VistaCreate vs Canva: which graphic design tool is right for you?

VistaCreate and Canva are user-friendly graphic design platforms offering templates, stock images, and customization.

These days, graphic design tools are necessary to make content that looks good. They can be used for a lot of different design tasks, from making social media posts to making professional marketing materials. Users can make their creative ideas come to life with these tools, which have easy-to-use interfaces, pre-made templates, and large libraries of graphics, fonts, and images. They do not require advanced design skills. They are important because they make design more accessible to everyone, letting people and businesses make visually appealing content that speaks to their target audience.

These tools have changed the way digital content is made and shared by making the design process streamlined and easy to use. They encourage creativity and make communication more effective through designs that look professional and catchy. When it comes to graphic design tools, VistaCreate and Canva are two of the most popular options. Both have a wide range of design templates, elements that can be changed, and easy-to-use interfaces. Both platforms make it easy for users to make beautiful graphics for a variety of uses, like personal projects, marketing materials, and social media posts.

VistaCreate vs Canva Comparison Table

Both Canva and VistaCreate are user-friendly graphic design applications with a large selection of templates and customization choices. VistaCreate only provides the most basic collaboration tools and is targeted towards small businesses. Canva, on the other hand, is aimed at professionals and has a wider range of integrations and more advanced editing tools.

Stock media library70 million+ images, videos, and audio clips4 million+ images, videos, and audio clips
Design templates100,000+ templates250,000+ templates
Team collaborationUp to 10 users on free planUp to 5 users on free plan
PricingFree plan with unlimited storage and access to all features, paid plans start at $10/monthFree plan with 1TB storage and limited access to features, paid plans start at $12.99/month
Other notable featuresOne-click background removal, image masking, animationOne-click background removal, social media integration, video editing
Visit Website Visit Website

VistaCreate vs Canva: User Interface and Ease of Use

VistaCreate vs Canva

When you sign in to Canva for the first time, you’ll see a gallery of templates that you can look through and choose one for your design. The gallery of templates is set up by design type, like posts for social media, presentations, and documents. When you choose a template, you can start making changes to it by adding your own text, pictures, and graphics.

There are two main parts to Canva’s interface: the design canvas on the left and the editing tools on the right. You can place and arrange your design elements on the design canvas. You can change the font, color, size, and position of your design elements as well as their look with the editing tools.

Template galleryWell-organized and easy to browseNot as well-organized as Canva’s template gallery
Editing toolsComprehensive and easy to useNot as comprehensive as Canva’s editing tools
Search barWell-implemented and easy to useNot as well-implemented as Canva’s search bar

It’s kind of like Canva’s interface, but there are a few big differences. The VistaCreate template gallery is not as well put together as the Canva template gallery. Second, VistaCreate’s editing tools aren’t as complete as Canva’s. And the search bar is one of my favorite parts of Canva’s interface. With the search bar, you can find templates, design elements, and editing tools very quickly. There is a search bar in VistaCreate as well, but it’s not as well put together as the one in Canva.

When it comes to how easy they are to use, I think Canva is a bit better than VistaCreate. This is due to the fact that Canva’s editing tools are more complete and straightforward to use. But both VistaCreate and Canva are pretty simple to use, even for first-timers. In general, I would suggest Canva to anyone seeking a user-friendly and simple design platform. VistaCreate is also a good choice, but it’s not as well-made or full of features as Canva.

VistaCreate vs Canva: File Management and Storage

It’s great to be able to make designs quickly, but you should also be able to download them and put them in order quickly. To download your design from VistaCreate, just click the big “Download” button at the top of the page and pick the format you want (JPG, PNG, PNG Transparent, PDF, Print PDF, MP4, or GIF).

Canva works the same way, but it doesn’t have a PNG Transparent option. Instead, it lets you save your file as an SVG. But here’s the BIG difference. Canva’s free plan lets you download as many files as you want, but VistaCreate’s free plan only lets you download five files per month. However, when you file your projects in the app, it works the other way around. VistaCreate lets you make as many folders as you want, while Canva only lets you make two.

VistaCreate vs Canva: Templates and Design

Canva has more templates than VistaCreate, but VistaCreate’s templates tend to look more polished and professional. You can also choose from more stock photos and videos in VistaCreate, and the library is always getting new ones. Canva has a lot more templates than VistaCreate, but the quality of those templates varies a lot more. It also doesn’t have as many stock photos and videos as Picnik, but it does have more free assets like fonts and icons.

