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Action File

An ACTION file is a file format that enables Automator to perform actions or commands and automate workflows in macOS. It contains a specific step that can be combined with others to create an automated process. That said, if you cannot open this file on your computer, this guide will help you understand how to open it, what programs can open and convert it, and possible problems that can occur.

How to Open an ACTION File

If you cannot open an ACTION file on your computer, you may not have the appropriate software to support it. You should download and install the corresponding application to fix this issue. Here are the steps:

  1. Identify the application that supports ACTION files on your computer.
  2. Download and install this program from the official website or a reliable source.
  3. Open the software and access your file by navigating to File > Open or by dragging and dropping the file into the application.

Programs that Open and Convert ACTION Files

Two programs typically open and convert ACTION files:

Automator by Apple

ACTION files are commonly referred to as Automator executable files because they are primarily created or used by Automator. Automator is Apple’s automation software, which lets you automate repetitive tasks on your Mac.

Acrobat (document) by Adobe

Adobe Acrobat is a cross-platform application designed to create, read, and modify PDFs. Acrobat can open an ACTION file that contains a PDF document. Adobe Acrobat supports a wide variety of file types, including the ACTION file format.

Possible Problems with the ACTION Format Files

Difficulty opening an ACTION format file does not always mean you do not have the appropriate software installed on your computer. There may be other issues that block file operations. Below is a list of potential concerns:

  • Corruption of the ACTION file when opened.
  • Incorrect references to the ACTION file in system records.
  • Accidental removal of the ACTION description from the registry before opening.
  • Insufficient installation of an app that supports the ACTION format.
  • The ACTION file opened is contaminated with harmful malware.
  • Hardware resources on the computer may not be adequate to manage the ACTION file’s opening.
  • The drivers for the machine or equipment used by the computer to open an ACTION file are obsolete.


What is an ACTION file?

An ACTION file is used by Automator, a macOS app that automates repetitive tasks. It contains a specific step that can be combined with other actions to build an automated process.

How do I open an ACTION file?

To open an ACTION file, you need to identify the appropriate application that supports the file type and download and install it from the official website or a reliable source.

What programs can open and convert ACTION files?

The two popular programs that can open and convert ACTION files are Automator by Apple and Acrobat (document) by Adobe.

What possible problems can occur with ACTION files?

Possible problems with ACTION files include corruption when opened, incorrect references to the ACTION file, accidental removal of the ACTION file description, insufficient installation of supporting applications, malware, inadequate hardware resources, and obsolete drivers.


In summary, an ACTION file is a file format that allows Automator to perform actions and automate workflows on macOS. If you cannot open this file type on your computer, there may be issues with the software’s installation or corruption of the file itself. We hope this guide provides insights on how to open, convert, and fix problems associated with ACTION files.

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