What isAccelerated Processing Units (APU)

An APU, short for Accelerated Processing Unit is a type of microprocessor that combines both the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) on a single chip. This combination helps to make the computer faster, as the processors do not need to communicate with one another, making the data processing much quicker.

To understand how an APU works, let’s compare it to a pencil with an eraser at the other end. With this clever design, you do not need to look for an eraser and can correct mistakes quickly and easily using a single tool.

It is essential to note that AMD only manufactures APUs and uses the brand name to differentiate them from regular computer chips. Usually, the CPU is the primary processing unit that follows instructions from software and sends out instructions to other components of the computer system. It is the brain of the computer, and without it, your computer is essentially useless. On the other hand, the GPU handles the intensive graphical calculations. Combining these two processors into one chip results in APUs that are faster and handle activities such as gaming and video playback with ease.


What are some benefits of using an APU?

One major advantage of using an APU is the faster processing speed that results from the combination of both the CPU and GPU on a single chip. Additionally, APUs can handle intense graphical activities, making them ideal for gaming and video playback, amongst others.

How is an APU different from a CPU?

While a CPU only handles processing potential, an APU combines both processing potential and graphical capabilities into a single chip. As a result, an APU is much faster than a CPU and ideal for activities that require both intensive processing and graphics such as gaming and video playback.

Can I upgrade my GPU and CPU if I have an APU?

If you have an APU, there is no need for a separate GPU as the graphics processing capabilities are already built into the chip. However, it is possible to upgrade the CPU in some cases but can be quite challenging as the chip is often soldered to the motherboard.


APU or Accelerated Processing Unit combined the Central Processing Unit and Graphics Processing Unit into a single chip, making computers faster and more efficient by eliminating the need to communicate between the two processors. It is faster than a regular CPU, making it ideal for memory-intensive applications such as gaming and video playback.

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