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Amazon Inspector is an automated vulnerability management service that continuously monitors AWS workloads for software vulnerabilities and unintended network exposure.

What is Amazon Inspector and How Does it Work?

Amazon Inspector is an automated vulnerability management service designed by Amazon to protect its AWS users from security breaches. It continuously checks the AWS workloads for software flaws and unintended network exposure, providing users with an assessment of how secure their workloads are.

Amazon Inspector is a cloud-based service that helps identify security risks in various aspects of an AWS user’s infrastructure. The tool works by examining the various resources in the user’s environment, including EC2 instances, databases, and applications, to detect any signs of vulnerability.

When an AWS user sets up Amazon Inspector, the service installs an agent onto the user’s virtual machine instances, which scans the user’s environment for potential security flaws in the used software packages, libraries, and configurations.

After the scanning process, Amazon Inspector generates a list of security findings, detailing areas of the user’s infrastructure that require urgent attention. The service assigns a severity rating to each finding and provides recommendations on how to remediate the issues.


What kind of issues does Amazon Inspector detect?

Amazon Inspector can detect various types of security issues, including authentication, network security, data protection, and encryption vulnerabilities. The tool can identify issues relating to the user’s Amazon Machine images (AMIs), network settings, and access control lists (ACLs). It can also flag any unpatched software or instances that do not meet specific security compliance policies.

Does Amazon Inspector slow down an AWS user’s workload?

No, Amazon Inspector does not slow down an AWS user’s workload. The scanning process takes minimal time to execute and does not significantly affect the performance of the user’s applications or workload. Besides, the service ensures that it scans the user’s infrastructure minimally to detect and prevent any security risks proactively.

Is Amazon Inspector easy to use?

Amazon Inspector is easy to use, even for non-experts. The user interface is user-friendly and guides users through the installation process. After the installation process, the user receives the result of the security scan in an easily accessible dashboard. Amazon Inspector’s generated reports also provide a clear and precise remediation plan that can help users address any security issues identified.

The judgment

Amazon Inspector is an automated vulnerability management service that helps AWS users detect security risks and potential threats in their cloud infrastructure promptly. The tool instantly identifies and prioritizes issues that may require attention, allowing users to remediate swiftly.

AWS users can leverage Amazon Inspector to improve their security posture by ensuring that their cloud environment stays well protected against cyber threats. Incorporating Amazon Inspector into AWS users’ infrastructure is, therefore, an essential measure to improve cloud security posture.

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