Surfshark vs TunnelBear: which one is better for your needs?

A couple of the most well-known VPN services are Surfshark and TunnelBear. However, the two services do not share the same features. A relatively new VPN service, Surfshark has seen rapid growth in popularity thanks to its high level of security, unlimited bandwidth, and low price. Surfshark also provides a wide variety of server locations, some of which are optimized for P2P file sharing, while others are optimized for video streaming.

If you’re looking for a more seasoned VPN service with a reputation for simplicity, look no further than TunnelBear. Security-wise, TunnelBear has you covered with features like a kill switch and DNS leak prevention. When compared to Surfshark, TunnelBear’s server network is more limited, and it lacks some of the latter’s more sophisticated extras.

Surfshark vs TunnelBear Pricing

If you only need a VPN for a short period of time say, while on vacation Tunnelbear is a slightly better option at $9.99 per month. The Surfshark monthly plan is a bit pricey when taken by itself. However, if you sign up for Surfshark for a longer period of time, the monthly price drops significantly.

1 month$11.95$9.99
3 monthsN/AN/A
6 months$5.99/month$4.99/month
1 year$5.99/month$4.99/month
2 years$1.99/monthN/A
Free tierN/A2GB/month

Both VPNs offer identical annual pricing. If you’re set on a shorter subscription, however, we recommend Surfshark for its superior features and customer support Surfshark’s two-year strategy is where it really shines. This brings the price down to a ridiculously low $2.49 per month. If you look at how much more expensive Tunnelbear’s cheapest plan is per month, you’ll see that Surfshark is the more cost-effective option.

Surfshark vs TunnelBear Comparison Table

Both Surfshark and TunnelBear are well-known VPN services, but they have different features. Surfshark has a large network of servers and lets you connect to them as many times as you want at the same time. On the other hand, TunnelBear focuses on an easy-to-use interface, strong encryption, and a free plan with a limited amount of data. Which one you choose depends on how much you care about features, security, and price.

PriceStarts at $2.49/monthStarts at $3.33/month
FeaturesMore features, including double encryption, CleanWeb, and split tunnelingFewer features
Server locationsMore server locationsFewer server locations
No-logs policyStrict no-logs policyNo-logs policy
User interfaceMore complex interfaceSimpler interface

Surfshark vs TunnelBear Features

Surfshark vs TunnelBear

Both of these VPNs offer respectable functionality. But Surfshark has a few benefits that make it stand out. To begin, Surfshark is more widely compatible. It supports the usual suspects, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, with dedicated apps. And unlike Tunnelbear, it has dedicated apps for Linux and the Amazon Fire TV Stick. All of Surfshark’s mobile applications support split tunneling. This function is exclusive to the Android version of Tunnelbear. This makes Surfshark preferable for users who want to multitask within the VPN tunnel while torrenting.

There are a few free extras available with Surfshark that aren’t included with Tunnelbear. By using a malware filter, you can rest assured that no malicious software will be installed on your computer after you download an executable file. Surfshark’s ability to obstruct advertisements and other forms of online tracking also improves the user experience. We really like that Surfshark’s VPN can be set up and used on an unlimited number of gadgets. Surfshark is more cost-effective than Tunnelbear, which limits users to just 5 connections at once.

Winner: Surfshark

Out of all the VPNs that were mentioned, Surfshark stands out as the best. It’s easy to use because it works with more platforms and has apps for Linux and Amazon Fire TV Stick, among others. All mobile apps have a feature called “split tunneling,” which makes it easy to do other things while torrenting. Also, Surfshark has free extras like malware filtering, ad blocking, and connecting an unlimited number of devices. This makes it a cheaper option than Tunnelbear.

Surfshark vs TunnelBear Customer service

Surfshark vs TunnelBear

When it comes to customer service, Surfshark excels above the rest. It provides round-the-clock access to live chat with knowledgeable and helpful representatives. True, you might have to submit a ticket or wait for an email response if you have a very technical question. Live chat representatives, on the other hand, were very helpful and knowledgeable.

