be the best choice.

Surfshark vs AVG Secure VPN Privacy and logging

Surfshark vs AVG Secure VPN

Pay close attention to the location of the VPN’s headquarters. The provider’s compliance with data laws in its jurisdiction can have significant effects on the confidentiality of the data. You should stay away from the United States and the United Kingdom, which are part of the so-called “fourteen eyes” intelligence sharing network.

AVG, which is headquartered in the Czech Republic, is not a secure option. During signup, you’ll be asked for personal details like your name, email address, and postal code, and you can only pay with a credit card or PayPal. Logging isn’t much better because it keeps track of details like when you connected and disconnected from the VPN and how much data was sent and received.

The British Virgin Islands are where Surfshark is headquartered, but they have zero ties to the United Kingdom. Because there are no data retention requirements in place in the BVI, it is an excellent location from a privacy standpoint. In addition to the ability to pay for the VPN anonymously with Bitcoin, you can also sign up with a fake email address.

In terms of data storage, Surfshark keeps only the bare minimum, including how often you access the service and whether or not the app has crashed. When comparing logging capabilities and user anonymity, Surfshark comes out on top. In a perfect world, you would only use a logless VPN that never stores any of your data.

Surfshark vs AVG Secure VPN Customer service

Surfshark vs AVG Secure VPN

Customer service is up next. It’s crucial for first-time VPN users in general, but especially so. Contacting support should be avoided at all costs, but having the option to do so is always welcome. The AVG website is massive, with numerous sub-pages for each of the company’s products and services. Although there are some introductory guides, the best place to learn about the VPN itself is in the community forums.

FeatureSurfsharkAVG Secure VPN
Hours of availability24/724/7
Methods of contactLive chat, email, knowledge baseLive chat, email, phone, forums
Response timeUsually within minutesUsually within minutes
HelpfulnessVery helpfulHelpful
English proficiencyExcellentExcellent

SurfShark provides the standard set of resources, so you can get in touch with them via chat, email, or peruse their extensive collection of guides whenever you like. There is a standard 30-day refund policy with all of the services, and a 60-day trial with AVG.

Winner: Surfshark

In terms of customer service, Surfshark comes out on top. They offer many ways to get help, like chat and email, as well as a large number of guides for people who want to help themselves. Also, their standard 30-day refund policy gives users even more confidence. AVG, on the other hand, mostly learns about their VPN through community forums.

Surfshark vs AVG Secure VPN: Overall Winner

When you compare Surfshark and AVG Secure VPN, Surfshark comes out on top. Surfshark is a more complete and feature-rich VPN service because it has a large server network, strong encryption, and unlimited simultaneous connections. Also, Surfshark’s strict no-logs policy, reliable performance, and low prices make it a good choice for people who want to browse the internet privately and safely.


Is Surfshark better than AVG?

In comparison to other VPN services, AVG permits twice as many simultaneous connections with a single account (10 total). However, Surfshark’s ability to be used on an infinite number of devices at once is unparalleled. In addition, Surfshark has a wider reach. AVG can’t compete with our 3,200+ servers located in 100+ different countries.

Is Surfshark a slow VPN?

If you need a quick VPN, Surfshark is a fantastic choice. It’s one of the few VPNs that doesn’t slow down your connection. 10Gbps servers, cutting-edge protocols, and 3200+ servers located in 100 countries make this possible.

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