What isActive Server Page

Active Server Page (ASP) is a server-side scripting technology used to create dynamic web pages and interactive web applications. It is a web-based framework that contains embedded programs and is processed on the Microsoft server. It is a Microsoft’s first server-side scripting engine that enables dynamically generated web pages. ASP can contain both scripts and standard HTML.

How Does Active Server Page (ASP) Work?

The server-side ASP engine reads and executes the ASP file and returns it to the browser. The scripts in ASP helps in creating dynamic contents such as images, text, forms, etc. upon request. The VBScript is the default scripting language used to write ASP, and other scripting languages can also be used with it. It enables the developers to develop a more personalized and unique experience for the visitors by providing them with different contents, images, and even different pages depending on the visitor’s browser version they are using.

Benefits of Active Server Page (ASP)

  • Easy to learn and use
  • Can be run on all versions of Microsoft Windows server
  • Enables the creation of dynamic, data-driven web pages
  • Offers flexibility with the use of different scripting languages
  • Enhances user experience with personalized content and interactivity


What Languages are used in Active Server Page?

The VBScript is the default scripting language used to write ASP, but other languages such as JScript, C#, and Visual Basic .NET can also be used.

How is Active Server Page different from PHP?

Both ASP and PHP are server-side scripting languages, but ASP is limited to Windows servers, while PHP is cross-platform. ASP uses VBScript as its primary language, while PHP uses a C-like syntax.

What is the Latest Version of ASP?

The last version of ASP was released in 2000 as part of IIS 5.0. ASP.NET replaced ASP as Microsoft’s primary server-side scripting technology in 2002.


Active Server Page (ASP) is a useful server-side scripting technology that enables the development of dynamic web pages and interactive web applications. It enables developers to create personalized content and enhance the user experience. While it is no longer the primary technology used by Microsoft, it still remains popular in certain environments and is worth considering for developers who work primarily with Windows servers.

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