Number of templatesSmallerLarger
Template qualityGenerally higherMore variable
Stock photo libraryLargerSmaller
Free assetsSmallerLarger
Design optionsSimilarSimilar
Unique featuresAnimated designs, musicNone

VistaCreate and Canva are both pretty much the same when it comes to design options. You can change many things about your designs on both platforms, like editing text and images and putting elements in the right place. VistaCreate does have some unique features, though. For example, you can make designs that move and add music to them. Overall, I like VistaCreate better because it has better templates and a bigger stock library. That being said, Canva is a better choice if you need more templates or free images.

VistaCreate vs Canva: Image and Graphic Libraries

There are about 70 million images in VistaCreate’s library compared to 4 million images in Canva’s. However, VistaCreate’s image library is still very big and varied, and you can use any of the high-quality images for free. Canva does not have as many free animated design templates as VistaCreate does.

Canva’s picture library is bigger than VistaCreate’s, but many of the pictures cost money to use. The free picture library in Canva is still pretty big, but it’s not as varied as the one in VistaCreate. Canva also has more features than VistaCreate. For example, you can use Canva to make websites, charts, whiteboards, and documents.

VistaCreate vs Canva: Apps and integrations

VistaCreate vs Canva

A lot of the apps let you add extra special effects to your Canva projects, like skin retouches, paint effects, mosaic effects, and more. Other apps, like drawing apps, QR code makers, and AI-powered creation tools, give you a lot more options. There are apps that can improve Canva’s built-in editing tools, and there are also a lot that let you connect Canva to other popular online tools.

You can connect your Canva account to services like Google Photos, Google Maps, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, and Facebook so that you can use content from those sites in your designs. Add the form-making app TypeForm to your Canva account. You can also connect your Canva account to email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) tools such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, Vision6, Activity Messenger, and Constant Contact.

On the other hand, VistaCreate is a lot more of a closed shop. Even though you can connect your VistaCreate account to some social media sites, there isn’t an app library. The features you get from VistaCreate are the only ones you can use.

Customization and Advanced Editing Tools

Both VistaCreate and Canva let you change a lot of things, but VistaCreate has a slight edge in this area. Because of this, VistaCreate lets you change the canvas’s size and shape to any size, but Canva only lets you pick from a set of sizes. Another thing is that VistaCreate has more fonts and color palettes, and you can make your own fonts and color palettes.

Both VistaCreate and Canva have a lot of advanced editing tools, but VistaCreate is a bit more special than Canva in a few ways. For example, “Background Remover” in VistaCreate is a tool that makes it simple to remove the background from any image. Additionally, VistaCreate offers a tool called “Magic Resize” that allows you to resize your images without sacrificing quality.

VistaCreate: Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive interface for easy navigation
  • Affordable pricing plans, including a free option
  • Growing collection of customizable templates


  • Basic collaboration tools for team projects

Canva: Pros and Cons


  • Extensive integrations with third-party applications
  • Advanced editing tools for professional design projects
  • Large user base with diverse templates and design options


  • Higher pricing for premium plans compared to VistaCreate

VistaCreate vs Canva: which one should you consider?

There are several things to think about when choosing between VistaCreate and Canva for your graphic design needs. Canva is a popular choice because it has an easy-to-use interface, a huge library of templates, and works well with many platforms. VistaCreate, on the other hand, has a unique mix of advanced editing tools that let users make big changes to designs.

It has a large library of different stocks and reasonable pricing. Canva is good for people who are just starting out with design or who want quick solutions. VistaCreate, on the other hand, is better for people who need more advanced design tools. If you want something simple and flexible, try Canva. If you want something more customizable and design-friendly, try VistaCreate.


Is Canva better than VistaCreate?

In contrast to Vista Create, Canva has hundreds of integrations that can be used to edit photos and videos. You can also connect your Canva account to your cloud storage account so that you can access your files right from your Canva account.

Can Canva replace graphic designers?

Canva is a do-it-yourself web-based design tool that was made to make it easier for people who have never designed anything before to make graphics without having to use expensive and complicated design software. Canva makes it easy for everyone to design things. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is a graphic designer for a living.

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