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active window

If you are using a graphical user interface, the window that is currently in the foreground is called an active window. For instance, the Internet browser window through which you are reading this is an example of an active window. You can easily identify an active window as it looks different from other windows, thanks to a unique color on its title bar. When you type commands or text using the keyboard, this input is typed in the program showing the active window.

If you want to switch through different windows on your desktop, you can do so by clicking on any of them with a mouse. Alternatively, you can use Alt + Tab keys to switch through them. Keep in mind that selecting an active window activates a window by transferring control of the environment to it, allowing you to complete actions and tasks in it.

Selecting a window within an application

You can select a window within an application using several methods. You can click on the desired window using mouse control or activate a window through mouse-over event (if supported by the operating system). Additionally, a keyboard can be used to switch to an active window by changing the focus.

How can you detect an Active Window?

You can easily detect an active window in an application by selecting a window. Once you select a window, the operating system’s focus then changes to that particular window, highlighting it while graying out the other windows of the same application.


How can I make a window active?

There are two ways to make a window active:

  1. Click on the desired window using a mouse.
  2. Use Alt + Tab keys to switch between windows on the desktop.

Can I activate a window using a keyboard?

Yes, you can activate a window using your keyboard. The keyboard can be used to switch to an active window by changing the focus.

What is the purpose of an active window?

The purpose of an active window is to give the user access to the application environment by activating it, allowing them to perform tasks in the selected window.

The Final Line

Understanding active windows is a fundamental aspect of using a computer—knowing how to switch between windows on a desktop, how to activate windows, and how to detect active windows are all essential skills. Keep these basics in mind to make your computing experience smoother and more efficient.

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