What isAlexa Auto

Experience the convenience of Amazon Alexa on-the-go with Alexa Auto. This small and sleek device is Amazon’s answer to bringing the useful features of their smart speaker to your vehicle. Connect the Echo Auto to your car’s infotainment system through the auxiliary port or Bluetooth connection to access the Alexa app and all its capabilities.

What’s New with the Second Generation Echo Auto?

The latest version, priced at $54.99, boasts a smaller and more compact design, as well as a flexible adhesive mount that makes it easier to install. It’s the perfect solution for upgrading an older car with modern features like hands-free calling and navigation.

How Does It Work?

The Echo Auto is a card-sized device without a speaker that connects to your car’s entertainment system. Its features are similar to those of a home Amazon Echo, but it’s designed to meet the unique needs of drivers. You can use the device to play music, get directions, make calls, and control your smart home devices – all without taking your hands off the wheel.

Why Should You Get It?

If you’re already a fan of Amazon Alexa, Echo Auto is a natural extension of that experience. With Alexa in your car, you can enjoy hands-free control of your music, phone calls, and smart home devices while on the road. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to stay connected without compromising safety.


Can I use Echo Auto in any car?

Echo Auto is compatible with most cars that have Bluetooth or an auxiliary input. Check Amazon’s website for specific information about your vehicle.

Do I need an Amazon Echo to use Echo Auto?

No, you don’t need an Amazon Echo to use Echo Auto. The device works independently and can access the Alexa app through your smartphone.

Is Echo Auto safe to use while driving?

Yes, Echo Auto is designed with safety in mind. Its hands-free capabilities minimize distractions and allow you to keep your eyes on the road.

Upgrade Your Driving Experience with Alexa Auto

Bring the comfort and convenience of Amazon Alexa with you on your daily commute. Echo Auto is an easy-to-use and affordable way to stay connected while on the road.

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