Live chatYes, 24/7Yes, 24/7 (but staffed by a bot)
Email supportYesYes
Knowledge baseYesYes
Phone supportNoNo
Response timeUsually within minutesUsually within 24 hours
Quality of supportExcellentGood

Unfortunately, this level of service is not offered by Tunnelbear. The website may appear to have a live chat option, but users will only be connected to a bot that directs them to the site’s faqs and user guides. This means that if you want to speak with a human representative, you’ll have to submit a ticket and wait for an email reply.

Surfshark is a great value because of its large server network, strict privacy policies, and feature-rich, high-quality apps. Users are allowed to connect an unlimited number of devices, and the VPN can unlock access to a wide variety of popular streaming services. As you can see from our evaluations below, we think Tunnelbear is a solid VPN service that doesn’t have any major flaws. When compared to Surfshark, it unfortunately falls short.

The Winner: Surfshark

In terms of customer service, Surfshark stands out as the winner. They offer live chat support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from people who are knowledgeable and helpful. Tunnelbear, on the other hand, doesn’t have live chat and instead relies on tickets and email responses, which makes it less convenient.

Surfshark vs TunnelBear Security

When it comes to security, both Surfshark and TunnelBear have your back with military-grade encryption. Surfshark, in contrast to TunnelBear, provides extra security features like double VPN encryption and a kill switch. Using two different VPN servers increases security by a factor of two, hence the name “double VPN encryption.” If your VPN connection suddenly drops, a kill switch will cut off your internet connection immediately, keeping your data safe.

EncryptionMilitary-grade encryptionMilitary-grade encryption
No-logs policyStrict no-logs policyStrict no-logs policy

Surfshark and TunnelBear both adhere to a no-logs policy, which means they won’t keep track of what you do on the internet. Your IP address, visited websites, and browsing history are all fair game. Using a VPN service from either of these companies makes it extremely difficult for any third party to monitor your online actions.

Surfshark vs TunnelBear Privacy

Surfshark vs TunnelBear

Both of these VPNs are respectable in terms of security and anonymity. Neither VPN keeps any logs of your activity while using its service that could be used to identify you or your location. Similar connection data (such as the time of connection and the amount of bandwidth used during a session) is gathered by both Tunnelbear and Surfshark. These are not associated with the user’s IP address in any way, shape, or form.

Therefore, the VPN’s connection logs can be examined for errors and used to fix them. They can also be used to determine the number of simultaneous VPN connections being made by a single account (which is how TunnelBear can cap the total at 5). The good news is that the user’s online activities while connected to the VPN cannot be inferred from these connection logs. Time-correlation attacks can’t be used against either service.

Surfshark’s network as a whole is built with diskless servers that run in RAM, which is one of its many advantages. Surfshark could immediately turn off the power to any servers that were the target of a government raid. It’s great that they’re taking extra steps to ensure their users’ privacy.

The Winner: Surfshark

Surfshark wins because it uses servers without hard drives that run in RAM. With this feature, Surfshark can quickly shut down servers if the government comes to check them out. This protects user privacy even more. Surfshark’s extra steps show how serious they are about providing a safe and anonymous VPN service.

Surfshark vs TunnelBear: Overall Winner

Between Surfshark and TunnelBear, Surfshark is the better choice because it has more features and works better. Surfshark makes sure that browsing is safe and private by using a large server network, strong encryption, and a strict “no logs” policy. It also has unlimited connections at the same time, great speeds, and reliable customer service. With all of these features and reasonable prices, Surfshark is the clear winner for users who want a complete and reliable VPN service.


Is Surfshark better than TunnelBear?

Both VPNs offer identical annual pricing. If you’re set on a shorter subscription, however, we recommend Surfshark for its superior features and customer support. Surfshark’s two-year strategy is where it really shines.

Is TunnelBear a strong VPN?

Yes. To this day, TunnelBear maintains its position as a VPN that keeps no logs of user activity. Additionally, there have been five consecutive years of independent security audits. In this regard, they are comparable to other reputable VPN providers.

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