What isAcrobat Distiller

If you need to convert your documents from PostScript format to PDF, Adobe Acrobat Distiller is the way to go. First released as a part of Acrobat in 1993, it has since gone through a series of updates and improvements. Distiller is an essential tool for converting PostScript files to PDFs, which are more widely accessible and easier to work with.

Advantages of Acrobat Distiller

Acrobat Distiller provides a few significant advantages over other PDF conversion tools. First, it uses complete Postscript to define the fonts and typography, resulting in PDFs of superior quality. Additionally, the output looks better both on screen and in print, and graphics are better integrated with the rest of the content. Acrobat Distiller is also available as a standalone program or as a printer driver, providing different ways to access the PDF conversion tool. Lastly, Adobe tools like Illustrator and Photoshop can easily edit files created with Distiller.

How to Use Acrobat Distiller for PDF Conversion?

Acrobat Distiller can be used as a file export or “Save As” option in most programs, making it easy to convert your files to PDFs. With Acrobat Distiller, you can create fillable forms with sophisticated features, which is an excellent tool for PDF forms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Acrobat Distiller used for?

Acrobat Distiller is used for converting documents from PostScript format to PDF, the native format of Adobe’s Acrobat family. It results in PDFs of superior quality, and the output looks better on screen and in print.

What are the advantages of Acrobat Distiller?

When it comes to PDF conversion, Acrobat Distiller has many advantages over other tools. It uses complete Postscript to define the fonts and layout, creating superior quality PDFs. Additionally, graphics, including those with translucent backgrounds, are better integrated, and the output looks better on screen and in print.

Can Acrobat Distiller create fillable PDF forms?

Yes, Acrobat Distiller is a great tool for creating sophisticated fillable form PDFs.


Acrobat Distiller is an excellent tool for converting PostScript documents to PDF. It offers superior quality results compared to other conversion tools while maintaining accessibility and easy editing. With the ability to create sophisticated fillable forms, Acrobat Distiller is a must-have tool for anyone looking to create professional PDFs.

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