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Aldus Corporation made history by introducing a game-changing software that revolutionized the desktop publishing industry. The innovative software tool, called PageMaker, emerged as one of the earliest desktop publishing applications.

Aldus Corporation was founded in Seattle, Washington, in February 1984, by Paul Brainerd, Jeremy Jaech, Mark Sundstrom, Mike Templeman, and Dave Walter. In July 1985, Aldus introduced PageMaker, a desktop publishing app for Apple Macintosh computers based on Adobe’s PostScript page description language. The app’s output used the PostScript laser printer—the Apple LaserWriter. Under the direction of Paul Brainerd, Aldus’ PageMaker began an era in which ordinary people could produce professional-looking printed materials, including newsletters, brochures, and magazines.

Later, Aldus released FreeHand, a vector drawing tool for graphic designers. FreeHand competed with Adobe’s Illustrator as the de facto vector graphics app. Years later, Adobe acquired both Aldus and Macromedia—FreeHand’s previous owner. Adobe eventually purchased Freehand in 2005, and today, although no longer supported, the app is still sold under the name FreeHand MX.

Aldus Corporation’s strategic acquisitions followed during the early 1990s, as the company continued to assert itself as a force in the graphics software space. In February 1990, Aldus announced it would acquire Silicon Beach Software. The deal was completed for $25.5 million in stock, and Aldus appointed Bruce Chizen as VP and general manager of the San Diego studio.

The rapid growth and groundbreaking products of Aldus drew the attention of Adobe Systems, which merged with Aldus Corporation in August 1994. Subsequently, Adobe obtained all rights to PageMaker and its other products in its product line. Adobe renamed Aldus products under its brand in May 1995. Bruce Chizen also joined Adobe in 1994 and was appointed CEO of Adobe in December 2000.


What is Aldus Corporation?

Aldus Corporation was a software company that produced desktop publishing tools, including the renowned PageMaker, which quickly became a pioneering and innovative tool in its industry.

What is PageMaker?

PageMaker is a desktop publishing program that Aldus Corporation released in 1985. It was an early publishing tool and enabled ordinary users to produce professional-looking printed materials using a desktop computer.

What happened to Aldus Corporation?

Adobe Systems merged with Aldus Corporation in 1994, acquiring all of its rights to products such as PageMaker. Adobe renamed Aldus products under its brand in May 1995.

Final Thoughts

Aldus Corporation emerged as a pioneering software company during the rise of the desktop publishing industry. Its PageMaker software tool was a game-changer, giving ordinary people access to professional-level desktop publishing capabilities. Aldus Corporation continued to innovate with the release of FreeHand, establishing itself as a significant player in the graphics software space. Its merger with Adobe Systems led to the acquisition of all of its software products, including PageMaker, and propelled Adobe to further dominance in the software industry.

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