What isAirTag

Discover the amazing Apple AirTag, the small circular tag with an impressive Bluetooth tracking feature. This innovative tag was unveiled in April 2021 and is designed to track small items like keys and purses. The AirTag connects to Apple devices within the range of Find My app and shows the exact location of your item. Available for purchase, the AirTag is a handy accessory, especially for those prone to losing items frequently.

The Story of Apple AirTag

The foundation of the AirTag dates back to 2014 when the tech giant introduced iBeacon, a Bluetooth transmitter technology. The iBeacon provides location-based information and services to iPhones. Though Bluetooth can track objects within a 5-meter range, the ultra-wideband technology in the AirTag can locate items within a 5 to 10 cm range. The company’s plan to create a device to compete with Tile emerged in 2019 when rumors of UWB technology broke out in iOS 13 and the iPhone 11 code.

How Does Apple AirTag Work?

Compared to other tracking devices, AirTag is unique because it connects with a network of nearly a billion iOS devices worldwide. Once it’s tagged to an item, the Find My app can track its location and display it on the map. The app provides precise instructions to the AirTag location whenever you get closer to the object you want to find. If you have an iPhone 11 or higher, you get even more precision in the tracking instructions.

What Items Can You Track with AirTag?

With the Apple AirTag, you can track almost anything, from musical instruments and tools to bikes or skateboards. The tracking tag is incredibly reliable, and you can use it to find any misplaced items quickly. However, the device is not suitable for tracking pets as it doesn’t provide real-time location information and continuous tracking.


Is the AirTag Waterproof?

Yes, the AirTag is waterproof and can withstand water splashes and submersion.

How Long does the AirTag Battery Last?

The battery life of an AirTag lasts for about a year, and it’s replaceable. However, be aware of fraudulent websites claiming to sell AirTag batteries or offer repair services.

Can You Use AirTag with Android Devices?

No, AirTags only connect with Apple devices that have the Find My app enabled.

Final Thoughts

Apple AirTag is an excellent accessory that helps you keep your items safe and avoid lost items. The device is easy to use, connects with almost anything, and is waterproof. Though there are privacy concerns associated with the product, it has effective safety features like the sound alert feature that notifies users when an unrecognized AirTag is traveling with them.

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