WordAi vs Wordtune: which AI writing program is better for you?

WordAi is an AI-powered writing tool that specializes in text spinning, which involves changing words and phrases in the original text to make new content. It has different levels of spinning and lets you spin text in a number of different languages.

Wordtune is another AI-powered writing tool that can help you improve the quality of your writing in many ways. It gives suggestions for rephrasing, tone, and audience, and it has a “Goals” feature where you can choose a specific writing goal (like persuasion or clarity) and get suggestions based on that goal. It also works with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Slack, which are all well-known writing tools and platforms.

WordAi vs Wordtune: Comparison Table

PurposeContent creation, Article spinningWriting assistance, rephrasing
Language SupportEnglishEnglish
IntegrationsNoneMicrosoft Word, Google Docs, Outlook, and extensions for Chrome and Edge
CostStarts at $49.95/monthStarts at $19.99/month
Trial3-day trial for $77-day free trial
Customer SupportEmail, ticketing systemEmail, chat
Ease of UseUser-friendly interfaceEasy to use, with a simple interface
Target UserContent creators, article writers, bloggersBusiness professionals, writers, non-native English speakers
Official linkVisit WebsiteVisit Website

WordAi vs Wordtune: User interface

Wordai vs Wordtune

The user interface for WordAi is pretty simple and easy to understand. The main focus is on the text editor, where you can put your content. You can choose the level of spinning (low, medium, or high), choose the language, and see both the original text and the text that has been changed. You can also save and export your spun content in a number of different formats. Overall, WordAi’s interface is made to be easy to use and understand.

Wordtune’s user interface, on the other hand, is easier to use and has more features. A sidebar next to the text editor shows different options, such as tone, length, and audience. There are also suggestions for rephrasing and word replacements that you can use with a single click. Wordtune also has a “Goals” feature where you can choose a specific writing goal (like persuasion or clarity) and the AI will make suggestions based on that goal. Wordtune’s user interface has more features and is designed to help people improve their writing in a more complete way.

WordAi vs Wordtune: Ease of use

Both WordAi and Wordtune are made to be easy to use, but their ease of use is different in some ways. WordAi isn’t too hard to figure out how to use. You just type your text into the text editor and choose how much you want it to spin. The spinning process is quick, and you can see the original text and the text that has been changed side by side to make any changes you need. WordAi is easy for beginners to use because it is simple.

Wordtune is also easy to use, but it has more features that may take some time to learn. The sidebar gives you different options for rephrasing, tone, and audience, and the “Goals” feature gives you suggestions based on what you want to achieve with your writing. The suggestions for replacing words are also a bit more complicated than WordAi’s spinning options, but you can use them with just one click. Once you get the hang of these features, Wordtune becomes a useful writing tool that can help you improve your writing in many ways.

WordAi vs Wordtune: Features

The main thing WordAi can do is “spin” text by changing words and phrases in the original text to make new content. WordAi has low, medium, and high levels of text spinning, and you can choose the language in which you want the text to be spun. WordAi also has a feature called “Turing Spinner,” which uses machine learning to make even more unique content. WordAi’s features are made for making content and automating tasks.

On the other hand, Wordtune has a lot of features that can help you improve your writing. It comes with a text editor that suggests ways to change the wording, tone, and audience. Wordtune also has a “Goals” feature where you can choose a specific writing goal (like persuasion or clarity) and get suggestions based on that goal. Wordtune also has a “snippet” feature that lets you save phrases or sentences you use often so they are easy to find. The features of Wordtune are designed to make writing better and faster.

WordAi vs Wordtune: Integration

WordAi has an application programming interface (API) that lets developers add the text spinning feature to their own apps. It also works with WordPress and Drupal, two of the most popular content management systems. WordAi also has a Google Chrome extension that lets you change the meaning of text right in your browser.

Wordtune works with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Slack, which are all well-known writing tools and platforms. This makes it easy to use Wordtune’s suggestions and improve your writing without having to switch between different tools. Wordtune also has a Chrome and Firefox extension that lets you use the tool to improve your writing on any website.

WordAi vs Wordtune: Performance

Wordai vs Wordtune

WordAi and Wordtune are both writing tools that use AI to help you write, but how well they work depends on the task. WordAi’s main measure of performance is how well the text it creates is written. The tool uses natural language processing techniques to make new text. The quality of the new text depends on how much the text is changed and how complicated the original text was. In general, WordAi does a good job of quickly and easily making unique content. But the results may not always be perfect, and the spun text may need to be edited to make sure it makes sense.

The performance of Wordtune is geared toward helping people improve the quality of their writing. The tool can help you reach your writing goals by giving you suggestions for rephrasing, tone, and audience. How well Wordtune works depends on how good the user is at writing and how well they can use the tool’s suggestions in their writing. In general, Wordtune does a good job of giving helpful suggestions that can make your writing better.

WordAi: Pros and Cons


  • Offers various spinner modes for different types of content
  • Provides a contextual and niche-specific thesaurus
  • Supports foreign languages
  • Easy to use interface


  • Content can sometimes be poorly constructed and difficult to read
  • No integrations with popular writing tools
  • Relatively expensive compared to other similar tools

Wordtune: Pros and Cons


  • Integrates with popular writing tools such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs
  • Affordable pricing starting at $19.99/month
  • User-friendly interface


  • Only supports English language
  • Limited options for content spinning
  • Not ideal for content creation or article spinning

Which one should you consider?

WordAi is a tool for making new content out of existing text, while Wordtune is a tool for improving the quality of writing. Both tools have AI-powered features and can connect to other software and platforms, but their performance and ease of use may vary depending on the task.


Which one is better Grammarly or Wordtune?

In the end, both Wordtune and Grammarly are good tools for editing. Grammarly is better for fixing spelling and grammar mistakes, while Wordtune is better for rewriting your sentences. ProWritingAid’s analysis is even more in-depth than that of Grammarly or Wordtune.

Which is better QuillBot or Wordtune?

Also, QuillBot can rewrite a whole text at once, which is something Wordtune can’t do. Wordtune can change a single sentence or a whole paragraph at a time.

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